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151. All against Hell's Kennels

Jan van Aardt, a puppy breeder has been running disgusting puppy mills for the past 9-10 years.. An organisation called Wet Nose Animal Rescue has stepped in an conviscated 94 dogs so far.. Many of them having cancerous growths and tumors.. And some of the conviscated dogs have died..

Wetnose are planning to prosecute Mr van Aardt, and the maximum punishment is R60 000.00 fine or 2 years Jail Time. He NEEDS more punishment than that!!

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152. Camel Power Now

In April, 2006, The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) published a report hailing camel’s milk as a new superfood: “Prospects are bright for camel dairy products which are highly nutritious... camel milk is three times as rich in Vitamin C as cow’s milk, with high concentrations of iron, unsaturated fatty acids and B vitamins. It is currently prescribed for patients in Russia, Kazakhstan and India, while in Africa, it may be recommended for treating AIDS.”

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153. Arrest Killer Taxi Driver

Pretoria - A Grade 11 pupil died on her way to Garsfontein High School in Pretoria on Monday morning after a taxi first incessantly hooted at her before hitting her scooter from behind and driving over her.

Bernadine Kruger, 16, died on impact.

The taxi driver had not been arrested yet because the police first have to complete their investigation into the accident,,,2-7-1442_2474990,00.html

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154. Additional Lane from Gibson Drive to North Road

The suburb of Buccleuch has 30 complexes and more are being approved by the City Town Planning. The road infrastructure has never been upgraded and with a population of 5000 workers we only have access out of Buccleuch in the mornings if the low level bridge is flooded.

When it is not flooded the filth washed up onto the bridge makes it impassable. It takes up to 1 hour to travel 1.3km every morning and the traffic congestion is not being catered for.

Traffic violations are broken every morning to cater for the traffic volumes between 6 - 8.30 let alone the waste of time and petrol while we frustratingly stand in the queue edging our way out.

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155. More radio stations to cater for our tastes

South Africa is a diverse country of many cultures and religions. ICASA (the broadcast regulator) is required by government to manage the licensing of media services to cater for a diverse range of the population, yet their radio license policies and the current state of radio does not reflect this at all.

Other than small campus radio, there is no radio station catering for local music, rock, metal, 60s music or dance music specifically to its demographic. Most existing radio stations have the same music policies, and even similar play lists.

Other countries have adopted an LPFM (Low Power Fm) license system which allows more stations to operate to smaller areas, thereby creating the diversity that our country is supposed to be embracing. ICASA's current LPFM license policy is only designed for shopping malls and drive-in movie theaters.

If you're sick of hearing the same thing being played on every station, and are now turning on your Ipod, or if you love dance music, metal, rock, 60's, 70's or 80's music, or any genre that's not being aired on radio, or even if you're a musician struggling to get your music heard, its time you did something about it!

Sign this petition, and force ICASA to change their LPFM license policies to allow radio stations with 250W ERP transmitters to operate commercially, and allow you to hear the music you want to hear!

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156. DSTV Ripoff

This is what Multichoice says:

We live in a world where information has become the key advantage. Today, information can travel anywhere, anytime, at great speed and in so many different ways – unlocking potential wherever it goes. At MultiChoice, we constantly look for innovative ways and push boundaries to deliver information and content that is not only entertaining, but informative.

This pioneering spirit has characterized our existence since our inception and has helped us create some of the most well-known and best loved products in South Africa. We are constantly searching and developing new ways of bringing informative and entertaining content to our customers.

Underlying every corporate decision is our dedication to the people we serve. Our customers are the foundation of our success and we believe in offering them the highest quality of service and personal attention possible.

We are able to offer this service to our customers because of the dedication and passion of our employees. This helps to achieve our financial goals and in turn enables us to give back to communities within which we operate.

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157. Lobby for additional Fertilizer and Grain Handling Facility in Mombasa, Kenya

Bulk grain chronology of events:

1) In year 2000 KPA grants a 33 year bulk grain and fertilizer license to Grain bulk handlers ltd.The license restricts other handlers from handling bulk grain at the port until 15th February,2008, i.e effectively a monopoly for 8years. The license is described as skewed by 2 transport ministers: Hon. Michuki and Hon. Makwere on the daily newspapers. Parliamentary investments committee in their report recommend competition.

2) In 2007,Grain bulk ltd. applies to KPA to extend the monopoly for another 25 years which is rejected by KPA, and KPA board proceeds to resolve that a tender for a 2nd bulk grain facility takes place.This news was greeted with relief as the monopoly operator charges usd 16 per ton while in Egypt for the same type of machinery, the operators charge usd 5 per ton. This comparatively higher handling cost is being passed on to the consumers.

