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1. Bring Shane Filan's "You And Me" Asia Tour to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

This petition is created for all Malaysian Filaners to convince concert organiser(s) and Universal Music Malaysia that we want Shane Filan in concert, here in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. A 'Filaner' refers to being a loyal Shane Filan fan (former frontman of Westlife).

Shane Filan has recently announced all his concert dates for 2014. This includes a handful of countries in Asia consisting of China, Taiwan, Philippines, Indonesia and Vietnam. Sadly, Malaysia and Singapore is not listed.

We believe there is still a chance to add Kuala Lumpur into his schedule as there are a couple of free dates available such as 14th, 15th, 17th, 18th September.

We, the Malaysian Filaners, have high hopes in getting our idol to perform at a full concert here in Malaysia.

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2. Send Obama to support the US team at World Cup 2014

The United States soccer team needs some support if it is to beat Germany and advance to the elimination rounds at this years world cup, and the team will continue to benefit from support after that.

The President attending a game would be a huge moral booster, and would help propel our team to victory.

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3. Lindbergh High School - Field Warning Track

May 2nd 2014, Center Fielder on the Lindbergh High School team ran into the fence in the out field when going for a hard hit ball.

The warning track on our schools field is about 2 feet wide; clearly not wide enough to prevent injuries from happening. I would not like to see any other player of the Lindbergh team (or anyone playing on the field) to sustain a concussion because the safety of the warning track.

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4. Eminem please come to Toronto!

The closest Eminem has been to Toronto was Osheaga 2011. I am tired of travelling to see the man.

Come to Toronto! You have so many fans here that are dying to see you!

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5. Bring Warped Tour back to Las Cruces

VANS Warped Tour has been a long time tradition in Las Cruces for 11 years.

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6. ASDOE Combined Graduation 2014

ASDOE Administration is proposing to hold a "combined one-day" graduation for the five public high school on Tutuila to save time and unite the community.

The consolidated graduation is proposed to be held at Veteran's Stadium. Via Samoa News, "Education Department director Vaitinasa Dr. Salu Hunkiin-Finau says the plan - has already relayed to Gov. Lolo Matalasi Moliga."

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7. Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment English Version

Sword Art Online game is on PS Vita.

This could get better if they would release it in English version too.

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8. Bring Eddie Vedder Solo Tour To Adelaide

Chugg Entertainment has announced an Eddie Vedder Solo Tour following the 2014 Big Day Out shows.

Two shows are planned for Perth, Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane.

After two sold out 2011 Thebarton Theatre shows, Adelaide and its Pearl Jam fans deserve not to be bypassed!

Sign this petition to pressure the promoter to rethink their unwelcome decision.

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9. WE WANT more BSB 2014 tour DATES FOR Europe!

After publishing the European dates for 2014 "In a World like This" tour by Backstreet Boys, we REALLY DEVOTED FANS who live in South-Eastern, Central Europe, etc-like Serbia, Croatia, Romania, Hungary, Austria, WANT 1 MORE DATE for us, so you can PROVE that you - the BSB - still care for us, and that you didn't forget "This is Us" Tour from 2009-that you didn't forget Zagreb, Belgrade...

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10. Bring back Richie Sambora on tour in Europe in 2014

Done! Richie will be touring Europe last 2 weeks of june and the first week of july 2014

After the highly successful european leg of the "Every Road Tour" in 2012 this petition has one simple purpose; to get Richie back for another leg in Europe in 2014!

If you agree just sign!

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11. We demand winter SeLer's@ Party in 2014!

Everything started some years ago with sthng that sounded like a normal boring theme party "Red Carpet"!! The crazy success and greatness of it was taken as random and accidental by most of us... Then it was the Hawaian party that struck as a lightning...

While recovering from it, an uppercut threw us again on the ropes with the episodic Bouzoukia party.... The final salty bullet hit us straight in the brain with the unrepeatable and astonishing Winter Seler s party 2013!

