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151. Save an Innocent family!

Now that the Bush era is over I am sure I can get help!. I am a 5th generation American (German decent), I am 33 years old and have epilepsy, which makes me totally disabled and unable to work, drive or take care of our children.

In Jan 2006, my Pakistani born husband (of 9 years) and father of our children (son 7 and Daughter 3, she was 4 months old when this all happened) was arrested by ICE, tortured and deported with NO CHARGES or any faults on his part. After they tortured him and after they could not find anything on him, they put him in solitary where he begged to be sent back to Pakistan (the only option given him other than to be beat more for no reason), where he had not been since 1980. He had not even taken a trip to Pakistan in that 25 year time and does not have any family or friends here, where we all now reside.

With no place to go, I followed in 2007, after selling my wedding ring for passports and plane tickets for the children and I. We lived apart from him for 2 years and could take it no more. Our last month in the USA, December 2007 we lived in a homeless shelter in center city Philadelphia while we awaited the day of departure, January 17th 2008. This was the only option open to me at that time. Here in Pakistan, both my husband and I have had our lives threatened and we live in constant fear of the frequent bombs as well as kidnapping.

My husband has been our only support, he is educated but can not find a job because of his American Education and ideas. We went to the American Embassy seeking help but I was told that if I divorce my husband, they will send myself and the children back to the USA to live in a Homeless shelter, except for that they can not do anything for us. We have tried to contact lawyers and they require a minimum of $10,000 payment before they can help. At this point we have less than $20 to our name. Please do not take this as asking for money I am just asking for help in correcting and injustice and in keeping an American family together as we wish to be, in the USA. Please help in getting us back to the USA together!!

You can help! Look down and sign!

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152. The Abuse is Useless Campaign

Domestic violence is a type of abuse. It involves injuring someone, usually a spouse or partner, but it can also be a parent, child or other family member.

Domestic violence is a serious problem. It is the most common cause of injury to women ages 15 to 44. Victims may suffer physical injuries such as bruises or broken bones. They may suffer emotionally from depression, anxiety or social isolation.

It is hard to know exactly how common domestic violence is, because people often don't report it. There is no typical victim. It happens among people of all ages. It affects those of all levels of income and education.

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153. Say NO To Child Abuse

A man already in prison for severely injuring one of his infant triplets was sentenced to an additional 13 years in prison Thursday for the baby's death.

Two men have been found guilty of causing the death of a 17-month-old boy in Haringey in north London.

And many more child abuse and death stories.

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154. Stop the Osu Caste System Among Christian Communities

I am a young man of 34, seeking to Marry my 24 years old lover and friend (female), from the same Ibo Tribe in Nigeria. However, the parents of the girl have refused to give their consent for no other reason than the Osu Caste System. An archaic, barbaric and myopic segregation based on century-old myths.

Our lives are really in danger. I have been threatened severally by the family of my lover who are practicing Christians. From their utterances my lover is also facing the threat of honour killing.

This has been going on for three years now. I am looking for a way to get the family to agree to let us be. This I still see as an almost impossible task, but I believe God that nothing is impossible. Is there any way any one could help us.

All the efforts we have made to resolve this has not yielded any dividends. On flimsy excuse the parents have avoided summons from the church. At times they tend to shift the blame to their kinsmen.

This Osu caste system must be stopped in Nigeria and in the Catholic communities.

I have thought of eloping with my lover to a foreign country where we could lead a normal life, but we do not have the finance to make such move.

My petition is that the Vatican should do more to stop these kind of segregations. I am also appealing to any one who can, to do something to assist us. I and my Lover are graduates and are presently working.(menial jobs)

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155. The Prevention Of Child Abuse & Neglect

This petition was inspired by the recent events of Baby P (Peter), Baby P was a 17 month old child abused by his own parents, the authorities failed to acknowledge the neglect the child had & unfortunately he died at the young age of 17th months due to severe physical injuries including; eight broken ribs, a broken back and the top missing off a finger. How the authorities were unable to notice this shocks me, something needs to be done.

However this isn't the only incident which has shocked me, Baby Nia, a 3 year old toddler in New Zealand sustained injuries over a period of time, by two men, believed to be her father and uncle, she had be placed in a clothes dryer on high heat, beaten, and dropped on her head, she was 3. The men however, unlike in the UK have been found guilty of murder.

And everyone remembers what happened to Holly Wells, Jessica Chapman, Maddie McCann & the intolerable cruelty that Beverely Allitt inflicted on children.
We live in a cruel cruel world and something has to be done to help the children of today's generation.

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156. Justice 4 Baby P(eter)




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157. Free Elsa Newman

Elsa Newman. Please remember that name. Please google that name for information about this mother, unjustly imprisoned at Maryland Correctional Institution for women.

