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121. Stop Horses Being Inhumanely Killed at Slaughterhouses

This petition is to stop the legalization of horse slaughterhouses in the state of Missouri!

Horses are being inhumanely killed and sold to foreign countries for human consumption! Something must be done.

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122. Australia needs Animal Cops

Animal laws in Australia relating to abuse against animals and proper care, treatment and control are quite relaxed in most states. We have rangers and bylaws for each state and local shire, but we need control officers that can prosecute and build cases against abuse and neglect.

We need Officers with police powers and a governing body to issue the warrants, citations etc. Not enough is done to deter people in Australia. We also need higher fines and sentences for irresponsible pet owners (or any animal) regarding control of animals. ie: when dogs roam free and are aggressive.

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123. Appoint a No Kill General Manager for LA Animal Services so that all healthy and adoptable animals are placed in loving homes

With the resignation of LA Animal Services General Manager Ed Boks in June 2009, Mayor Villaraigosa is now charged with appointing the next General Manager. Our job therefore is to build a successful campaign to build awareness and advocate for Mayor Villaraigosa to appoint a No Kill dedicated General Manager.

As concerned Los Angeles citizens, taxpayers, members of rescue groups and animal advocacy organizations and visitors to your city, we are appalled by:

1) the unconscionable number of animals killed in LA animal shelters. In 2008, LAAS reports that they killed over 19,600 animals, while only 26,285 were adopted (a 30% kill increase from 2007);

2) the horrific conditions in the shelters that cause animals to further suffer and deteriorate, and the killing of dogs and cats for space; and

3) the lack of accountability and outreach to the public by the Department of Los Angeles Animal Services (LAAS). Increasing public participation and volunteerism, including growing foster programs, are crucial to how other cities work towards and achieve No Kill results. Los Angeles is rich but under utilized with community support and compassion for animals.

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124. Protecting Companion Animal Ownership in South Australia

The South Australian Animal Welfare Act 1985 Part 2 section 6 which deals with the establishment of the Animal Welfare Advisory Committee fails to include bodies which represent animal owners. It is unfairly skewed toward animal rights activists.

Animal owners are losing the battle in their fight to have companion or sports animals. We need fair democratic representation not draconian laws.

This petition is to alter the composition of the Animal Welfare Advisory Committee. The current legislation is:

(2) The Committee consists of 8 members appointed by the Governor, of whom—

(a) 1 is to be nominated by the Minister responsible for the administration of the Livestock Act 1997 ;

(b) 2 will be nominated by the South Australian Farmers Federation Incorporated;

(c) 1 will be nominated by the Society;

(d) 2 will be persons who, in the opinion of the Minister, are suitable to represent the interests of animal welfare organisations;

(e) 1 will be nominated by the Australian Veterinary Association;

(f) 1 will be engaged in research activities involving animals nominated by the Minister responsible for the administration of the Institute of Medical and Veterinary Science Act 1982.

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125. Protect the abused animals, wildlife, marine and mammal life, aviary life etc...

The video that all meat-eaters should watch and every vegetarian should own, "Meet Your Meat", narrated by Alec Baldwin, covers each stage of life of animals raised for food.

No PETA videos are copyrighted, so copy them for everyone you know.

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126. Ban Animal Testing

Animal testing (a.k.a. vivisection) is probably the worst form of animal cruelty in history. Every second, every minute, every hour, every day, every week, every year, every DECADE, an animal dies from gruesome and unnecessary experiments. In fact, it has been proven that 25 to 50 BILLION non-human primates and companion animals die annually... all because of vivisection.

But the good news is that we can do something about it, such as spreading the word, boycotting products that have been tested on, and by SIGNING THIS PETITION.

Thanks for all your help, y'all!

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127. Stop Breed Specific Laws

Pitbulls are the top breed that has breed specific laws against them in almost every city, in every state. Pitbulls are banned in many cities and states, because of their breed, and nothing more. Pitbulls are the top breed of dog to be put to sleep at the humane society or animal shelter.

Pitbulls are very hard to place into adoptive families because of the breed specific laws that have become nationwide. Pitbulls are a very loyal and smart breed of dog. Pitbulls aim to please their masters. Pitbulls are the top rating breed for the american temperament society test.

The pitbull was the first breed to be the most decorated war dog during World War One. Pitbulls are wonderful around small children and families. Pitbulls are goofy and silly dogs.

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128. Against the Eradication of The Stray Dogs in Romania



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129. No Kill Shelter for Victorville, California

Animals do not deserve to die because of people's ignorance and/or inability to take care of them.

