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121. Stop Animal Euthanization

It has been reported that 350 animals, cats and dogs, have been infected with ringworm. According to studies, ringworm is curable. There are many methods to cure ringworm, but may take a several months.

According to the Canadian Press Article
( , OSPCA has decided that euthanization is the best solution because it will take several months to cure ringworm and have no time nor money for this treatment. It has been discovered that the outbreak was caused by human error. Protocols for identifying ringworm in the animals were not followed.

OSPCA should find an alternative, for example, raising money for treatment and taking time to treat the animals oppose to terminating them. There are many alternatives, they should find the best one. An animal should not loose their life because of a human error- it was not their fault, it was human error.

Sign your name, Save a Life.

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122. Ban Smoking in Cars Carrying Animals

Animals can get cancer from second hand smoke the same way humans can.

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123. Tighter Regulation on Dog Trainers

In the UK, anybody can set themselves up as a 'professional' dog trainer.

Many people are unaware of the fact that it is possible to have never owned, trained or even seen a dog for a person to set themselves up and call themselves a dog trainer, let alone have any professional credentials or business competency.

Given the elevated position of trust that dog trainers are in, it is absolutely wrong that the public is offered no protection from the con-artists and downright incompetent trainers, many of whom have only ever read the odd book or watched TV dog trainers before embarking on their careers.

As competition amongst more and more 'dodgy dog trainers' heats up, there is an increasing and worrying trend for certain individuals to rely on gimmicks and downright lies in order to win business from unsuspecting members of the public. Unscrupulous marketing methods and downright lies are often used by these dogdy trainers in order to con members of the public in to using their services.

For instance, some trainers have been publicly exposed as blatantly misrepresenting their professional credentials and lying about their associations in order to trick trusting dog owners in to believing they are more competent than they are. This has to stop.

This petition is to call for tighter regulation and insistence on a set professional code of conduct as well as competency testing for anyone who sets themselves up as a professional dog trainer.

This will help to prevent the public being duped by so-called professional dog trainers who, in any other profession, would simply be referred to as con-artists.

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124. Make animal Euthanization illegal

for years animals that nobody wanted have been killed through Euthanization, which is a greek word meaning "good death" first of all there is nothing good about killing animals nobody wants. They would never kill a child in an orphanage, or an elderly person in a nursing home, or a vegetable on life support (without family consent) so why animals? is it because they can't speak, or read? this is a pressing problem, if we ever want to achieve world peace, we have to start at home, this includes not killing the innocent.

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125. Justice For Animals

There has always been love for animals. When I learned about what little consequences there were for animal abuse and neglect, I decided that it was best to take action. Most animal neglect cases are only misdemeanors and people rarely see an institution or pay a high price for their crimes.

Animal abuse, abandonment, and lack of help are too common in our world, and this will help assist those who cannot help themselves. Most people who have pets know that they are wonderful companions, and that they will continue to be as long as they are cared for. Additionally, many people do not think about how unfortunate it is when an animal does not have a home. Immanuel Kant once said, "He who is cruel to animals becomes hard also in his dealings with men... We can judge the heart of a man by his dealings with animals." Anyone who would harm or neglect an animal most likely would harm or neglect a human too. A way to help prevent this would be stricter laws against anyone who abuses or neglects an animal. Help to fight for those who cannot fight for themselves.

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126. Torremolinos; Stop Trying To Starve Cats To Death

My U.K. charity, Paws in Need (registration 1110537) has spent many thousands of euros in Torremolinos (Andalucia) neutering abandoned cats. We have managed to find homes for some of them but many have to still live on the street.

We are obliged to provide food for their survival or else they will die a slow and agonizing death from starvation. Yet now a sign has been put up by a resident in Calle Brasil and by a resident at La Roca telling us not to feed the cats. An administrator at Pueblo Blanco has reported our helper to the sanitation department for feeding starving cats and a man with a dog waits outside at night to try to prevent the cats being fed .I am also aware various ayuntamentos in this area try to stop people feeding the cats. The cats and our helpers are under constant threat from cat haters whom the mayor supports by his attitude, and babaric by-laws giving us, and the cats, no protection or support.

This however is wrong on several points.
1) It inflicts extreme cruelty onto animals many of whom were dumped by people in that area;
2) It violates human rights and freedom by forcing people to violate their environmental beliefs. If they believe they can not leave hungry animals to die a slow painful death they are being forced to violate those beliefs.

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127. Stop Chinese Fur Farms!

This is inhuman. These poor animals are having their skin ripped off for what? The pleasure of humans. Society has everything that it wants other than fur. The one thing that we can't have naturally we have to take and it's wrong.

