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Petition published by Van Der Decken on Dec 19, 2014
Εμείς οι οπαδοί του ΠΑΝΑΘΗΝΑΙΚΟΥ απαιτούμε την επιστροφή του αρχηγού μας, Σεμπάστιαν Εντουάρντο Λέτο. Για... more
Petition published by christian zelaya on Dec 15, 2014
Ever since Jim harbaugh was hired to be the head coach of the San Francisco 49ers, the team has been one of the top teams in the NFL. He has led the 49ers to 3 straight NFC championship games with one... more
Petition published by on Dec 13, 2014
We respectfully ask Lord David Kennedy and the local community councils to cease their support for the proposed wind farm project, overlooking not just one, but three of Scotland's greatest national... more
Petition published by SunderMad on Dec 01, 2014
Chelsea footballer said after they played Sunderland, TIME TO END THE JINX.... more
Petition published by Lance Lai on Nov 25, 2014
Please sign on the petition if you support the movement to keep the identities of Hougang United football club.... more
Petition published by Bradley Williams on Nov 18, 2014
The student-athletes should be able to declare at their own free will, to work, play, and support their families.... more
Petition published by ROOSTERS Surpporters on Nov 17, 2014
We the Sydney Roosters supporters unite in showing our support for Shaun Kenny Dowell (SKD) not to be let go by the Roosters club and officials.... more
Petition published by Melissa M Mudge on Nov 11, 2014
Please help us get Eminems new SHADY CXVPHER off the Radio Stations! He is unjustly accusing Tony Stewart of wrong doings. It has been proven untrue.... more
Petition published by Bantam Gray on Nov 03, 2014
We the undersigned hereby request an investigation, into the questions of official misconduct by the Referees officiating the Kettering Gray football games on Saturday, November 1, 2014.... more
Petition published by Vu Thanh on Oct 30, 2014
Chung tay kêu gọi để đưa Thái Sung thoát khỏi tình trạng ngồi dự bị, thui chột tài năng qua năm tháng thế này. Đưa cậu ấy về đúng nơi thuộc về mình,... more