3) After advertisement of the tender, there was surprise to learn of tender cancellation. The reason of 1000 workers losing jobs is a surprise. What the process entails is that the same workers will be carrying out loading manual work at the 2nd facility instead of at the port. This is what the monopoly bulk operator is doing presently as well. So there’s is no issue of job losses. Indeed the Kenya Union of Commercial Food and Allied Workers can attest to this as per attached annex 1. The reason of job losses was merely meant to justify the cancellation. In any case how does one hold millions of Kenyans ransom because of 1000 people? The 2nd facility will in fact create jobs by way of administration staff, technicians, finance staff, drivers, machine operators, technicians, etc similar to the present monopoly operator.

4) The issue of investments by the monopoly holder has presently no basis. It will be recalled that the monopoly holder was given a monopoly for 8 years, during which time he recouped his investment. Having been denied a monopoly extension for another 25years, the monopoly operator now wants to use the investments story. The remaining portion outstanding was after the monopoly operator wanted a further 25 years monopoly that he made a unilateral expansion programme without a binding written KPA commitment to extend the monopoly and now wants to demand a monopoly extension after it had been officially rejected. The majority of the bidders for the 2nd bulk facility have individually indicated that they are not going to demand any protectionism of any kind from the Government as the business is viable and can sustain 2 facilities. Several African countries have 2 or more than 2 operators. Sudan is currently constructing its 3rd grain facility.

5) When vessels arrive, the sole bulk grain operator has on several occasions been unable to cope with the inflow of ships, resulting in huge demurrages which the millers are forced to pass on to consumers. The demurrages range from usd 30,000 to usd 75000 per day! To illustrate, we append a schedule of vessels which were on hold for several days:
WHITE MIST 4/9/2008 7/9/2008 19500M/T MAIZE
ALFA-K 7/9/2008 11/9/2008 28580M/T MAIZE
SPYRO B 11/9/2008 14/9/2008 34000M/T WHEAT
BIANCO VENTURE 19/9/2008 22/9/2008 12000M/T WHEAT
HAWK 24/9/2008 26/9/2008 39000M/T WHEAT
INNES 27/9/2008 7/10/2008 6000M/T MAIZE
KEN GALANT 2/10/2008 " " " " " 41500M/TWHEAT
DISCOVER 2 3/10/2008 " " " " " 16000M/TWHEAT
LIBERTY EAGLE 7/10/2008 " " " " " 43500M/TSORGHUM
DIANA STAR 30/10/2008 10/11/2008 7420 M/T MAIZE

If we take the above schedule and use just an average delay of 3 days multiplied by an average Usd 40,000, multiplied by an exchange rate of ksh 77/= per dollar times the 11 ships is equal to Ksh 101,640,000. This is what is being passed on to Kenyan consumers! Can you imagine the cost? The information above can be independently verified from KPA records, shipping agents, millers and world food programme. In fact the World Food Programme is also complaining due to demurrages as a result of ship delays. They have indicated that the delay is causing them to overshoot their budget in terms of demurrages to owners of ships which means proportionately lesser subsequent relief maize, etc. In effect the monopoly is affecting even the most vulnerable and needy!


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158. Stop Deforestation in Madagascar

Deforestation in Madagascar is a very important issue which can not be put off or ignored because if this happens all of the rainforests in Madagascar will be gone within the next 40 years.

Currently 90% of the rainforests in Madagascar have already been destroyed because of logging, slash and burn agriculture, mining, etc. Madagascar is also home to hundreds of endemic species found no where else on earth, if the rainforests are all cut down then many endangered species will also go extinct.

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159. Against the Movie Tintin

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160. Support Grasdak Guesthouse & Restaurant

Grasdak Guesthouse & Restaurant have been doing business in Louis Trichardt for approximately 15 years and are well known and loved to everybody in Louis Trichardt for their hospitality, excellent service and diversity of facilities they provide.

Grasdak are a well-known social venue and business in Louis Trichardt, which caters for people of all ages.

Grasdak are a social venue for especially young people, for Grasdak provides entertainment that’s safe, for Grasdak strives to uphold their image and they do not tolerate any misbehaviour.

Grasdak are of great value to Louis Trichardt and the surroundings by providing entertainment to the Public.

Louis Trichardt and the surroundings benefits from Grasdak Guesthouse & Restaurant as it improves the character of the area.

