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151. Spread the ZIM

This petition is to show that the people of America love "Invader Zim" and will not see it banned.

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152. Zoids Trading Card Game should be released in the USA

If you don't already know, there is a Zoids Trading Card Japan usual. Why don't we ever get anything? ...Yeah, I don't know either... Sign this petition if you want to enjoy the card game experience as well...

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153. Keep the Pledge of Allegiance!

The words "under God" were added to the Pledge of Allegiance in 1954 to show
the world the stark contrast between the United States of America and the
Communist regime. The words were added because the United States is truly
a nation under God. Our country was built on the principles and foundations
of the Judeo-Christian faith. The men who created our government were men
of strong faith. In establishing this country, they understood the inherent
rights that God, their Creator, gave to all men. The Declaration of
Independence states that certain truths are self-evident. These truths are
"that all men were created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator
with certain unalienable rights . . . ." The Declaration states very boldly
that the United States of America were appealing to the "Supreme Judge" and
that they had a "firm reliance on Divine Providence."

Why is it that a majority of Americans can grasp this concept but that men
educated in the law of this country, the very law stemming from these
principles, cannot? Throughout our history, this country has turned to
Almighty God, our Creator, for guidance and comfort in times of struggle.
In 1775, the Continental Congress called on the Colonies to pray for wisdom in
forming this great nation. At the close of the War for Independence, George
Washington directed his chaplain to offer a prayer of thanksgiving. In 1863
President Lincoln declared a day of humiliation, fasting and prayer. When
Pearl Harbor was attacked the President called on the country to pray.
During the years following World War II when this country was fighting the
Cold War, "In God we Trust" was adopted as our national motto. When Apollo
13 was disabled in space the President called on the country to pray. In
1988 President Reagan signed a bill declaring a National Day of Prayer. In
Desert Storm every soldier received a copy of the 91st Psalm. President Clinton called on this country to pray when the tragedy at Columbine Highschool occurred. And on September 11, 2001, this country experienced a tragedy that was unlike anything we had seen since Pearl Harbor and it was to God that this country turned. President Bush called on people across this nation to pray, a memorial service was televised across the country including many prayers, and many members of Congress, Republicans and Democrats alike, gathered on the steps of the capitol building to sing, "God Bless America."

But on June 26, 2002, a majority of two judges decided that we are no longer
"one Nation under God." This court action is an outrage. It flies in
the face of our national history and traditions.

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154. Zoids Versus meets the USA - release Zoids in America

Zoids is an anime about giant mechanical animals, which a person can pilot. They go into Zoid battles for dominance over the other teams. Now, that experience is coming to the Gamecube in Japan.

What I have read, there are no plans to release this game in America. Well, we have Zoid fans here that want the same experience as the people in Japan. They already have more than 5 Zoids games. And we have absoutlely none.

We need to have Zoids released on Gamecube in America. If this game was released, I know I would buy it...

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155. Bring DBGT to America!

DBZ and DB has been going on for a very long time.And most fans of DBZ and DB(DragonBall Z and DragonBall) have seen every eppisode.And in japan theres another series called DBGT (DragonBall GT) and theyve kept it from every american!AND THE ONLY WAY TO GET THE EPPISODES IS IN JAPAN!?!?!?!WHAT IS WITH THAT CRAP!?!?!?!?!!??

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156. Keep **Politically Incorrect** alive

Please Sign This petition to keep (P.I.)Politically Incorect on any Channel, for all Americans to have a "Forum of political topic debate". To air the show on earlier time slots in ALL time zones. As well to more available to all areas of the country. Free speach is an issuefor our Children in our country .
Not to be supressed By anyone,

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157. S Club 7 Tour In the USA!

Please, there are a lot of America S Club 7 Fans and we all wish that they would tour in the U.S.A! If ya would sign it, I wiyld really appreciate it! Thanks!

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158. Bring Dragon Warrior IV & VIII To North America

Dragon Warrior was the first Role Playing Video Game to arrive on the shores of North America. They did an aggressive campaign and even had TV commercials showing medieval lifestyles of the game in real person. This made the game one of the best top sellers in American History.

Dragon Warrior left the shores of America leaving Dragon Warrior IV the last of the line in the NES games. Several years ago Dragon Warrior returned with the popular Dragon Warrior Monsters, then with Dragon Warrior I&II Remix, Dragon Warrior III, and due to popular demand Dragon Warrior VII.

They are now in jeopardy of leaving again due to the shutdown of HeartBeat's cancellation of working with Enix. They translate the program to English. They have other options, maybe better ones compared to the mistakes made in VII. We know that all hope is not lost.