On these farms, foxes, minks, rabbits, and other animals pace and shiver in outdoor wire cages, exposed to driving rain, freezing nights, and, at other times, scorching sun.

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128. Save the wolves

I want people to make wolves a sanctuary. I mean wolves are awsome but everyone hates them just because they need to eat.

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129. Lamar County needs a Leash Law (Belle's Law)

Lamar County in South Mississippi is one of the fastest growing counties with an agrarian history. For at least the past five years, homeowners have allowed their animals to roam the streets freely with little regard to other animals or humans alike.

In 2009, there were 16 reported animal nuisance calls to the Lamar County Sheriffs Office and during the week of 01/18/10 there were two incidents concerning animals. One incident occurred in a neighborhood where a woman on her daily walk was accosted and bitten by a neighbor's dog; the other incident involved a neighbor's dog gaining access to another neighbor's little dog via a locked fence and gate. The little dog, Belle, was torn from head to tail by the other dog.

We are constantly hearing about how Lamar County has no leash laws, has no animal laws, and has no animal control. In today's 21st Century, it is time to at least pass a leash law levied with fines to those pet owners who disregard the proposed law.

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130. Stop Pets Unlimited from selling animals

Whereas Pets Unlimited is a corporation that sells animals as pets and as food; and

Whereas these animals are often visibly left with no water and/or food in cramped and unsanitary conditions; and

Whereas many animals sold by Pets Unlimited are sickly, infected with lice, mites and fleas, or have other illnesses and infections; and

Whereas customers visit a Pets Unlimited store expecting staff to be knowledgeable about animal habits, care, etc., and to provide accurate information about the animals sold by Pets Unlimited; therefore

We, the undersigned, hereby affirm

That Pets Unlimited immediately begin to rectify the living conditions of animals kept at Pets Unlimited stores; and

That Pets Unlimited ensures all animals sold (either as pets or as food) be provided all the proper care, food, water, shelter, etc; and

That Pets Unlimited staff be provided the appropriate training and information regarding care of animals for sale at Pets Unlimited stores; and

That Pets Unlimited takes the appropriate steps to ensure animals sold to customers will be put into safe, caring, compatible environments (e.g. selling similar demeanour fish or dogs); and

That Pets Unlimited sells animals only from reputable, registered breeders or that Pets Unlimited work with shelters and rescue groups to find rescued animals safe, caring homes; and

That if Pets Unlimited cannot provide for the proper, humane living conditions for animals housed in its stores that Pets Unlimited ceases the sale of animals until such a time that Pets Unlimited can provide humane living conditions for animals.

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131. Stop Horses Being Inhumanely Killed at Slaughterhouses

This petition is to stop the legalization of horse slaughterhouses in the state of Missouri!

Horses are being inhumanely killed and sold to foreign countries for human consumption! Something must be done.

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132. Australia needs Animal Cops

Animal laws in Australia relating to abuse against animals and proper care, treatment and control are quite relaxed in most states. We have rangers and bylaws for each state and local shire, but we need control officers that can prosecute and build cases against abuse and neglect.

We need Officers with police powers and a governing body to issue the warrants, citations etc. Not enough is done to deter people in Australia. We also need higher fines and sentences for irresponsible pet owners (or any animal) regarding control of animals. ie: when dogs roam free and are aggressive.

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133. Appoint a No Kill General Manager for LA Animal Services so that all healthy and adoptable animals are placed in loving homes

With the resignation of LA Animal Services General Manager Ed Boks in June 2009, Mayor Villaraigosa is now charged with appointing the next General Manager. Our job therefore is to build a successful campaign to build awareness and advocate for Mayor Villaraigosa to appoint a No Kill dedicated General Manager.

As concerned Los Angeles citizens, taxpayers, members of rescue groups and animal advocacy organizations and visitors to your city, we are appalled by:

1) the unconscionable number of animals killed in LA animal shelters. In 2008, LAAS reports that they killed over 19,600 animals, while only 26,285 were adopted (a 30% kill increase from 2007);

2) the horrific conditions in the shelters that cause animals to further suffer and deteriorate, and the killing of dogs and cats for space; and

3) the lack of accountability and outreach to the public by the Department of Los Angeles Animal Services (LAAS). Increasing public participation and volunteerism, including growing foster programs, are crucial to how other cities work towards and achieve No Kill results. Los Angeles is rich but under utilized with community support and compassion for animals.

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134. Protecting Companion Animal Ownership in South Australia

The South Australian Animal Welfare Act 1985 Part 2 section 6 which deals with the establishment of the Animal Welfare Advisory Committee fails to include bodies which represent animal owners. It is unfairly skewed toward animal rights activists.