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130. Stiffer penalties for animal cruelty

This is for anyone who believes that penalties in Australia for animal cruelty are not harsh enough for what the poor little darlings go through.

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131. Stop Live Animal Markets!

San Francisco's live markets abuse not only domestic fowl like chickens and ducks -- but also frogs, turtles, rabbits, guinea pigs, game birds, fish and lobster. Turtles suffer some of the worst conditions...

To date, no merchant has been prosecuted under California Penal Code 597(a),597(b), 597a, and 597t, which outlaw cruelty to ALL animals. California's
food/agriculture code is also ignored each time customers move live birds on public transit and inside car trunks. Animals are ferried into restaurants,
buses, trains, and shared dwellings -- often kept alive to be "fresh killed" prior to meals -- in violation of San Francisco's Health Code 050.

SF authorities have not enforced animal welfare and human safety laws, citing an exemption for "poultry" and domestic fowl. But California law 599b identifies "animal" as "all dumb animals" and 597(b) specifies that "every person who causes any be tortured, tormented, deprived of sustenance, drink, or guilty of a crime."

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132. Say YES! to free-range meat

Say YES! to free-range meat

Are you aware that chickens, pigs, turkeys, and cows could receive humane treatment? Are you aware that they could be slaughtered in less violent ways? Are you aware that livestock could roam freely instead of being contained in their lifetime?

From our perspectives, “free-range” is not a flashing label for commercial use, it needs actual “free-range” farming practices and responsible efforts to improve the happiness and living environment of their animals, to produce high-quality products.

We are not vegetarian advocates; we are not animal welfare activists. We also realize that the increasing populations require larger and larger consumption of daily animal products. However, we still believe that real “free-range” chickens, cows, sheep, and pigs are allowed to live outdoors, to have access to natural vegetation, tree cover and clean water, be free from hormone and steroid, and enjoy their lifecycles…

We, human, do not want people to treat us like that. Likewise, animals do not want to be treated with cruelty.

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133. Save the Animals in Jasper

We want Justice for Aries. He was euthanized by the Walker County Humane Society staff 2 hours after arrival.

Animals at the Walker County Humane Society in Jasper, Alabama are being euthanized without ever being given a chance at locating their rightful owners or being adopted.

Stray animals turned into their custody by well-meaning citizens are being euthanized within hours or even minutes of arriving violating the seven day hold mandated by Alabama State Code 1975 3-7A-7.

These actions are being justified due to lack of funding and facilities provided by the city of Jasper for the impoundment of animals. Empty pens are not being used because HS staff state they are broken.

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134. Enact Leash Laws for dogs

Oak Grove, KY is a rapidly growing area and needs to adopt a leash law for the safety of the citizens and the animals. Animals roaming free are more likely to come into contact with known rabies carriers such as skunks and raccoons. They are also more likely to spread parasites and other diseases to animals and humans.

Each year, free roaming animals cause millions of dollars in insurance claims, property loss and damage, medical bills, and loss of productivity. Animal bite injuries, property damage, and car accidents are major problems caused by animals allowed to run at large. Free-roaming dogs are a danger to local wildlife, they are traffic hazards, they spread disease and breed (causing an overpopulation problem) and in addition, some people just do NOT want these pests in their yard.

Dog owners, we therefore ask that you please have some consideration and either keep your dog indoors or put your dog on a leash when you let it out. We the undersigned feel that while it is everyone's individual right to own a pet, not everyone wants to come into contact with everyone else's pet.

Therefore, we would like to see a LEASH LAW enacted for dogs. We would like to see some official legislation on this topic.

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135. Stop Beastiality Being Allowed Online And Offline

I'm writing this petition against human beings that sexually abuse animals.

How can there be people doing this to our animals? We as human beings have the ability to express ourselves, but our animals dont have a voice.

Everyday more and more websites are created catering for beastiality. Beastiality is wrong and should not be practiced, the animals dont have a choice, they can't tell you they are being abused. They can't express themselves to you in a way that you could possibly understand how they're being used and abused everyday to beasteality.

The people who run those kind of websites should not profit from torturing the animals, and the users viewing the sites should seek help if this is the kind that gets them off. We have the right to say no to any kind of sexual advance, but animals do not, they are at our mercy.

Beastiality is not normal, is not natural, its just wrong, sick and disturbing.

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136. Punish The Deed, Not The Breed

Our Government has put bans or restrictions on the ownership of at least 75 breeds of dogs all over the country. For all the human errors that have happened over the years, you, our Government, has decided to take actions against the animals.