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159. Stop the Echo Star and Direct TV Merger

Dear Mr. Ashcroft:

As an American citizen, I cherish the freedom of speech and the freedom of religion guaranteed by the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America.

Mr. Ashcroft, my constitutional rights are being threatened by the proposed merger of Echo Star and Direct TV which is now pending before the Justice Department.

As an American and a Christian I respectfully request that the merger between Echo Star and Direct TV be stopped for the following reasons:

1. Echo Star has fought hard in court against the laws that insure religious broadcaster's access to satellite television. If Echo Star wins this fight, religious broadcasters will not be able to reach satellite viewers.
2. In addition, Echo Star announced its intention to drop the ABC Family channel, claiming it doesn't have room on its satellites. This is difficult to believe coming from a company that has a half dozen pornographic channels on its TV service.
3. In rural area, and other parts of the country not reached by cable, TV viewers would no longer have a choice between two providers of satellite TV, as they do today. A monopoly would dramatically affect the availability of religious programming in every rural area in America.
4. Echo Star has fought against the "must carry' law in court. The "must carry" law states that any Christian television station in any city "must be carried" on satellite and cable television. If you watch Christian television over satellite or cable TV right now, Echo Star wants that privilege revoked.

Mr. Ashcroft, I ask you againÂ…stop this merger. It's not good for America. It's not good for people of faith.

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160. Rerelease Star Ocean on GameBoy Advance

Star Ocean is the kind of game that only comes along once. If it's sequel is any hint to the series' greatness, then we all missed out horribly when Star Ocean was not released in the USA.

Hundreds of people work sleepless weeks, devoting their time to cracking the ever-troublesome chip that keeps the Star Ocean ROM from being emulated properly.. but there is an easier, more profitable solution.

With the advent of the GBA, any company can easily rerelease or port a classic title from the SNES to the GBA with relative ease, and they stand to gain alot from it.

Enix of America, we beg of you -- release Star Ocean for the GBA!

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161. make all anime to be on t.v across america and canada

oh just sighn it!

Sighn this petition if you want all anime shows to be on t.v across america.

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162. Anime Movies in movie theater's across america and canada

oh just sighn this petition.

Sighn this petition if you want anime movies to be in the movie theater's across america and canada.

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The minimum wage for hourly pay in AMERICA has not been raised since 1997, and $5.15 was Not A LIVING WAGE at that time. Today, we are in need of a LIVING WAGE more than ever. Big corporations are able to lay off at will and profit from unfair business practices, causing a middle class America to disappear.

We the people deserve a LIVING WAGE aportionate to twice the poverty level.

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164. America's first dog should be pedigreed.

America's first dog should be pedigreed. "Mutts" are the product of irresponsible breeding, that may occur when a pet owner fails to spay or neuter, or worse, abandons, a pet.

Although puppy mills produce pedigreed dogs, and are also irresponsible, there is one source for a dog, and only one source, that promotes responsibility in breeding - the show-dog kennel.

Show-dog kennels are responsible in not breeding animals for profit. They produce puppies for the purpose of finding the next show animal, then sell the rest of the pups as pets. Show-dog kennels promote spay and neuter by placing restrictive contracts on the puppies they sell, requiring spay and neuter of the pups by a certain age, and only allowing those pups to be bred when they are of good quality, and in cases where the breeder of the pup will also practice responsiblity in breeding.

Show-dog pups are raised in home environments, well-socialized and loved. Their parents have been tested for genetic and communicable diseases. They have been given the best of nutrition and veterinary care during their growing period.

Show-dog kennels are the most responsible source for a well-adjusted pet dog, and should be promoted as such.

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165. Sonja

By signing this petition I agree and support the fact that Sonja should be able to stay in the United States of America at least until January. This way Sonja would be able to finish the first semester. If Sonja were to go back know it would interrupt with her education. All of us thought that Sonja's organization sent students here to experience what it is like in America. By making her go back this November she would be missing out on homecoming at her school and she wouldn't get to experience Christmas in America either.

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166. Protect America's Health

With the recent threat of a small pox attack from Terrorists organizations, I want the small pox vaccine to be readily available. If you agree that we need to have the vaccine reissued, please sign the petition. Then tell a friend. Let's stand up for our health and safety!

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167. America United Against Terrorism

Now is the time to make a stand to support our President, and our Country in the fight against terrorism. Please help by signing this petition. If I get enough signatures, I will send it to the White House to show our support. Thank you, and please send this petition to everybody on your Email address list. You can go to my web page to make a donation to the Red Cross using link at the bottom of the page. Thanks.

