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61. Free Syrian Political Prisoner Jiwan Abdulrahman Khaled

Jiwan Abdulrahman Khaled was arrested on March 5, 2012 along with his father and brothers by Assad's security forces.

After a brief period of detention, his father and brothers were released. During his imprisonment and interrogation, Jiwan's father--who has suffered strokes in the past-- had his fingers broken.

Jiwan Abdulrahman Khaled remains in prison and is considered a political prisoner. There are grave concerns that he is being tortured, as was done to his father.

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62. GFPC Fight

BERLIN, July 30, 2007 Booklets from a subsidiary of the German government’s Ministry for Family Affairs encourage parents to sexually massage their children as young as 1 to 3 years of age.

Two 40-page booklets entitled "Love, Body and Playing Doctor" by the German Federal Health Education Center (Bundeszentrale für gesundheitliche Aufklärung - BZgA) are aimed at parents - the first addressing children from 1-3 and the other children from 4-6 years of age.

"Fathers do not devote enough attention to the clitoris and vagina of their daughters. Their caresses too seldom pertain to these regions, while this is the only way the girls can develop a sense of pride in their sex," reads the booklet regarding 1-3 year olds. The authors rationalize, "The child touches all parts of their father’s body, sometimes arousing him. The father should do the same."

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63. Jackson Houston Hollywood Drug Ban

Drugs in the music and movie business have taken many lives over the years. At no point has the industry taken a solid stand to improve this condition. Society in general bans drug use in the workplace as do others such as professional and amateur sports teams.

Hollywood should now lead the way in banning drugs and drug use in light of the recent losses of Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston. A policy banning drug use should be contained in every talent contract and embrace a true zero tolerance drug policy.

This policy would be mandated and appear in every recording or movie contract. The clause would terminate the contract upon breach. This ban can and should also extend to any lyrics and content that promote the use and sale of illegal drugs.

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64. Put a Humane force in Las Vegas

Many states have a NSPCA humane force A.K.A animal cops. Las Vegas does not have one. We need one desperately. We need one NOW! The abuse has become so bad that even my next door neighbors are doing it.

It seems left and right animals in Las Vegas are hurt and abused for no reason except for a persons sick fantasies. I'm not asking for money im just asking for help so if you can contact any major officer (mayor, governor, president etc.) please send this to them.

I may be only 15 but this is what I want to do, defend animals of Las Vegas and let them have a good life.

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65. Good touch / Bad touch needs to be made compulsory in the curriculum

Helping Hands Against Abuse would like all schools in the UK to teach Good touch/Bad touch as part of the national curriculum as well as the dangers of grooming and internet grooming to be taught in secondary schools as part of sex education.

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66. Support Oklahoma Dogs Rights

I am addressing legislators on a concern from pet owners residing in the state of Oklahoma, specifically the city of Moore. It has come to our attention that the interpretation of the animal laws seem to be unfair and unjust in this state.

I understand laws are needed to protect residences within the state, but some cities such as Moore take the law concerning pets to the extreme . It seems the law is being used as a strict black and white policy , with no room for discussion.

Surely, these laws were not intended to “dispose” of people’s pets that are considered family, when a small mistake is made and the animals get out on a rare occasion. I truly believe this law was intended for animals that are dangerous to the community or for strays.

The law at this time is unclear and the City of Moore has deemed dogs dangerous and threatened and terminated animals lives on the weak foundations such as: being “seen” out by a mincing neighbor but when animal control gets there they are not out and no sign that they have been. It is also unjust to terminate the life of a dog because they rarely get out and have never caused harm.

This should not be allowed. Please sign this petition if you are a resident of the STATE of Oklahoma although I do appreciate global support the petition is only valid for the state residences.

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67. Enshrine Animal Rights In Cyprus

animal cruelty

We, the undersigned, call on the Cyprus Government to eliminate Animal Abuse and Cruelty. We also call on the Government to create laws to support Animal Rights in our Country. Animal Police is one of our major demands.