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161. Voting Rights of Nigerians in Diaspora

This initiative is aimed at maximizing the benefits of democracy and making it all inclusive for Nigerians at home and abroad. The voice and influence of the millions of Diaspora-Nigerians is an indispensable foundation for the Nigeria of tomorrow which no serious administration can continue to ignore.

By this petition we indicate our interest and willingness to aid the cause of a better Nigeria. While it is not a silver bullet, it will lay a solid foundation and create an opportunity for us to make a difference. Please sign and forward this link to other Nigerians.

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162. كلنا من أجل وقف التصرفات غير المقبولة لأعوان المكتب الوطني للسكك الحديدية

بينما كنت أهم بالنزول من القطار في محطة المحمدية حتى تعطل الباب الأتوماتيكي فذهبت إلى باب المقطورة الموالية لكي أنزل. فإذا بي أسمع صراخاموجها نحونا من طرف سائق القطار, فذهبت إليه كي أستفسره عن سبب الصراخ فإذا به يفاجئني و يبصق على وجهي و يوجه إلي سبابا أخجل من ذكره أمامكم وهذا أمام مسمع رئيس الأمن بالمحطة.
بعد هاته الإهانة لم يكن أمامي سوى أن أتقدم بشكاية في مكتب رئيسة المحطة وأخرى لدى مصلحة الشرطة بالمحمدية

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163. Voices of African Women Declaration

In November 2008, women from Angola, Democratic Republic of Congo, Malawi, Namibia, Nigeria, Sudan, and Zimbabwe came together in London with activists and supporters of Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, diaspora organisations and other groups to raise their concerns about Africa. The following declaration was drafted by these women.

Support the voices of these African women and enable Women's International League for Peace and Freedom to raise their demands with decision makers, including the international community, national governments and non-governmental agencies.

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164. Free Rose Kbauye

Our Rose Kabuye! She liberated a country that had been left to perish by the international community. The French masterminded the 1994 genocide and have blood on their hands. They are now hiding behind Habyarimana's plane crash and issuing fake arrest warranties.

Germany should be ashamed of its actions as this is a country that has had its bitter share of history-the holocost. France and Germany should respect National Sovereignty, people's rights and international justice.

Tuzabatsinda Ukuri kwose tugufashe muntoki. Intsinzi y Urwanda n abanyawanda ntabwo tuzabaho kubera abantu bafite amaraso mumitwe yabo bashaka kunywa ayandi tuzabanesha.

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The evidence is overwhelming that France was directly involved in planning and creating the political up-upheavals that led to the 1994 Genocide and the incident that precipitated that genocide.

France sparked off the genocide by killing both Habyarimana and the then PM! Eventually when they realised they were on the losing side, the created the so called "Libérer la zone de Triangle" as a haven for the partners (The nterahamwe). If France wants the truth why hide the "BLACK BOX" of the Habyarimana's jet which holds these secrets?

The truth is stronger than France and eventually it will prevail and that moment is now where Rose has played her part and now the rest of us should stand up against France's crimes! TURI KUMWE!

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166. Supporting the Arrest of a killer (NKundabatware)

Concerning to what is happening in my homeland DRC in ourdays especially in Goma side, Nkundabatware has manifested things which cannot be tolerated in the world after killing the innocents people (mothers, children, old people) and the violence of the women by raping them all these should be the evidence to support and arrest him immediately without delaying.

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167. Call for Rwanda, MONUSCO, DR Congo to transfer Nkunda to ICC Now

We, the undersigned, make an urgent appeal to MONUC, Congo and Rwanda to fulfil their international obligations and immediately transfer Nkunda accused of war crimes and crimes against humanity in the D.R. of Congo to the ICC.

We call on MONUC, DR Congo and Rwanda to transfer Nkunda immediately now to the ICC without further delay.

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168. Address France's arrogance

Rwanda is a sovereign state, that obeys all international conventions, but it is overlooked by so called world's powers like France and German by arresting government officials on state's mission.

Lt Conol Rose KABUYE was arrested by German's Police at Frankfurt airport when she was on mission to prepare president Paul KAGAME private visit to German. This arrest is contrary to Vienna conventions.

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169. Stop Child Soldiers

More than 300,000 children are thought to be fighting in some 30 conflicts around the world. Most are between 15 and 18 years old, but many are as young as 10. Some are even younger.

Casualty rates are extremely high. Child soldiers are often subjected to sexual violence and extreme physical and emotional abuse intended to make them obedient and ruthless killers. This is in addition to the harm done by the denial of basic childhood needs for security, health and education.