As a pet owner, I know that our pets respond to how we, as owners, treat them. Most, if not all of our pets have to be taught how to behave, play, and interact with other animals and/or humans. It is of human fault that these animals either fight other animals or attack a person.

Make the person responsible for the neglect and abuse they put the animal(s) through, don't punish these 75 breeds of loyal and loving companions by labeling them as "vicious" and banning them.

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137. Help Stop Animal Testing on Pantene

Millions of animals are killed from animal testing per year. 94% of testing is for cosmetics and household products leaving only 6% for medical research. Products like PANTENE, neutrogena, dove, and secret deodorant have killed a majority of these animals. Please realize that most of these products don't even require animal testing.

How would you feel if you were being tortured, a slow gruesome death without having any chance to fight back. if there is nothing wrong with animal testing then why don't these products show the people the animals slowly suffering, blood red watering eyes swollen within weeks to the point that they can barely see, why don't they show you how many rabbits broke there necks trying to escape

Everything no matter how big or small has a right. Animals CAN feel EVERYTHING that is happening to them. Most of these sellers are to selfish and ignorant to realize that.

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138. Stop the torture of all animals

Mon but est de sauver tous les animaux du monde, qu'il y est le plus de personnes qui soit avec moi et qui m'aide.

My goal is to save all the animals of the world, there is the more people that is with me and helps me.

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139. Ban Palm Oil Products!

Palm Oil is made from Oil Trees. Oil Trees can be found in Maylasia, South Africa, Indoneesia, Columbia, countries where wild animals live, such as Primates. To get Palm Oil you must cut down Oil Trees, which means you ahve to demolish wild animals habitat.

Do the people who cut down Oil Trees think of the animals? No, they think of themselves and money. While you think about it, just be in mind that there are many substitutes for Palm Oil..... What do YOU think? I think its unfair!

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140. Support the ASPCA

Everyday there is an animal being adopted. But is it enough money to supply for the other hundreds of animals. Its not. Some shelters have to put down animals because of the little room in the shelter.

Some shelters can't even afford to stay open because of little money.

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141. Save Western Ghats

4 Dams
16 Weirs
21 Kms Mammoth Tunnel
Over 200 Acres of Concrete Structure….are set to cut the throat of Western Ghats.
Over 18 villages will be submerged; over 800 hectares of forest will be destroyed

Destruction of the Western Ghats will not only cause decimation of biodiversity but also accelerate the impact of global warming.

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142. BAN HUNTING in Serbia/ZABRANA LOVA u Srbiji

(Scroll down for Serbian, please)

It is not necessary to be a biologist or a ranger in order to spot that
there are no wild animals in most parts of Serbia. It is sufficient to be a
humane person and have a walk in a forest or a plane and notice that there
is no life, except plants'. There are even no unprotected birds, let alone
the protected ones. You may spot a hare here and there what concerns
bigger animals, but in thirty visits to nature you'll see only one
ran-over fox with its dead offspring.
In spite of these facts, the officials do not undertake a measure, which
is adopted in many countries – ban hunt. May be hunting is not an
exclusive cause of the deserted nature, but it is certainly the main one.

Not only because of the numerous guns in merciless hands, but also for the
disturbance, which hunt causes in an area for a long time, and also
because of the hurting of people, which often occurs. Instead of the
«traditional» chases, followed by folk's festivities, the last could be
organised with shooting artificial targets and lectures of celebrities,
who promote animal rights.

It is also known that artificial raising of «game» causes misbalance in
nature, because the so raised individuals do not comply with the rules,
characteristic to their species. For instance, the ducks from incubators
do not hatch their eggs, in that way reducing the total number of «fowl».
Here we do not ponder over guesses whether there is criminal in hunting
in general, «mafia», abuses etc. We are concerned with the well-being of the
natural world in our country. Therefore we demand

1. Ban on all kinds of hunting, including chases, for at least three
years, in all seasons.
2. Permanent ban on hunting migrating birds in all seasons.
3. Strict control of every kind of fishing.
4. Escalating all penalties for breach of the aforementioned and all
existing limitations, permanent disarming inclusive.
5. Permanent ban on breeding “fowl”.

At the end of the second year it will be possible to allow hunting boars
(exclusively), if they become very numerous in some areas. Such a permit
will be issued by the Ministry of agriculture, water management, and

The aforementioned measures will be carried out on the whole of the
Serbian territory. Adequate non-governmental organisations should be
included in the control of their implementation. They should also help
hunters to take care of their dogs, if they don’t want to keep them. The
NGOs should aid the organisations, that live of hunting, to organise
tourist or ecological activities, the so called “safari-tourism”,
excursions with cameras etc. There are many more persons with cameras than
those with guns.