The exact details of the circumstances that have led to this injustice cannot be divulged here for legal reasons. But further information can be obtained from my blog located at

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158. Justice for Abused and At Risk Children

Baby P and others such as Amy Howson, Victoria Climbie and many others have been abused, tortured and finally murdered by the very people who should have cared for them; The Social Services, the Police, the Medical Profession have all too often failed children like these although they say Never Again there has been an Again over and over;

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159. Bring Back The Russell Brand Show

Russell Brand has resigned from his BBC radio show "The Russell Brand Show" His reason for leaving is that he feels that the show is not making people "happy" anymore.

Or though there is one mistake on his and Johnathan Ross's part he still makes us laugh and makes us happy.

The whole thing has been blown greatly out of proportion by the media, as despite the figure being quoted in its thousands, only two complaints were received about the show, both for Ross's use of an expletive.

Since then, the media have stirred up uncalled for and unnecessary amounts of controversy, considering the dialogue used would be water off a ducks back to viewers of many comedy shows e.g. Little Britain.
What's more, listeners were warned about possibly offensive language and content.

Matt Morgan

The Sony Award winning Russell Brand show originated on BBC 6 Music before moving to take the 21:00-23:00 Saturday slot as Radio 2's showpiece.

It has been one of the most successful of recent times and is certainly one of the funniest and really does brighten up the days of many people, with regular Co-host Matt Morgan, poet laureate Mr Gee and regular guest, Oasis star, Noel Gallagher.

The show has attracted over 400,000 listeners live or even 2 million (depending on which source you believe) and many more via podcast, for which it has dominated the charts on iTunes.

For the show's regular items, Nanacdotes, Pin pin, 'Gay', the jingle race war, Mr Gee's poems and the two hosts, Russell Brand and Matt Morgan, as well as former hosts and friends, Mr Nibbs, Trevor Lock and Christophe the Fish !

Mr Gee

Russell's resignation statement:


Russell, people need you to make them laugh, you said yourself that was the reason you did it and people need you to brighten their days once more.

A revolution in your honour, Russell.

Your loyal fans.





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160. Stop Child Abuse Now!

People die of child abuse. Children are beaten, it could be happening to someone you know! Your neighbour, your daughters friend,Etc.

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161. Put A Stop To Animal Abuse

Everyday, there are animals out there being abused, neglected, and tortured. People are skinning animals alive just for their fur. I am here to say that it needs to come to an end. Animals should be loved and cherished, not abused and tortured.

These creatures are so helpless and innocent to the abuse to endure each day. They can't say "stop", because they don't have a voice. But together, we can be their voice.

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162. Daycares should be shut down if they have misdemeanor abuse charges

My children were abused in a daycare in Idaho. Then I found out that daycare would not be shut down because charges were misdemeanor charges not Felony.

The only way a daycare in Idaho can get shut down is if a child is killed or severely injured (felony). I have spoken with congress and head of daycare licensing and they have confirmed this information.

I am looking into taking this petition to the supreme court to protect all children!!!!!!!!!

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163. Illegalize Meat

I've recently watched Earthlings and came up with the idea to do a petition to make meat illegal as we think that would solve the world's problems including global exploitation and abuse of animals for pet, food, hunting, clothing industries, animal experimentation, species extinction, world hunger and war.

Would you be interested in working on this with us?


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164. Stop women being misunderstood or abused by men

Check out this website

Women are more abused by men than the other way around. From what I know and what I've seen I think it has gone far enough and it is time to make a change. I would greatly appreciate it if you tell as many people as you can about this petition.

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165. Ban abortion - Save a Life

Ever since abortion has been legal (also known as termination) it has been popular. countries have adapted to this trend and sadly, alot of people do it. The cost for an abortion is $AUS600.

Here are some facts: It was estimated at 89 521 in 1993–94 in Australia. of course, the numbers would be bigger in US and Britian. Before 2000, 60 949 happened in Australia. If a girl under 18 is pregnaunt, the doctors may pressure to have an abortion and so does parents and friends.

The definition of MURDER is the unlawful premeditated killing of one human being by another, and manslaughter is the crime of killing a human being without malice aforethought, or otherwise in circumstances not amounting to murder.

Abortion seems to be legal because because a baby is only human when it is born. so do you have to see it to be human?

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166. Remove elephants from the streets of Thai cities!

Help to stop the abuse of begging where lots of elephants in the cities of Thailand are involved. Elephants that are ripped away from their social environment, elephants of all ages who are roaming around in heavily polluted, overcrowded and noisy cities for, I estimate, at least 10 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Bad food, sometimes food-poisoning, drugs, wounds, no proper bathing, drinking from posh fountains in front of shopping malls or hotels and being “cared” for and eating at hide-aways on rubbish-belts. And don’t forget that the name “elephant” appears at lists mentioning the top ten of the most deadly animals!