Εμείς, οι υπογεγραμμένοι, καλούμε την Κυπριακή Κυβέρνηση να αποβάλει την κακομεταχείρηση των ζώων από τη χώρα μας. Επίσης, καλούμε την Κυβέρνηση να πάρει δραστικά μέτρα και να δημιουργίσει νόμους εναντίον όσων δεν σέβονται τα Δικαιώματα των Ζώων. Η δημιουργία Αστυνομίας Ζώων είναι μια από τις κύριες απαιτήσεις μας.

animal abuse

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Historical Overview to raise funds to re-open the Youth Life Skills Training Centre

A collaborative outreach programme between Magistrate Hennie Strydom of the Germiston Child Court, Social Welfare and the Germiston business district of Gauteng occurred, begun in 1985, with the following aims:

• to remove the underprivileged and / or abused youth from the streets
• orientate such youth to a more normal, home-like environment
• give youth instruction in life-skills and –orientation
• rehabilitate youth, utilising natural elements and extra murals
• give youth practical work skills and training for potential future employment
• instil a sense of self-worth and moral principles in the youth to enable them to become valued and productive members of their communities

Using positive re-enforcement methods, the training centre evolved into a full time commitment and an independent, semi- private institution with experienced staff and care givers to meet the challenges ahead.

Learners benefited from sponsor donations and service agreements. Skilled learners leaving the training centre were in demand by various industries due to their practical experience and training received, whilst still being monitored for an additional year by both business management and the training centre’s social welfare officers.

In 2010, with its associated social ills partly due to the FIFA World Cup event, the industry of crime and drugs became problematic for us. The penetrations of drugs into the training centre lead to some false allegations being made to divert attention from a problem amongst some of our learners. This was brought to the attention of the police and SANCA by ourselves. Their immediate intervention and assistance legally was sought by us.

SANCA (South African National Council for Alcohol & Drug dependence) complied with their legal requirement and in line with our requests.

However things went wrong because of several factors.

Due to the issue being emotive, and minimal to no investigation on the part of the South African Police Services being made, the false allegations of 3 learners, likely based on incitement, self-preservation and misinformation lead to the centre’s demise, with sponsor / donor funding coming to a complete standstill (as did the entire facility and training centre).

Now two years later, an acquittal on all charges has been received judicially.

Wrongs affecting the Centre, then current and prospective future learners, the Centre Principal and staff member/s need to be corrected, restitution sought and the training facility (Youth Life Skills Training Centre) re-opened.

Web Site Contact:

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69. Request for Public Inquiry into Child and Family Services Authority

Workers within all branches of Child and Family Services Authority in Alberta have been maliciously abusing their powers and misinterpreting their mandates.

The Minister responsible for those branches is as guilty as the workers for blatantly closing their eyes on the partial list of the following issues:

usage of threats,
usage of coercion,
intimidation tactics,
fabrication of evidence,
dismissing complaints,
breach of human rights,
breach of constitutional rights,
breach of laws,
inadequate investigations,
not following their own protocols,
various forms of discriminations,
direct harassment,
internal and external collusions,
parading children to adoption candidate prior to Court procedures,
Court orders rendered without effective council representation.

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70. Save Lives, Stop Bullying in Australian Schools

Bullying is one of the greatest dangers children in Australia face.


In our culture, bullying is stigmatized so that Children often feel ashamed to seek help or even tell anyone they are being bullied, for fear of being a burden on families and communities.

As a result the issue goes unrecognized.

Children's voices are not loud enough to demand their own basic rights. Which include:

The right to be free from physical or mental harm, and to receive an education which enables them to reach their potential, and prepares them for life in a free society (from the UN Charter).


BULLYING RUINS LIVES. It has been the cause of countless suicides. Shown in the photo above, Sheniz Erkan is a girl who died as a result of cyber-bullying in January this year.

Bullying ruins mental health.

Children who are bullied are three times more likely to develop depressive symptoms and NINE TIMES MORE LIKELY TO HAVE THOUGHTS OF SUICIDE.

Victims of bullying are more likely to develop psychotic symptoms in early adolescence and young people who bully others are four times more likely to have a criminal record by the age of 30.


Bullying has devastating affects on the welfare of individuals. It inhibits their developing identity and contribution to society.

Please help raise awareness of this issue, and spread the word through facebook, email or any means you can.