In January 2000, the governments of the world agreed to ban the use of children in combat. This treaty, called the Optional Protocol to the Convention on the Rights of the Child on the involvement of children in armed conflict, came into force on February 12, 2002. Canada was the first government to ratify.

The Optional Protocol requires governments to take all feasible measures to ensure that children under the age of 18 do not take part in hostilities. All compulsory recruitment - or conscription - of under-18-year-olds is banned, and governments are required to raise the age of voluntary recruitment to a minimum of 16. Unusually, the Optional Protocol also applies to armed groups, banning all military recruitment (voluntary or compulsory) and use of children under 18.

A number of governments have already signed the Protocol but not yet made a final legal commitment by ratifying. These include: Sudan, the Netherlands, Lebanon, Cuba and Indonesia.

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170. Support Rose Kabuye

Kabuye, the Director of State Protocol, was arrested in the German city of Frankfurt on November 9, as she arrived at the airport on state duty.

The arrest was based on the heavily contested indictments issued in 2006 against nine senior Government officials by French Judge, Jean Louis Bruguiere.

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171. Free Rose Kabuye

Rose Kabuye one of our heroes & warrior was arrested & detained at Frankfurt airport after a French judge had issued a European arrest warrant on the 9th-11-08.
We suspect that this arrest is connected to allegations of shooting down a presidential plane in 1994.

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172. Kenyans Demand the Truth: Implement the Waki Report

Along the dark corridors of Kenya's State House, President Mwai Kibaki was sworn in for the second term after a flawed election results were announced by the Electoral Commissioner Chairman Samuel Kivuitu. The swearing ceremony was witnessed by the Minister for Justice and Constitutional Affairs Martha Karua, several senior Government officers and Chief Justice Evan Gicheru. These are the people who are supposed to advise the President.

Immediately after the ceremony, the country was thrown into chaos. Approximately 1,500 people died and further 500,000 were displaced in what was 'ethnic cleansing' which was funded and monitored by key politicians and business people. Both ODM and ONU were trading accusations for vote rigging.

Peace was brokered by Kofi Anna between Raila Odinga and Mwai Kibaki in a power sharing deal after intensive pressure from the international community. A commission of inquiry was formed to investigate causes that led to the post election tribal clashes. Justice Waki Report released a month ago mentioned key government officials and ministers who masterminded the slaughter, killings and murder for members of some specific communities. While the ordinary Kenyan was suffering: children thrown in fire, women serially raped, parents being matchetted infront of their children - the three cheif protagonists (Raila, Kibaki and Kalonzo) were sharing power.

The current parliament is trying to stop the implementation of the report because it mentions key personalities in both ODM and PNU. This is what we as Kenyan are opposed to. We don't want immunity extended for criminals. No justice without punishment. No forgiveness wihtout confessions.

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173. Feed the Refugees!

The United Nations World Food Program announced that it will cut half its food supplies to the people of Darfur because of a lack of funds and relentless attacks on its convoys.

Millions of Darfuris depend on this food supply. Without it, they will be pushed even closer to the knife-sharp edge of starvation.

Inaction is not an option when so many lives are at stake.

Congress is preparing to vote on a bill that will significantly increase funding for humanitarian aid and peacekeeping in Darfur. Will you join me and send a message to your representative? The men, women, and children of Darfur cannot afford anymore delays.

Additional funding for Darfur can bring hope to the thousands who have weathered half a decade of genocide. It can provide peacekeepers with training and equipment to protect Darfuri civilians. It can deliver disaster and famine assistance to families desperately in need. And it can help the people of Sudan move towards democracy and determine their own path to peace.

We must meet our obligation to the people of Darfur. Congress has the purse strings. We have the voice.

After we have sent a message to your representative, please relay this message to your friends and family and ask them to join you.

Thank you for your help.

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174. New Generation mouvement: NI GBAGBO, NI ADO, NI BEDIE

There is a new generation of fresh thinkers who are ready to put ivory coast back in business and diplomacy, but they seem to be hijacked by an older generation who has nothing to prove.

This is a peaceful movement to require new leaders for a better country!

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175. End The Human Rights Abuse of The Ugandan Lgbti Community and Human Rights Defenders Now



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176. Save Malta from illegal immigration

For the past five years, Malta has been faced with an onslaught of illegal immigrants from the African continent. Malta is one of the most overpopulated countries in the world, a situation which is already problematic to the Maltese. Apart from land, the island lacks also any natural resources. Suffice to say that it has to obtain water from the sea, at a high energy cost.