Nije potrebno biti prirodnjak ili šumar da bi se uočilo kako u većem delu
Srbije nema divljih životinja. Dovoljno je biti humana osoba i prošetati
šumom ili livadom, pa primetiti da nedostaje život, sem biljnog. Nema ni
ptica, koje nisu zaštićene – zeba, slavuja, ševa, senica, detlića,
prepelica, mišara – a kamoli zaštićenih. Od krupnijih životinja ćete možda
primetiti ponekog zeca, ali u trideset poseta prirodi videćete samo jednu
zgaženu lisicu na putu sa nastradalim mladunčetom.

I pored toga, nadležni ne pribegavaju meri kakva je doneta u mnogim
zemljama – zabrani lova. Možda nije lov isključivi krivac za pustu
prirodu, ali je sigurno glavni. Ne samo zbog brojnih ubojitih pušaka u
nemilosrdnim rukama, već i usled uznemiravanja, koje lov prouzrokuje na
duže vreme u određenom predelu, a brojna su i ranjavanja ljudi. Umesto
"tradicionalnih" hajki s narodnim veseljem, mogu se organizovati narodna
veselja sa gađanjem glinenih golubova i posetama istaknutih ličnosti, koje
zastupaju zaštitu životinja.

Poznato je i da uzgoj "divljači" dovodi do neravnoteže u prirodi, jer se
uzgojene jedinke ne ponašaju u skladu sa zakonitostima, svojstvenim
njihovoj vrsti. Patke iz inkubatora, na primer, ne izlegu nasađena jaja,
pa se tako smanjuje i broj divljih jedinki.
Ovde se nećemo upuštati u nagađanja da li i u ovoj oblasti postoji
kriminal, "mafija", zloupotrebe itd. Nas zanima dobrobit živog sveta u
našoj zemlji, stoga zahtevamo

1. Zabranu svake vrste lova, uključujući hajke, na najmanje tri godine, u
svim sezonama.
2. Trajnu zabranu lova na ptice-selice u svim sezonama.
3. Trajnu zabranu uzgajanja pernate "divljači".
4. Strogu kontrolu svake vrste ribolova.
5. Znatno pooštravanje kazni za kršenje ovih (i dosadašnjih) ograničenja,
uključujući i trajno oduzimanje oružja.

Na kraju druge godine moratorijuma moći će da se dozvoli lov na divlje
svinje (isključivo), ukoliko se pokaže da su se one prenamnožile u nekim

Ove mere će se sprovoditi na području cele Republike Srbije. U nadzor nad
njihovim ostvarivanjem treba uključiti odgovarajuća nevladina tela, koja će
takodje pomagati lovcima da zbrinu svoje pse, ukoliko ih ne žele zadržati, kao i organizacijama što žive od lova da se bave turističkim i
ekološkim delatnostima, tzv. safari-turizmom, izletima s kamerom i
fotoaparatom i sl. Daleko više osoba poseduje fotoaparat, nego pušku.

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143. Use Blankets at Austin Petland!

I recently went into the Petland located in Austin to see how the animals are being treated. I saw numerous dogs and puppies in cages with NO BLANKETS, shivering and curled up on the wire flooring. I also saw the same thing months earlier! Their is no reason why these dogs should not have blankets!

Please sign my petition in hopes of changing their policies! Most animal shelters give their animals blankets, Petland should be no exception! If we can't get it out of Austin, maybe we can at least let the animals keep warm!

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144. Ban the provision of pound dogs for research and teaching

The Petition of the following individuals points out their concern about the provision of animals from municipal pounds to research institutions.

The use of pound dogs creates a dependence on pet overpopulation and is therefore taking advantage of the human irresponsibility and cruelty necessitating pounds rather than addressing the problem.

Abandoned animals in pounds and shelters have already suffered the fear and distress of losing their carers and familiar territory. Their use in research and teaching is the ultimate betrayal and one that cannot be condoned in a caring society.

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For so long people have been taking fur and skin off of animals and sending fashion trends but if this petition goes big then no more. It IS animal cruelty. And don't even get me started on the japanese/chinese as they skin animals like foxes ALIVE! Did animals ever use our skin... NO so they deserve the same in return. I would rather die before I wore any type of animal clothing. If you think about there's fur coats, crocodile shoes/bags, leather made from cows...