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71. Parental Alienation by Social Services in Ire: & the UK

Parental Alienation Syndrome vs. Parental Alienation:
Which Diagnosis Should Evaluators Use in Child-Custody Disputes? when a child has been taken into foster care, should Social Services be allowed to use a Victim of PAS evidence against them.

To help you decide please visit my Website PAS by Social Services

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72. Jail for Animal Abusers

What sort of people abuse animals - the same sort of people that are capable of abusing humans.

Life is life .. one is not less than the other.
Jail time - or harsher penalties.
Animal abusers should be shamed.

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In the UK, our justice system always seems to favour the offenders. By offenders we mean paedophiles, child abusers and domestic abusers and those who are charged with obsession of child 'porn'.

These abusers more often than not get lenient sentences with lots of support to get 'their' lives back on track when their victims get none. They also recieve luxuries in prison such as gyms, TV's etc with many finishing their low sentencing with a new i.d and a new life at the cost of tax payers money.

This is while their victims receive nothing and help is minimal, leaving them to cope with the aftermath of their abuse and the prejudice which accompanies it.

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74. Change the American Kennel Club

I was shocked to discover that the AKC discriminate against mixed breeds by not allowing them into their classes or competitions. Mixed breeds are hardier because they are less prone to genetic conditions.

As well as this, I disagree with the way that the AKC promotes puppy mills by registering puppie that have been bred on these filthy, cramped places where female dogs are bred to exhaustion and then either killed or dumped at animal shelters.

Despite the cruelties behind this support, the AKC are planning on allowing hounds to hunt raccoons. Yes, the hounds do need to fulfil their urge to hunt, but this can be fulfilled by laying artificial scents.

As well as this, the AKC is allowing the over-breeding of dogs, which can result in pugs with such short snouts that they cannot breathe properly.

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75. Stop The Violence Against Women in Nigeria

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76. URGENT - Coroners Laws - we the bereaved deserve justice

Families of Sudden / Tragic deaths are being failed by inadequate investigations! Lack of forensics, DNA, Toxicology, Photographic evidence, wounds, bruises samples etc. Police records missing, witnesses misled & manipulation by the Police Forces which are key evidence, fact!

The rights of the bereaved not being given yet this is required by Law. Along with Coroners intimidation & the I.P.C.C lack of independent monitoring, ( over 100 honest lawyers walked out because of their corruption, lies & non impartiality ).

The police failure creates a domino effect in these Sudden death investigations which then snowballs to the pathologist, coroner and returns to the I.P.C.C. as a complaint. The perverse power to protect their own is unbelievable / unforgivable.

Bereaved families should not be subject to this abuse / lack of duty of care by HM departments! The only crime that they have committed is to lose their loved one!

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Addressing an audience of diplomats in Geneva, US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton called for the rights of gay people to be respected.

"Gay people are born into and belong to every society in the world," Mrs Clinton said.

"Being gay is not a Western invention. It is a human reality."Reacting angrily to Mrs Clinton's speech, Ugandan presidential adviser John Nagenda told the BBC: "That fellow [Mr Cameron] said the same thing. Now this woman [Clinton] is interfering.

"If the Americans think they can tell us what to do, they can go to hell."

Uganda is a staunch ally of the US, receiving military assistance to fight a local rebel group - the Lord's Resistance Army - and has sent troops to Somalia to fight the al-Qaeda-linked al-Shabab group.

Mr Nagenda said Uganda would continue to co-operate with the US on security and other issues, but added: "If they are childish enough to take away aid, we'll see what we do [in response]."

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A MONTH-OLD baby boy was fighting for life last night after being raped and battered. He suffered a cardiac arrest brought on by his multiple horrific injuries.

In one of Britain's worst ever child abuse cases, every rib was fractured and the boy also suffered a broken arm, broken collar bone, punctured lungs and severe bruising.

There was also a sexual injury and internal wounds suggesting rape. A 46-year-old man was under arrest last night on suspicion of rape and grievous bodily harm. A woman was also in custody.

The child was taken to Darent Valley Hospital in Dartford, Kent, on Thursday. He had a heart attack there and was transferred to King's College Hospital in South London, where he was on a life support machine last night.

A source said: "These are the worst injuries the doctors and police have seen in someone so young. How the baby is alive is a miracle. He is still in a very serious condition and it's touch and go whether he survives."