Furthermore, this never ending high influx of immigrants will inevitable destabilise the island, as from international experience and events, we believe that most unrest in the world is caused by conflicts between different cultures, ethnicities and religions, within the same country.

We cherish our social harmony, so necessary for the tourism industry, our lifeline. Malta is too small to absorb this. The Maltese people have the right to their identity and living space, and to defend against being overwhelmed.

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177. Gogrial Community for Peace and Development

We, the members of Gogrial community here in Melbourne convened a crisis meeting on the 5th of July 2008 to deplore the senseless outbreak of violence in our homeland. We strongly urge Warrap state government to stop this clan violence and restore security so as to facilitate economic development.

Interclan and intertribal strife has existed amongst our communities for generations. Such conflicts emanate from our pastoralist heritage.

Whilst we revere our cultural heritage, we believe the forces of modernization should weed out backward and uncivilized aspects of our interactions.

We have helplessly observed our time honored peaceful coexistence fades away while the government does nothing.

The ongoing Aguok-Apuk strife has continued to create havoc for helpless villagers since late 2004. While we might not speculate on the exact cause of this conflict, we will point out the devastating economic consequences brought about by this ridiculous fighting among ourselves.

According to UN reports, clan violence has led to food insecurity in Warrap and Northern Bar el ghazel since June- September 2006 planting season up to currently.

Recent upsurge in attack and reprisal attack between Aguok and Apuk clans has exacerbated the already dire economic and security situations. Our people have been pushed to the edge of destitution while the government is not doing enough to rescue the situation

We would also like to point out the general upsurge of intertribal conflicts in other areas within Warrap such as the Akok and Luanykoch clans in one hand and the Luach and Agar clans on the other hand.

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178. Matrics against studying evolution

The new curriculum in South Africa forces grade 12 students to study the evolution theories.

We as Christians feel that evolution is totally against our beliefs and we feel that our right to the religion of our choice and living out that religion has been scolded.

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179. Destruction of Ndumberi Sports Ground (Ndumberi Golf Course)

We wish to bring to your notice with much shock and disbelief of the total and wantonly destruction of Ndumberi Golf Course/Sports Ground by Kiambu Municipal Council with much impunity.

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180. Stop Educational Discrimination

Educational Discrimination

The posture of humanity needs direction of love to cure qualm and hate hypocrisy from monotheism and polytheism. The zeal of humanity is to diminish symbolism to prevail freedom from labyrinth ideologies of religious and political leaders for peace. We all human beings are the heart of humanity in which human faith religious is the xylem to dissolve distastefulness from monotheistic and polytheistic faiths.

Human faith religion starts from the premise of humanity which is more than a physical face and biological organism. It is a wisdom that can only be obtained from the nature of God. It is a stage of awareness where purity of living in the physical senses without bias. Humanity is theological evolution and logical process of supernatural system of Supreme Being, the theory of human faith religious is philosophy to evolve that human embryology is theological evolution and consciousness of supreme power.

Today 1st major Discrimination, The global women health and education crisis is the result of Christian ethics of distributing education unequally. We know that the “God Save the Queen and Queen Save the World “ The only way we can treat the world phenomena of poverty, population, Health, war, global warming, earth, children and racial issues and many more by educating the Queen. It is time to break the prison camp of Christianity in order to change system of the world leadership and to stop educational discrimination from developed nations who are using humanity.

The problem is when someone uneducated and dust colored like me tries to prove something it is called delusion and the same product gets new name and introduced by some privileged member of Christianity called illusion.

The 2nd major Discrimination, The human rights, freedom, justice, fair trade and fair mainstream media. Human rights are the inherent dignity and the foundation of fair trade, freedom, justice and peace only for privileged member of a religion whom symbol is sword for humanity. The White nations have set a new standard of humanity in which no one has the right to fair trade, peace in life, liberty of color and security of harassment from the homeland security due to the terrifying policies. Any person of color can be held in slavery or servitude and can be subjected to torture, cruel and inhumane treatment without justice which is philosophically based on certain history.

Thus no doubt when culture, religion and nature develop based on symbolism of sword that religious can not be sympathetic to other belief. At this moment on this earth any sober human beings can not seek religious asylum from persecution to a developed country that is based on humanity due to whitish circle of humility. Freedom was the birth right of all living things just before creation of an organization for human rights. It is time to reform colorful humanity based on fair trade, freedom, population and fair mainstream media. Fair trade is the business in which a person travels regularly without thinking of religious, color and country any where even in the White Nations.