Animal owners are losing the battle in their fight to have companion or sports animals. We need fair democratic representation not draconian laws.

This petition is to alter the composition of the Animal Welfare Advisory Committee. The current legislation is:

(2) The Committee consists of 8 members appointed by the Governor, of whom—

(a) 1 is to be nominated by the Minister responsible for the administration of the Livestock Act 1997 ;

(b) 2 will be nominated by the South Australian Farmers Federation Incorporated;

(c) 1 will be nominated by the Society;

(d) 2 will be persons who, in the opinion of the Minister, are suitable to represent the interests of animal welfare organisations;

(e) 1 will be nominated by the Australian Veterinary Association;

(f) 1 will be engaged in research activities involving animals nominated by the Minister responsible for the administration of the Institute of Medical and Veterinary Science Act 1982.

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135. Protect the abused animals, wildlife, marine and mammal life, aviary life etc...

The video that all meat-eaters should watch and every vegetarian should own, "Meet Your Meat", narrated by Alec Baldwin, covers each stage of life of animals raised for food.

No PETA videos are copyrighted, so copy them for everyone you know.

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136. Ban Animal Testing

Animal testing (a.k.a. vivisection) is probably the worst form of animal cruelty in history. Every second, every minute, every hour, every day, every week, every year, every DECADE, an animal dies from gruesome and unnecessary experiments. In fact, it has been proven that 25 to 50 BILLION non-human primates and companion animals die annually... all because of vivisection.

But the good news is that we can do something about it, such as spreading the word, boycotting products that have been tested on, and by SIGNING THIS PETITION.

Thanks for all your help, y'all!

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137. Stop Breed Specific Laws

Pitbulls are the top breed that has breed specific laws against them in almost every city, in every state. Pitbulls are banned in many cities and states, because of their breed, and nothing more. Pitbulls are the top breed of dog to be put to sleep at the humane society or animal shelter.

Pitbulls are very hard to place into adoptive families because of the breed specific laws that have become nationwide. Pitbulls are a very loyal and smart breed of dog. Pitbulls aim to please their masters. Pitbulls are the top rating breed for the american temperament society test.

The pitbull was the first breed to be the most decorated war dog during World War One. Pitbulls are wonderful around small children and families. Pitbulls are goofy and silly dogs.

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138. Against the Eradication of The Stray Dogs in Romania



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139. No Kill Shelter for Victorville, California

Animals do not deserve to die because of people's ignorance and/or inability to take care of them.

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140. Stiffer penalties for animal cruelty

This is for anyone who believes that penalties in Australia for animal cruelty are not harsh enough for what the poor little darlings go through.

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141. Stop Live Animal Markets!

San Francisco's live markets abuse not only domestic fowl like chickens and ducks -- but also frogs, turtles, rabbits, guinea pigs, game birds, fish and lobster. Turtles suffer some of the worst conditions...

To date, no merchant has been prosecuted under California Penal Code 597(a),597(b), 597a, and 597t, which outlaw cruelty to ALL animals. California's
food/agriculture code is also ignored each time customers move live birds on public transit and inside car trunks. Animals are ferried into restaurants,
buses, trains, and shared dwellings -- often kept alive to be "fresh killed" prior to meals -- in violation of San Francisco's Health Code 050.

SF authorities have not enforced animal welfare and human safety laws, citing an exemption for "poultry" and domestic fowl. But California law 599b identifies "animal" as "all dumb animals" and 597(b) specifies that "every person who causes any be tortured, tormented, deprived of sustenance, drink, or guilty of a crime."

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142. Say YES! to free-range meat

Say YES! to free-range meat

Are you aware that chickens, pigs, turkeys, and cows could receive humane treatment? Are you aware that they could be slaughtered in less violent ways? Are you aware that livestock could roam freely instead of being contained in their lifetime?

From our perspectives, “free-range” is not a flashing label for commercial use, it needs actual “free-range” farming practices and responsible efforts to improve the happiness and living environment of their animals, to produce high-quality products.

We are not vegetarian advocates; we are not animal welfare activists. We also realize that the increasing populations require larger and larger consumption of daily animal products. However, we still believe that real “free-range” chickens, cows, sheep, and pigs are allowed to live outdoors, to have access to natural vegetation, tree cover and clean water, be free from hormone and steroid, and enjoy their lifecycles…

We, human, do not want people to treat us like that. Likewise, animals do not want to be treated with cruelty.