The suspects are being held at North Kent police station. A police spokeswoman said: "A baby was admitted to hospital on Thursday. Its condition is critical but stable. "Police are currently investigating. A man and woman have been arrested."

Read more:

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79. Stop Abuse of women in Afghanistan and other countries by their leaders and justice systems

How can we allow our government to commit our resources and the lives of our troops to prop up a government that puts a women in Jail with her child because she was raped.

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80. End the Hate! Stop the Bullying Worldwide!

Bullying. The term has been synonymous with school children and teens. This is not always so.

What happens when bullies graduate? They sometimes become even bigger social deviants. (spouse abusers, thieves, corrupted leaders, etc, etc...) That's not to say that all bullies become a problem for society.

Ever since the beginning, there has been depression, hatred, anger, sadness, illness, racism, personality disorders, poverty, and even death attributed to bullying. This is unacceptable! Bullying trends on the human rights of nearly every demographic on Earth.

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81. End Violence Against Women and Children

Violence against women and children is now recognised as a global issue and and one of the most extensive violations of human rights.

Most cases of abuse towards women and children often take place in their own homes. More awareness and support needs to be given to these women and children who are or have been abused.

Urgent attention is needed in order to end violence against women and children.

Say NO to abuse.

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82. Remove the Sawed-Off Shotgun in Gears of War 3

Gears of War, has never had anything actually ruin the value of the game until they decided to add the Sawed-Off Shotgun.

It made the game less exhilarating, because people abuse the power of the gun and we want the fun back in the game and if you agree feel free to sign this petition.

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83. Umdoni to pay Grant-in-aid to Abused Women's Shelter

Councils refusal to grant the Ifafa shelter for women and children a grant of R3000, whilst providing an additional R15000 to sponsor 'delegates' to the Royal Reed Dance. This R15000 is required following UGU withdrawing their sponsorship due to their financial difficulties.

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84. STOP taxpayer abuse

One specific disturbing area of taxpayer abuse comes from the Department of Heritage and Official Languages.

It’s budget in 2010 was 3.1 BILLION – yes billion dollars of your money. We want you to know to whom that tax money was given.

Here are some "benefactors"; a group called FACTOR received $8.7 million to funnel to friends and music type projects. Factor funded a Vancouver punk rock “band” to produce an album titled Holy S*!t which contained very offensive content and graphics.

Another organization, Telefilm, received $104 million dollars last year. In the past couple of years it has funded films most Canadians would consider objectionable, including Young people F…ing, The Masturbators and The Year of the Carnivore (1.2 million ), the latter of which we question whether it contains child pornography images.
Funding for both these groups seems to given with no proper accountability or review.

The Canadian Council for the Arts received $183 Million and the National Film Board $69 Million, both annual recipients of millions of your dollars.

The CBC also received about $1.1 billion from Heritage budget last year, with a promise of more this year.

Heritage department policy and objectives state that it funds sustainable projects. The laundry list of recipients that receive money over and over is long and objectionable. Sustainable funding of unsustainable arts projects is a violation of Heritage policy. James Moore publicly bragged about how his government had given more money to the arts community in 2010 than any other government.

Canada has record debt and a large budget deficit. Taxpayers cannot afford this kind of waste.

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85. National Watchlist For Convicted Abusers Of Women

There seems to be a grave error in the writing of the US Constitution because it failed to put in place specific protections for the very women who populated this Great nation. Who were our Forefathers, these men who denied the right to vote to slaves and the women who shared their beds. As a man I like to think they were all honorable men. However common sense dictates that at least a few abused their own wives and daughters. They framed the Constitution as well as the notion that a man's home is his castle, despite the fact that, even in that era, women bought home everything but the bacon. Cooking. Cleaning. Shopping. Pregnant. Raising Children. The list endless.

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87. Give Her Sanctuary

Mrs S is an Egyptian woman, who we're campaigning for to have her case for asylum reconsidered. She and her two children have been rejected in their third and final appeal for asylum.

A few years ago, they fled violence, rape and inevitable female genital mutilation for sanctuary in the UK. Mrs S describes how they finally "felt human" here. They felt free, being able to live their everyday lives without fear.