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If we are going to talk about a stop to terrorism in this world, we MUST halt the LTTE (Liberation of Tamil Tigers elaam) from proceeding with their evil acts in Sri Lanka. We need the help of America and other powerful countries to stop the war!

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169. Get Rid of the U.N.

United Nations employee Mohammed Afzal stands near the rubble of a U.N. building outside Kabul, Afghanistan, on Tuesday. The building was hit during U.S.-led airstrikes. (AP Photo/Amir Shah)

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170. Bring Pantasy Star Online Ver. 2 to Playstation 2

This is a petition to bring Phantasy Star Onine Ver. 2 to the Sony Playstation 2 computer entertainment system.

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171. Memorial For Those Slain in Sept 11th Atacks

It is our wish, as citizens of The United States of America, to ensure that the attack perpetrated on September 11th, 2001, will never be forgotten by anyone. We believe that the site in New York in which many bodies of those slain still rest, is now considered by us all as a sacred place, and that we should set up a memorial there for those who lost their lives, including the passengers on flight 93 and those who were killed at the Pentagon.

We believe that this memorial should be something seen from a distance by night or by day, something that no terrorist can destroy, so that all who see it will know that we shall overcome and that this horrible tragedy has not killed our spirits, but has made us stronger.

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Please sign this petition to show your appreciation to the Salvation Army and also the Red Cross. May God Bless America!

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173. Stop attacks on America

America was attacked at the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. This petition is to stop future attacks on America.

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174. Protect the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge from the oil industry!

Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is the crown jewel of America's refuge system.

Tucked away in the state's remote northeast corner, this 19.6 million acre wildlife sanctuary is an awe-inspiring natural wonder: A sweeping expanse of tundra studded with marshes and lagoons and laced with rivers dramatically situated between the rugged foothills of the Brooks Range and the wide, icy waters of the Beaufort Sea. This pristine place is under threat by an oil industry that sees not its beauty, but its profit-making potential.

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175. ban people from eating cats and dogs!

in china and korea there are no laws to protect cats and dogs from being tortured and eaten. and there are no laws in america to stop people from eating cats and dogs. hopefully by lot's of people signing this petition. it will help put a ban on people eating cats and dogs in the usa! so everybody please sign this petition to prevent dogs and cats from being eaten in america thanks! sincerely JENNIFER DONEY

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176. America and Friends Standing United Agaist Terrorism

I wanted to do something for my country in this time of need, but I am too old to join the military, and don't have a lot of money, but I can do this. Thanks to all that sign.

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177. The Cowboy Bebop: Knockin' on Heaven's Door Petition

This petition is for the Cowboy Bebop fans who want the movie Knockin' on Heaven's Door realesed in movie theaters across America and Canada.

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178. Petition Virgin America for not selling/touring OOMPH! in the USA

This is a petition against Virgin (the record label) America for refusing to sell OOMPH! cds here or even let them tour here. They have shown us no feedback as to WHY they won't give them a chance in USA and OOMPH! fans, unite and take over, we need to be heard by Virgin America!!

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179. Ban Landmines Now!

Landmines were created to slow-down large-scale enemy advancement in war, but in reality, 80% of estimated casualties are innocent civilians. In 1997 the International Campaign to Ban Landmines put the mine ban treaty into effect. This treaty bans the use, production, and transfer of antipersonnel landmines and has been ratified by 112 countries and signed by 139.

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180. Syracuse University: Don't Abandon the Boy Scouts

There was little debate, no dissension and no vote when Syracuse University Chancellor Kenneth A. Shaw consulted his board of trustees executive committee April 6 about barring the Hiawatha-Seaway Council of the Boy Scouts of America from using the Carrier Dome for its annual Boypower Dinner.

The Scouts had used the Dome and the university's catering service for 17 of the past 18 years, raising as much as $500,000, before Shaw decided that the Boy Scout policy excluding openly homosexual adult leaders was at odds with the University's mission.

However, in June 2000, the United States supreme Court ruled that the Boy Scouts, a private organization, were within their constitutional rights to bar homosexuals as scoutmasters. Syracuse University is penalizing the Boy Scouts of America because the almost-century old organization both refuses to nullify its pledge to be "morally straight" and will not abandon its central mission to teach young boys what George A. Davidson, a lawyer for the organization, described to the Supreme Court as "true manliness" - a man's responsibility in marriage and fatherhood.

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