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143. Save the Animals in Jasper

We want Justice for Aries. He was euthanized by the Walker County Humane Society staff 2 hours after arrival.

Animals at the Walker County Humane Society in Jasper, Alabama are being euthanized without ever being given a chance at locating their rightful owners or being adopted.

Stray animals turned into their custody by well-meaning citizens are being euthanized within hours or even minutes of arriving violating the seven day hold mandated by Alabama State Code 1975 3-7A-7.

These actions are being justified due to lack of funding and facilities provided by the city of Jasper for the impoundment of animals. Empty pens are not being used because HS staff state they are broken.

Related stories:

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144. Enact Leash Laws for dogs

Oak Grove, KY is a rapidly growing area and needs to adopt a leash law for the safety of the citizens and the animals. Animals roaming free are more likely to come into contact with known rabies carriers such as skunks and raccoons. They are also more likely to spread parasites and other diseases to animals and humans.

Each year, free roaming animals cause millions of dollars in insurance claims, property loss and damage, medical bills, and loss of productivity. Animal bite injuries, property damage, and car accidents are major problems caused by animals allowed to run at large. Free-roaming dogs are a danger to local wildlife, they are traffic hazards, they spread disease and breed (causing an overpopulation problem) and in addition, some people just do NOT want these pests in their yard.

Dog owners, we therefore ask that you please have some consideration and either keep your dog indoors or put your dog on a leash when you let it out. We the undersigned feel that while it is everyone's individual right to own a pet, not everyone wants to come into contact with everyone else's pet.

Therefore, we would like to see a LEASH LAW enacted for dogs. We would like to see some official legislation on this topic.

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145. Stop Beastiality Being Allowed Online And Offline

I'm writing this petition against human beings that sexually abuse animals.

How can there be people doing this to our animals? We as human beings have the ability to express ourselves, but our animals dont have a voice.

Everyday more and more websites are created catering for beastiality. Beastiality is wrong and should not be practiced, the animals dont have a choice, they can't tell you they are being abused. They can't express themselves to you in a way that you could possibly understand how they're being used and abused everyday to beasteality.

The people who run those kind of websites should not profit from torturing the animals, and the users viewing the sites should seek help if this is the kind that gets them off. We have the right to say no to any kind of sexual advance, but animals do not, they are at our mercy.

Beastiality is not normal, is not natural, its just wrong, sick and disturbing.

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146. Punish The Deed, Not The Breed

Our Government has put bans or restrictions on the ownership of at least 75 breeds of dogs all over the country. For all the human errors that have happened over the years, you, our Government, has decided to take actions against the animals.

As a pet owner, I know that our pets respond to how we, as owners, treat them. Most, if not all of our pets have to be taught how to behave, play, and interact with other animals and/or humans. It is of human fault that these animals either fight other animals or attack a person.

Make the person responsible for the neglect and abuse they put the animal(s) through, don't punish these 75 breeds of loyal and loving companions by labeling them as "vicious" and banning them.

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147. Help Stop Animal Testing on Pantene

Millions of animals are killed from animal testing per year. 94% of testing is for cosmetics and household products leaving only 6% for medical research. Products like PANTENE, neutrogena, dove, and secret deodorant have killed a majority of these animals. Please realize that most of these products don't even require animal testing.

How would you feel if you were being tortured, a slow gruesome death without having any chance to fight back. if there is nothing wrong with animal testing then why don't these products show the people the animals slowly suffering, blood red watering eyes swollen within weeks to the point that they can barely see, why don't they show you how many rabbits broke there necks trying to escape

Everything no matter how big or small has a right. Animals CAN feel EVERYTHING that is happening to them. Most of these sellers are to selfish and ignorant to realize that.

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148. Stop the torture of all animals

Mon but est de sauver tous les animaux du monde, qu'il y est le plus de personnes qui soit avec moi et qui m'aide.

My goal is to save all the animals of the world, there is the more people that is with me and helps me.

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149. Ban Palm Oil Products!

Palm Oil is made from Oil Trees. Oil Trees can be found in Maylasia, South Africa, Indoneesia, Columbia, countries where wild animals live, such as Primates. To get Palm Oil you must cut down Oil Trees, which means you ahve to demolish wild animals habitat.

Do the people who cut down Oil Trees think of the animals? No, they think of themselves and money. While you think about it, just be in mind that there are many substitutes for Palm Oil..... What do YOU think? I think its unfair!

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150. Support the ASPCA

Everyday there is an animal being adopted. But is it enough money to supply for the other hundreds of animals. Its not. Some shelters have to put down animals because of the little room in the shelter.

Some shelters can't even afford to stay open because of little money.

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