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Petition published by tony nadra on Apr 09, 2015
We the parents of the U14 Richnond Hills OPDL boys team call on our local councilors and representives to assist us in... more
Petition published by Francis Koko on Feb 18, 2015
We, the undersigned, being current and former residents of Makadara, together with friends, current soccer academies and clubs from Makadara Constituency call upon the Constituency Development Funds... more
Petition published by healing horses on Feb 09, 2015
Special needs children deserve a chance too!

In life not everything is about dollars and cents and a land of our... more
Petition published by Amukena Mukumbuta on Jan 16, 2015
We demand that the team be given all the necessary incentives to win games and tournaments. One of these incentives is proper and timely travel arrangement.... more
Petition published by Caryn Bursey on Dec 29, 2014
For everything that Landon Donovan has done for the world of professional soccer in the US, MLS and the LA Galaxy, let's honor him by retiring his #10 LA Galaxy jersey so that he will receive the... more
Petition published by Jamie Clary on Nov 17, 2014
As citizens of Hendersonville, we encourage the city’s board of mayor and aldermen to provide long-term and short-term solutions to the unsafe traffic situation in Drakes Creek Park.... more
Petition published by Glenn Sveum on Oct 09, 2014
We, the undersigned, petition the Albuquerque School District Athletics Department to replace all the "Recycled Tire", also known as "Crumb Rubber" turf fields in Albuquerque with real grass.... more
Petition published by rebecca muckey on Sep 29, 2014
The residents of ROWVA/Mid-county School District are petitioning the right for children to be able to play on school playground equipment during school... more
Petition published by Jeremy on Sep 16, 2014
We call upon the ACTPLA to put in more areas for Canberrans to park in the Erindale centre... more
Petition published by Jamie Clary on Sep 08, 2014
For the sake of families who frequently use Drakes Creek Park, we ask the City of Hendersonville to provide solutions to the current traffic situation at Drakes creek Park. Problems have risen from... more