See some photos concerning this abuse:

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167. STOP Elder Abuse

Among the most prominent problem faced by the elderly is the abuse by the family members and also by the people of the society. According to a rough estimate, nearly 40 % of older people living with their families are reportedly facing abuse of one kind or another, but only 1 in 6 cases actually comes to light (Helpage India website).

But first it is necessary to understand what comes elder abuse and its definitions. Various authors have defined elder abuse but a comprehensive definition is given by Council of Europe (1992).

They define elder abuse as “A non-accidental act or omission, which undermines the life, the physical and psychological integrity of an older person or harms the development of his or her personality and or undermines or damages his or her financial security”.

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168. Miley isn't a slut

If u support Miley sign this! She is not a slut.

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The Animals Shelter of Katerini exists from 2000. The new Mayor that was elected in October 2006 threatens with killing of dogs.

In the shelter exist 250 dogs in sordid situation. Do not exist food, medicines and daily die the dogs closed in their cages.

It has prohibited the entry in and and we were afraid for the killing of 250 dogs.

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170. Save The Animals!

This is just going to far. People are hurting animals and i have just seen enough! As I went looking around on the internet I saw some things that made me want to cry. And it did. This is one of them.

If you follow this link it will show one of many sad videos. I may be only a 13 year old but im going to do something to stop this madness.

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171. Stop "Big Lick" Tennessee walking horse shows

The Tennessee Walking Horse is known for its high-stepping gait in the show ring. The horses that perform these gaits are called "Performance" or "Big Lick" horses.

The accentuated gait may be accomplished using inhumane hoof trimming or pressure-shoeing techniques. Tall & heavy (sometimes 5 1/2" or more) shoes are put on their front feet coupled with chains around their pasterns to exaggerate the natural gait of the breed for show purposes.

In order to high step, the horse's hindquarters must step DEEP under the body. The walk is completely unnatural and comprises the entire balance of the horse. The walk is totally unnatural and freakish but more importantly, is PAINFUL to the horse.

The shear walk causes the horse to breathe heavily further demonstrating the painful exertion caused by this unnatural walk. Further indication of pain and strain can be seen in the horses eyes.

It is well known that these horses are also abused in order to create this gait, a process called "soring". Soring is an illegal practice per the Horse Protection Act (HPA) federal law that is still being used on a regular basis to achieve the desired action for the show ring. Cancellation of the annual National Walking Horse Celebration was a direct result of the 7 out of 10 horses presented at the show being disqualified.

The Animal Plant and Health Inspection Service (APHIS) of the USDA states: Soring is a cruel and abusive practice used to accentuate a horse's gait. It may be accomplished by irritating or blistering a horse's forelegs through the injection or application of chemicals or mechanical irritants. When the horse walks, a sored horse responds by quickly lifting its front legs to relieve the pain.

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172. Reform Pedophile Sentencing

The passage of laws by the state legislative bodies is an ongoing process.

Some laws are new, some are changed and some are the same. The legislature takes many factors into consideration before it passes or changes a law. It considers the equity of the measure, the interest of the local populace and the lobbying interests. The most compelling of these factors is the interests of the local populace.

If a law is passed that is contrary ti the interest of the people. the legislators may not get re-elected and the law will eventually be changed anyway. however, the legislators have been able to circumvent this problem by passing a law and calling for little or no consequences for breaking the law.

Another way if for a sentencing that is ambiguous. This allows members of the judiciary branch to replace the will of the people and impose their own personal values. This often results in sentencing that is so lenient that a public outcry ensues. This is a particularly grievous situation when the law is one designed to protect our children. THERE IS NO CAUSE MORE NOBLE THAN THE CAUSE OF NURTURING AND PROTECTING OUR CHILDREN.

One of the areas where protection is vital is the area of pedophiles. Pedophiles have an incurable sickness that rules their life. Consequently, most states have enacted laws designed to protect our children. It is not the laws that need changing as much as the way the convicted pedophiles are sentenced and their subsequently gentle treatment under the probation and parole laws.

As a weak substitute for inadequate sentencing, most states have a requirement that convicted pedophiles be listed on a register that identifies them as a pedophile so that parents can be alert to their location and take proper precautions. Unfortunately, many fail to register and fly under the radar.

There is also a class of convicted pedophiles that are either not on registers or are on registers to which the general public has no access. These are the pedophiles that molest, abuse, and violate members of their own family. There are hundreds of thousands of convicted pedophiles in the United States. Most are not on any register.

In order to protect our children we need no-nonsense laws with mandatory sentencing and positive control of convicted pedophiles after they have served their sentence.

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173. Independent audit system of elder abuse in nursing homes in Ontario

Elder abuse pertains to any type of harm inflicted on seniors by a person who occupies a position of trust.