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146. Fur is Pure Evil

Right now millions of helpless animal are being drowned, stabbed, stomped on, crushed, hit, and basically skinned alive, and for what? So some rich woman can wear them as a coat. We need to stop this now!

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147. Local Residents Against Circuses Involving Animals Performing in Barrie, Ontario

Wild animals are still used in circuses and traveling shows across North America. Most are shunted from town to town with no opportunity to live according to their natural biology and behavior. They endure severe confinement, deprivation, hardship and brutality.

Many performing wild animals are also large, potentially dangerous and perform in front of audiences with few protective measures in place. They pose a risk to themselves, their handlers, audience members and bystanders.

Many municipalities have passed by-laws that prohibit circuses with animals from performing in their communities. It is time Barrie bans inhumane entertainment as well.

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148. Stop the Horse Slaughter

H.R. 503 is the bill that's currently sitting on the floor of the US House of Representatives. Its predecessor, H.R. 6598, was not passed by the last Congress.

H.R. 503 will finally make it ilegal to transport all equines (horses, burros, donkeys) across US borders for the purpose of slaughter.

Every day that this bill is not signed, each day it is not law--horses are dying a painful, cruel, vicious, violent death. Greed is the root of this cruelty--soul-wrenching pain is the end result.

The ONLY ones who benefit from the slaughter of horses are the killer-buyers; New Holland and Texas auction houses--and the Ag lobbyists, who make obscene amounts of money working to convince Congresspeople that ending horse slaughter will eventually topple American agriculture.

That's a crock--a lie--a slippery slope of lies. Every check written to an Ag lobbyist is written in the blood of a dead horse.

Please contact your Congressperson, and tell them that you want them to sign this bill, and make it law.

Go to the 'site for Congress, and find your Rep. It will take you TWO minutes to call and tell them that you want H.R. 503 passed.

If you're outside the United States, we need your support, too! Please contact the United States Congress--most notably the office of Rep. John Conyers (Democrat/Michigan)--he's the good man who originated this bill. Please contact his office, via email or phone, to thank him; tell him that you're not an American--but that you're watching what the US is doing. America must be aware that the world is watching--Mr. Conyers cares about the horses, and he should know that you do, too.

(Rep. John Conyers:
Phone: (313) 961-5670

Gandhi is quoted as saying,
"A society is judged by its treatment of its weakest members," and "A society is judged by its treatment of its animals."

Whichever is the correct quote--the great man was right.

And, that being the case--America, and those horsepeople who are willing to murder their horses for a few bucks--will be judged very harshly, indeed.

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149. I vote »Yes« for stray animals!

Dear animal lover,

animal welfare society Ärzte für Tiere e.V. creates a forum for stray animals rights in Europe by launching online platform STARS.

In Europe stray dogs and cats suffer tremendous torments each day - they are hunted and maltreated, beaten up and poisoned; they are caught and kept in so-called »animal shelters« that provide no escape: in these camps thousands of stray animals are penned up to meet a cruel death.

Despite the existence of animal protection laws stray animals have become a questionable source of income in many European countries: their capture, custody and killing offer good business opportunities by involving public money originally designated to improve the stray animals situation.

EU parliamentarians Alain Hutchinson, David Hammerstein and Neil Parish have written a declaration on the welfare of pets and stray animals (PDF). The declaration claims hard punishment for abandoning and maltreating pets and stray animals.

EU Member States are requested to commit themselves to regulate the overpopulation of stray animals and to lay sterilization and vaccination down in law and to implement them accordingly.

A vote on this declaration will be held in EU parliament shortly - the time limit to sign this declaration is May 5th, 2009. It is crucial that a majority of the EU parliamentarians’ votes are obtained for this declaration.

Please support us by asking EU parliamentarians to sign this petition! Please forward this petition to friends and colleagues!

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150. Contra la caça a les escoles


Amb aquest manifest, les entitats sotasignants volem comunicar-los el nostre més profund descontent, malestar, perplexitat i indignació en conèixer les iniciatives que l'Agrupació de Societats de Caçadors del Pirineu i la Catalunya Central (AGRUPCAT) amb el suport del Departament de Medi Ambient de la Generalitat de Catalunya està portant a terme en algunes escoles catalanes sota el lema de “La caça a les escoles”.

