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Petition published by Lisa Girdy on Oct 29, 2014
We, the undersigned, call on the Virginia High School League to impose greater penalties to players who execute helmet-to-helmet hits.... more
Petition published by SpiritHouse Project on Oct 17, 2014
1000 Black people murdered by police since 2007. As shocking as it is, this is a low figure. Many deaths remain unrecorded and fall under categories such as suspicious deaths as does the death of seventeen... more
Petition published by iisha Harrison on Oct 10, 2014
We, the undersigned, call on the United States Hall of FAME, to nominate, Homer "Spike" Jones into the hall of... more
Petition published by Ann Ubelis on Oct 09, 2014
We, the undersigned, who support off shore oil exploration and drilling, call upon the Governor, State Senate and Legislation to move forward with offshore energy exploration and production.... more
Petition published by Tyler McNally on Oct 08, 2014
This petition is to encourage the development of a football program at the University of California, Irvine.... more
Petition published by Shannon on Oct 01, 2014
We the undersigned parents, players, students, and community do here by petition the AHSAA to re- instate the 3 forfeited games won by the Montevallo High School football team, due to no fault of the... more
Petition published by rebecca muckey on Sep 29, 2014
The residents of ROWVA/Mid-county School District are petitioning the right for children to be able to play on school playground equipment during school... more
Petition published by Alex garcia on Sep 18, 2014
No more... more
Petition published by Jamie Clary on Sep 08, 2014
For the sake of families who frequently use Drakes Creek Park, we ask the City of Hendersonville to provide solutions to the current traffic situation at Drakes creek Park. Problems have risen from... more
Petition published by Daniel Wold on Sep 08, 2014
We, loyal fans of the Baltimore Ravens, call on Steve Bisciotti to remove Ray Rice as a part of the Baltimore Ravens... more