Abuse can be channelled through physical, psychological, sexual, systemic or financial means. Research conducted by the United Way indicates that 4% to 10% of Ontario's seniors experience some type of abuse.

Additionally, 36% of nursing home staff had witnessed the physical abuse of an older adult and 81% had witnessed some form of psychological abuse.

These staggering statistics imply the urgent need to address and remedy the poor quality of care in nursing homes. All health care providers have a professional and social responsibility to protect and foster the wellbeing of older adults in institutions. There is absolutely no justification for such appalling behaviour in nursing homes.

As per the Nursing Homes Act, nursing homes in Ontario are required by law to mandatorily report elder abuse; however there is no way to regulate the concept mandatory reporting. Therefore, to combat the issue of elder abuse, a legislation requiring all nursing homes in Ontario to publicize an annual elder abuse audit through an ombudsman position should be introduced. The legislation should require nursing homes to allocate funding for mandatory annual auditing of elder abuse.

Major changes need to occur in the nursing homes’ environment, in order to stop the repetitive and continuous nature of abusive situations. These changes can be facilitated by the elder abuse audits, as the publicity of the abuse occurring in these institutions will provide the nursing homes with an incentive to improve conditions and eliminate abuse in totality.

The succession of the legislation will also ensure that the residents of Ontario can determine which homes is the best for their loved ones.

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174. Stop Animal Cruelty

Every second, of every day, of every year, an animal dies in an experiment in the United States.

During the examination, there are animals that are held down and people do insane things like forcing dangerous and harmful substances into their stomachs with the help of a special kind of tube.

Scientists often face situations where the test causes immediate death on some animals because of stomach ruptures or from bulks of chemical dosages. Sometimes, researchers apply lethal doses to the rectum, vagina and eyes. It is also possible for them to force the poor creatures to inhale toxic odors through a gas mask.

Can you imagine how they feel?
Forced to do something that they do not want to do just because they cant actually say no.

Animals should have rights just like we do.

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175. Stop Circus Suffering in Greece

Every year a small or big circus comes in Greece. The government does nothing. They let them advertise everywhere and do whatever they want. This has to stop now!

The science on suffering: ADI recommendations
17 May 2006

ADI Recommendations

Please, send this petition to anyone you know! It's time we get a chance to stop this!!

The Animal Welfare Bill states that an animal’s needs shall be taken to include–

(a) its need for a suitable environment,
(b) its need for a suitable diet,
(c) its need to be able to exhibit normal behaviour patterns,
(d) any need it has to be housed with, or apart from, other animals, and
(e) its need to be protected from pain, suffering, injury and disease.

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176. Petition to stop animal abuse in the UK

Animals all over the world are being abused for no reason at all.

Please help stop it.

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177. We Deserve The Right To Live Pain Free

Child abuse is reported on an average of every 10 seconds and three children die every day as a result of such abuse.

Sadly, Colorado has one of the highest rates of child abuse in the country. According to the National Child Abuse & Neglect Data System (NCANDS), Colorado ranks 3rd in the nation for deaths resulting from child abuse.

Government funding does not support the full range of services necessary to assist families in providing safe, nurturing care and education for their children, or, when necessary, to develop an alternative permanency option.

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178. SATA - Stop All The Abuse

Evidence - we have some of the posters, the web page is on bebo, bruses, and people have ended up crying or in 'remove' - the victims have been the ones in remove for standing up for themselves.

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179. Eliminate Unnecessary Animal Testing

Animals have been killed and tortured just so they can tell you how much detergent will burn your eyes out on the warning! Just so we can have makeup, just for us to have shampoo! Is this right? NO!

Companies that test:
Calvin Klein
soft soap
Johnson and Johnson
Victoria's secret

and thats barely any!

EXAMPLES: These companies usually test on chimpanzees, chickens, and rabbits. They torture them endlessly. An example of animal testing: A rabbit's eyes are taped open and a liquid acid is slowly dripped in (laundry detergent).

They see how much detergent it takes before the rabbit goes blind or they're eyes burn out. They do this just so they can put "Warning. Not safe if goes into eyes" on the label. Really?

EVIDENCE: A few years ago the goverment put up an under cover case.What did they find but another tape of scientists working for a company placing a baby monkey into a blender. Yet, more signs of abuse from animal testers!!!!


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180. Outlaw Virtual Child Abuse (Abuse of Child Avatars)

Ban Sexual Abuse of Avatars which look like Children.

Ban Sexual Actions involving Avatars which look like Children.

As Nine News reported, some people have been posing as children in virtual reality using avatars and inviting others to virtually molest them.

Please see these links for more information:

This petition aims to ban such behaviour in Australia.

Whether these scenarios occur whilst the monitor is off or on, the law should be the same.

Whether these scenarios occur whilst the volume is off, on or muted, the law should be one.

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