Galgo ahorcado


Els arguments per a ser contraris a aquesta iniciativa són variats i múltiples; les i els docents, en la seva la gran majoria, fem un esforç diari per transmetre al nostre alumnat els valors del respecte, l’educació en la pau i la cultura del diàleg i la no violència. Dediquem moltes hores i esforços a transmetre que la violència no ens ajuda a solucionar res, i que la paraula serà l’eina més poderosa per aprendre a resoldre els conflictes d’una manera pacífica. Intentem també educar l’alumnat en el respecte al medi ambient, i els ensenyem pràctiques sostenibles aplicades a la nostra vida diària. Així mateix, mirem d’educar l’alumnat en el respecte per a la diversitat, és a dir, vers tots els éssers vius que comparteixen el món amb nosaltres, intentant que entenguin que de món només n’hi ha un i que no ens pertany, i que hem de tenir cura perquè tots els que l’habiten tinguin un lloc digne, net de contaminació i sense perills.


La presentació dels caçadors a les escoles, els quals defineixen la seva activitat com a lúdica, amb la qual s’aprofiten de recursos naturals per a satisfer unes aficions particulars (divertir-se matant), es presentada d’una manera absolutament manipuladora de la innocència dels infants als quals es dirigeixen aquestes xerrades. L’alumnat reconeix com a vàlides les pautes que els adults, i més si és dins l’entorn educatiu, els donen. El nostre alumnat, els nostres fills, imiten les conductes observades en els adults, assumeixen els rols viscuts a les seves cases, a les escoles i al carrer i els reprodueixen fidelment. De la mateixa manera interioritzen la valoració que aquests rols adquireixen a la societat. Les armes, amb les quals els caçadors maten les seves preses, estan sent posicionades dins el pensament dels més petits com quelcom tàcitament acceptat i per tant bo. La violència que porta implícita l’acte de matar, està sent justificada i acceptada pels nens i les nenes, i això possibilita que, en el futur, la violència i la llei del més fort es constitueixin com la base de les seves possibles relacions. Volem crear consciència sobre el problema de la violència, el menyspreu per la vida, l’ús de les armes, donat que en el futur les conductes de violència de gènere, les injustícies dels conflictes armats, la poca consideració social sobre la vida dels animals... deriven del posicionament moral que tenim de les armes i de la violència en si. El més fort (qui té l’arma) triomfa, i a més “és el bo”. Matar i morir es presenta com quelcom normal i bo, i aquest fet comporta el menyspreu per la vida. A les escoles no permetem que l’alumnat porti al centre joguines bèl·liques (espases, pistoles, escopetes...) perquè entenem que aquestes joguines fomenten i porten implícit que la violència i la guerra són un instrument vàlid per a solucionar els conflictes. Amb la iniciativa de “La caça a les escoles” tot el que fem perd el seu sentit. Com justificarem la contradicció d’estar educant per la Pau, a favor del diàleg, per la desmilitarització, quan els caçadors van armats per la muntanya i se’ls porta a l’escola com si fossin uns herois de la protecció dels animals i del medi ambient? Amb quina cara ens mirarà l’alumnat quan els diem que hem de protegir i defensar els animals, si acte seguit ve algú a explicar-los que anar pel bosc matant-los està bé? L’argument dels caçadors, que ajuden a conservar la diversitat, i que la caça és un aprofitament legítim dels recursos naturals és absolutament falsa i perversa. La caça és una manera de divertir-se nociva, agressiva, violenta, contaminant i perillosa, malgrat estigui regulada per llei, una llei que, tot s’ha de dir, no es modifica des de l’any 1970.