The new policy of fair trade is an organized system which promotes standards for the colorless labor and there social policy. The policies in areas related to the production of private and brand goods such as cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, sex toys and weapons for undeveloped countries to keep them busy in vicious circle. The system focuses in particular on exports from developed nations to poor and developing countries. Fair mainstream media is where educated colorful people or an Independent Association based on humanity ensures the free flow of any report in a true democratic Society. Justice was the ideal, morally correct state of things and persons. It was the social, political movements of humanity for injustice. We Americans are in very difficult position for human rights and justice. Thus, Justice in the Christian America is the fisa act, the patriot act, the religious act, the act of war, the water boarding act, Guantanamo bay act, abu grab act the only act is missing is the act of humanity. The only way of democracy is love of colorful humanity.

The 3rd major Discrimination , The immigration of educated and certain religious people from poor countries to developed nations. We see in many undeveloped nations is that the majority of there best minds and educated people go to the America and European countries for batter life. The undeveloped country gets by one way or other because it must while they live good life comfortably as a modern slave of Christianity. As soon as their successors grow up they will follow them to find best education and work in the United State and The European countries. The result of this is that after every twenty or twenty five years undeveloped country goes back to the starting point again this whitish circle of helplessness continues because of Christian ethics of distributing education and keeping educated worker for them self. The only way to stop this vicious circle is to educate leaders of United Nation ,United State and European Nations about educational discrimination from there system. It is time for all developed nations to provide free educate for the citizen of poor and undeveloped countries in order to advance human life.

It is time to stop educational discrimination for humanity. Thus a free beggar is better then the President of a country who is in the prison camp of Christianity.

The 4th major Discrimination, The clerical sexual abuse problems and religious fundamentalism .We are no longer human being in the 21st century religious bonds and religious relations are our identities. We are symbol of religion by names, groups, cultures, rituals and Ideals. Crimes are committed in the name of religion for the supposed satisfaction of God (Rab) .It is a tragedy that terrible of true faith continue to occur in the 21st century, that concern us and question arise that what position must we devote our lives to bring humanity (rabi) and human faith religious of Adam back in this century. We do not want our children growing up in an environment in which people are alienated, beaten or killed simply because of their religion, color of their skin or other such reason. As a strong opponent of discrimination in all forms and all over the world human faith religious has introduced nine affirmation of human faith for humanity (Rabi) and peace.

The 5th major Discrimination, The energy, economy and war. This new Christianism has created a hostile environment for economical, regional and political matters all over the world. The raging temperature of whitish nature is causing an uncomfortable degree of greediness for energy and power. The depressed world view is based on pessimism about war, world economy, food and fuel price are getting worse for developing nations. The big picture of global economy should be based on most populated countries and regions. On the other side the soaring prices are not matters for Americans and European countries due to wealthiest people of earth. The main beneficiary of the foolish holy crusade is economy for the United State and for some European countries. The major loss of development will occur in Asia, South Asia, Mid East and African nations. It used to be said, That never talk about religion, race, politics and culture differences it is only for the whitish nature of Christianism to use it as an weapon to make fool of colorful humanity. It is time to ask real question that how human beings come to know about politics. The same old tricks of religion, race, politics and culture differences are playing an important role by exploiting Justice, freedom and human rights all over the world. It is true that religious and political matters are deeply connected and human nature is handicap in order to keep them away from each other religious is politics and politics is religious it has been throughout Christian history.

Human faith religious is a public school for humanity. The leisure of learning truth, honesty and freedom. It is the eminent brain for batter society and the library of knowledge. It is the sacred water of life that emerges with the seven colors of human diversity to dissolve racism. Human faith is the real message of love and peace in the world. The goal that we set up for human being in their lives is the satisfaction and the moral value by means of which all actions must be measures to save human life. Our vision is to introduce true human nature by mobilizing communities and faiths around the world to improve people’s lives. Our mission is to strength the bond of humanity by introducing human faith religious of Adam. The “martial law” such as those operating in dictatorships and monarchies should change their unjust way of monopolizing humanity. It is scares to think that the relationships among people and organizations based on Christian ideology. It is time to modernize our faith by adopting true faith and educate mankind in accordance with basic principle of life. Our vision is to introduce true human religion by mobilizing communities and faiths around the world to improve people’s lives. Our mission is to strength the bond of humanity (Rabi) by introducing human faith religion.


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