For more information, please see:

Please sign our petition to the Home Secretary to simply reconsider their case, asking them to look again at the evidence that we think was unfairly dismissed.

This is a community-led campaign, supported by the National Coalition of Anti-Deportation Campaigns (NCADC) and the Lush Cosmetics shops in Wales. We're helping to spread the word and to gather signatures from as many people as possible.

Please sign our petition, and share this with everyone.

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88. Life without the possibility of parole for Stephanie Lopez!

The story of Baby Brianna is a hard one, but it is the ugly reality of child abuse. Violent family members caused her death while others hid what they knew was going on.

"They raped her; they beat her," said District Attorney Susana Martinez who prosecuted the case. "She had bite marks on her face, cheek, head, arms, legs, chest, torso, everywhere.

"Literally bruised from head to toe, from the top of her head all throughout her body all the way to the big toe on her right foot."

She was beaten and raped by her own family.

"Massive bruising on the head, and then her little fingers were lacerated. Her mother Stephanie Lopez only received 27 years for the death of her own daughter! They say she is living a great life behind bars with family keeping her lots of money in her account and having a great girlfriend that she gets to be with daily! Why should she get to live any kind of life while Brianna does not have one. She will still be young when she gets out and I think she should be behind bars and have nothing for the rest of her life just like Brianna had nothing in her 5 short months of life!

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89. Carers employed in the UK should be registered

Following the BBC Panorama programme (31/05/2011 - Undercover care: The abuse exposed) and other cases that have occurred in the media, it is about time that carers employed in the UK are regulated.

Regulation means that a person must have a minimum level of training, no criminal record and must prove this on an annual basis. All other healthcare professionals must do this. If there is a problem that is reported by any person (patient/carer/member of staff) this is investigated by the regulator and then appropriate action taken. If found guilty of an offence the person cannot work in any healthcare role again. This offers some form of protection for patients.

The NMC are already doing this for Nurses and Midwives so have the structures and experience to implement this quickly, effectively and robustly to protect patients from abuse, NOW! (

Please sign this petition to show the government that abuse of any form is not tolerated by our society and carers should be monitored and regulated.

This petition is not intended to cover those who care for loved ones at home, only those in employment in public, private and voluntary sectors.

Thank you.

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90. IOF Must STOP SEXUAL ABUSE Of Palestinian Children

Israeli Occupational Force are not only torturing Palestine's Children, but sexually abusing and molesting those children, who are in their custody.

Over 7,000 children had been arrested since September 2000, the beginning of the second Intifada. Some children as young as 10 are treated as harshly as adults, in violation of international law requiring special treatment for children.

Each year approximately 700 Palestinian children, some as young as 12 years, are detained and prosecuted in the Israeli military court system. The most common charge is for throwing stones. The overwhelming majority of these children are detained inside Israel in contravention of Article 76 of the Fourth Geneva Convention.

Please watch:
Stolen Children, Stolen Lives part 1
Stolen Children, Stolen Lives part 2

UNICEF: Convention on the Rights of the Child
The articles of the Convention may be grouped into four categories of rights and a set of guiding principles:

1. Guiding principles ( The guiding principles of the Convention include non-discrimination; adherence to the best interests of the child; the right to life, survival and development; and the right to participate. They represent the underlying requirements for any and all rights to be realized.

2. Survival and development rights ( These are rights to the resources, skills and contributions necessary for the survival and full development of the child. They include rights to adequate food, shelter, clean water, formal education, primary health care, leisure and recreation, cultural activities and information about their rights. These rights require not only the existence of the means to fulfil the rights but also access to them. Specific articles address the needs of child refugees, children with disabilities and children of minority or indigenous groups.

3. Protection rights ( These rights include protection from all forms of child abuse, neglect, exploitation and cruelty, including the right to special protection in times of war and protection from abuse in the criminal justice system.

4. Participation rights ( Children are entitled to the freedom to express opinions and to have a say in matters affecting their social, economic, religious, cultural and political life. Participation rights include the right to express opinions and be heard, the right to information and freedom of association. Engaging these rights as they mature helps children bring about the realization of all their rights and prepares them for an active role in society.

The Israeli Occupational Force have broken and abused every principle of human rights in respect to the children of Palestine.

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