3.-PROBLEMÀTICA PER AL DESENVOLUPAMENT INFANTIL Igualment considerem que les institucions que promouen aquesta iniciativa no tenen formació en psicologia infantil, ja que passen per alt que els infants i joves tenen una especial connexió empàtica amb els animals (biofilia), i aportar-los aquesta informació “matar-los està bé” els desorienta, amb el consegüent neguit i problemes emocionals. Segons John Burroughs, primer cal cultivar l’amor, i sobre aquesta emoció, el coneixement intel·lectual: Entre els tres i set anys els infants descobreixen el que es defineix com a “ego ecopsicològic” o percepció harmoniosa del “jo” en relació el món natural. Degut a que l’home ha evolucionat formant part de la naturalesa, tots naixem capacitats per desenvolupar un vincle afectiu i psicològic amb ella, o tendència innata a la biofilia. La manera de potenciar l’empatia vers el món natural és cultivant relacions amb els animals. El contacte amb els animals és una escola d’educació emocional pels infants. És normal que els i les nenes els tractin amb afecte i respecte, senten una proximitat especial amb les cries dels animals, despertant-los sentiments de tendresa i protecció. Promoure la caça a les escoles és una activitat profundament irrespectuosa amb el desenvolupament natural dels infants normalitzant-los les actituds violentes i negant-los la necessitat innata de construir un món harmoniós i pacífic. Els humans poden matar altres éssers vius quan bloquegen tota relació empàtica amb la víctima. Només podem agredir quan ens distanciem emocionalment de la víctima, i aquesta és l’arrel de tota violència. L’equilibri emocional d’un infant requereix, com un dels seus pilars bàsics, la capacitat empàtica vers els altres. Si una criatura pot posar-se en el lloc de l’altre, (empatia) com podrà disparar-li? I si ho fa, o participa del fet, patirà un conflicte intern que pot arribar a destruir el seu equilibri psicològic. A l’escola treballem com a objectius prioritaris aquesta capacitat empàtica, com a mitjà per a obtenir un món harmoniós i solidari, on el respecte per l’altre no vingui donat per la pertinença a una ètnia, gènere o col·lectiu cultural, o espècie. El respecte es donarà per la consideració moral de cada ésser individual capaç de sentir i de patir. El Principi 10 de la declaració Universal dels Drets dels Infants diu que: “L’infant ha de ser protegit contra les pràctiques que puguin fomentar la discriminació racial, religiosa o de qualsevol altra mena. Ha de ser educat en esperit de comprensió, tolerància, amistat entre els pobles, pau i fraternitat universal, i amb plena consciència que ha de consagrar les seves aptituds i energies al servei dels seus semblants.” Quin sentit té iniciar els infants en l’ensenyament de valors violents? Segons Wilson y Kellert “Un infant que creix envoltat d’agressió contra qualsevol ésser viu, té més probabilitats d’abusar, maltractar o matar quan sigui adult” Aquesta lamentable iniciativa s’oposa a la LOE, que s’inspira en “l’educació per a la prevenció de conflictes i per a la resolució pacífica d’aquests, així com la no-violència en tots els àmbits de la vida personal, familiar i social”, i s’orienta a la consecució de la formació per a la pau, el respecte dels drets humans, la vida en comú, la cohesió social, la cooperació i solidat entre els pobles” Trobem adequat afegir els resultats dels estudis i investigacions del Dr. en Psiquiatria Luis Rojas Marcos, el qual es pregunta si la violència és una força intrínsecament biològica – programada en els nostres gens– o sorgeix com a reacció a l’impacte dels avatars de la vida. “La violència no és instintiva, sinó que s’aprèn”, sosté l’autor. “Ningú neix amb un temperament hostil ni es torna cruel si no es pren el temps necessari per aprendre’n. La infantesa, en aquest sentit, és l’etapa vital en què més sovint es generen les futures conductes violentes”, sosté el psiquiatra. “Les llavors de la violència es planten en els primers anys de la vida, es desenvolupen durant la infantesa i comencen a manifestar-se i a donar fruits durant l’adolescència”, explica. La violència és una xacra social que s’aprèn. Tota la bibliografia especialitzada ens indica que la violència s’aprèn i es transmet i un dels principals factors de predicció que una persona serà violenta es que hagi viscut violència al seu entorn més pròxim tant a nivell micro com macrosocial: família, escola, grup d’iguals, lloc al que viu, festes del poble…. El fet de normalitzar i naturalitzar la violència, tal com s’està fent amb el programa “La caça a les escoles” estem abonant el terreny per a futurs maltractadors.