The rest is just story....

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12. Bring ONE DIRECTION to Winnipeg Manitoba Canada

Please bring One Direction to INVESTORS GROUP FIELD in Winnipeg for their 2014 "WHERE WE ARE TOUR" please and thank you.

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13. Keep Warner Barracks Open

Warner Barracks has been part of Bambergs Community since the 50s and it's sad to see it go.

So many german businesses have profited from them, the german-american relationships have grown and a lot of families have settled down in the Area. The Post is actually easy to take care of, it's easy to walk from one end to the other, it's in the center of bavaria.

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14. 1 Million Signatures: Sheila Y. Oliver for U.S. Senate

The purpose of this petition is to rally support for Assembly Speaker Sheila Oliver to run for U.S. Senate.

Sheila Y. Oliver for U.S. Senate 2014.


Administrator, Essex County


N.J. Legislative Apportionment Commission 2010-11; East Orange Board of Education 1994-2000, President 1999-2000, Vice President 1998-99; Essex County Board of Freeholders 1996-99; N.J. Democratic State Committee 1994-96


General Assembly 2004-present, Assembly Speaker 2010-present, Deputy Speaker Pro Tempore 2008-09, Assistant Majority Leader 2006-07.

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15. Boycott the Sochi Olympics 2014 and stop Magnitsky list members profiting from this event

Our boy got serious injury in car accident close to Sochi, Russia. Drunk driver Prikhodko called his friend policeman Panarin and he falsificated all the case, lokal judges did not punish driver. Insted Panarin became a head of local Road Police and Sochi is gone to become a capital of Olympic Winter Games 2014.

So finally we knew that all these bandits are supported by Mr.Grin, vice Prokuror of Russia who is on the Magnitsky list. And many other members of list invest in the Sochi olimpiade. So this sport event is unsafe for international sportsmen and visitors, controlled by mafia and should be cancelled!

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16. Draft Ashley Judd for KY Senate: Defeat Mitch

Ashley Judd has been rumored as a potential candidate against Senator Mitch McConnell in 2014. Senator McConnell needs to be held accountable for his obstructionist tactics and be soundly defeated in his bid for re-election.

Please support this petition to help convince Ashley that "We The People" want her voice to represent ours in the Kentucky Senate!

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WE, the players, parents, coaches, facility operators, members and other patrons of the USTA, demand a voice in the structure and organization of junior tennis in our particular sections and at the national level.

Given that nearly no junior player, parent or coach was provided any notice at all of the "approved" changes, nor allowed an opportunity to have a discussion or provide suggestions for the upcoming rule changes and given that such changes will affect our players in a drastic and severe way, (including the expenditure of money for no real purpose and the restriction of players to have any incentive to keep playing the sport) we demand that the 2014 rules be amended or at the very least, suspended until there has been further study, comment, review and input from the very people who participate and spend money to be involved with the USTA.

We believe that the 2014 rule changes will have a "chilling effect" on junior tennis, in that relegating players to participate in only local events and not giving those players who might develop later in the sport or who might "catch fire" by seeing and competing in higher event categories, is certain to cause hundreds, if not thousands of juniors to quit the sport.

The rule changes will be so discouraging for those players just below the top ranked players and the middle of the pack players, they will quit the sport. In addition and most importantly, the stated rationale for approving the changes in order for the US to again have another top professional player by only allowing the "elite players to compete against the elite players" will not have the intended outcome as can be seen from undertaking statistical studies of the rule changes.

The upcoming 2014 rules changes will only deter players from continuing in the sport we all love and the changes will only encourage our jr. players to join other sports where opportunities are fair and extensive. We, the participants in the USTA, believe that inclusiveness is the way to find the next great US player, not exclusiveness. That, reducing tournaments and reducing draw sizes across the board will not encourage participation, but will instead, discourage participation. We demand that common sense, not elitism, should rule the day.

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