4.-DADES ESTADÍSTIQUES Com que pensem que els caçadors no aporten totes les dades que fan referència a la seva activitat, n’afegim unes quantes a continuació, són dades prou significatives i importants per a incorporar a les xerrades: ACCIDENTS, FERITS i MORTS PER TRETS Segons les dades de la Mútua dels caçadors (Mutuasport), l’any 2007 van haver 21 persones mortes i 863 ferits per trets de caça, dels quals 13 van patir amputacions o danys oculars a conseqüència del impacte. L’any 2005 en nombre de ferits va elevar-se a quasi 2.000. L’any 2002 van morir 23 persones i el 2004 en van morir 18. Segons la mateixa Mútua, la mitjana anual és de 2.585 accidents de caça, amb més de 24 morts per trets i 2.448 ferits. Malauradament, no tots els morts i ferits pels trets de caçadors tenen per víctimes els mateixos caçadors. Sovint, des de excursionistes fins a pagesos, passant per animals de masies són perjudicats per aquesta activitat. Per tant, en temporada de caça, és altament perillós practicar senderisme, BTT, cicloturisme o simplement habitar a prop d’on es caça. La pràctica de la caça suposa un risc seriós per a la vida dels mateixos caçadors i altres persones. Així mateix, l’any 2008 van morir 10 dones i 1 home per tret d’escopeta, víctimes de la violència de gènere. El perill que suposen els caçadors es veu incrementat si tenim en compte que molts d’ells consumeixen alcohol abans o durant la sortida a la muntanya, amb la disminució de reflexes i capacitat de reacció que això comporta. CONTAMINACIÓ PER PLOM Es calcula que els caçadors disparen 200 milions de cartutxos cada any a l’estat Espanyol. Cada cartutx conté 30 gr. de plom en forma d’uns 250 perdigons (que poden anar entre 68 a 1170, segons el seu diàmetre). Així que d’una manera molt ràpida podem calcular que a Espanya es dispersen cada any unes 6000 tones de plom en forma de 50.000 perdigons. Com a conseqüència d’aquesta contaminació massiva, més de 50.000 aus aquàtiques moren cada any víctimes del “plombisme” en confondre els perdigons amb les petites pedres que necessiten per a fer la digestió. A l’estat Espanyol aquesta és la primera causa de mort d’animals per intoxicació. Aquesta situació és molt més greu a les zones humides o pantanoses, ja que cada any 50 tones de plom van a para allà. Espanya té el lamentable rècord estadístic de ser un dels països amb les concentracions més altes de plom en zones humides. El plom metàl·lic és resistent i s’estima que pot trigar entre 15 i 300 anys en desaparèixer totalment, però les aus continuen ingerint-lo encara molts anys després d’haver estat disparat. Un altre dels problemes greus derivat del plom és la contaminació del sòl i de les aigües. El plom es transforma en compostos químics solubles i biodisponibles per les altres formes de vida, inclosa la humana. Només 1 perdigó de 120 gr de pes dissolt completament pot contaminar 12.000 litres d’aigua, que arribarien al nivell crític de 10 micrograms per litre, valor fixat per la UE i la OMS a partir del qual no es considera apte pel consum.

FURTIVISME L’índex de delictes a Espanya relacionats amb el furtivisme és dels més elevats dels països de la UE, segons la guàrdia civil. Segons ells, la poca consciència ecològica dels espanyols en seria la causa. L’any 2007 van ser detingudes pel Seprona 65 persones per delictes relacionats amb la caça major, 44 per caça menor i 33 per atemptar contra la fauna, comptanthi espècies protegides. Avui en dia hi ha moltes caceres il·legals, darrere les quals s’oculten autèntiques màfies organitzades, les quals mouen grans quantitats de diner negre i que operen sense escrúpols per tal d’obtenir la peça desitjada. Algunes espècies, com el gall fer estan en perill d’extinció per culpa de la pressió furtiva. El furtivisme està contemplat con un delicte al codi penal però encara hi ha molta condescendència amb el delinqüents per part de la judicatura. Igualment, cada any hi ha incomptables víctimes de trets intencionats, per practicar punteria, entre aus i altres animals que no son “peces de caça”. MALTRACTAMENT ANIMAL Els 90% dels gossos dels caçadors pateixen una vida indigna i miserable, vivint dins de gàbies minúscules cada dia, amb la mobilitat limitada per la manca d’espai, a mercè de les inclemències del temps, i sense cap possibilitat de socialització. Molts d’ells són malferits pels senglars o reben trets per error, i molts caçadors ni es dignen a curar-los i els deixen agonitzant al bosc o bé (en el millor dels casos) els rematen d’un tret. Les gosses de caça són obligades a reproduir-se sense parar, i els cadells que no són bons són eliminats de forma o abandonats sense més (només cal anar a les protectores i comptar els gossos de caça que hi ha), incrementant d’una manera significativa les dades d’abandonament de gossos.

Un 70% dels gossos abandonats i recollits a les protectores són gossos de caça. En virtut dels arguments exposats, reclamem que aquest programa sigui aturat immediatament i que els alumnes que han rebut aquesta informació tinguin la oportunitat de rebre algun tipus de xerrada compensatòria per aquest fet lamentable, antieducatiu, desequilibrador de la salut mental dels infants i potenciador de la violència i l’ús de les armes. Atentament: Junta directiva A Barcelona el 20 de març de 2009 (S’adjunta recull de premsa i fotografies) Per veure el reportatge sobre “La caça a les escoles” : Vídeo gossos caçadors:

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