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Sample Petitions

Below is a list of sample petitions that could be used as templates for your campaign. The list here is not exhaustive but offers some excellent sample petition formats. The samples below are provided to generate ideas on how to establish a well structured petition format. The petition samples also offer ideas and information necessary to generate a multi-language and/or multi-media petition campaign. For more information on how to begin your campaign, please contact us.

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List of sample petitions

1. Saylor Voris Memorial Park
2. Repeal the Breed Ban in Denmark
3. Stop The Bear Baiting By Dogs In Pakistan
4. We Support TMT
5. Stop the Lyme Pandemic
6. Release 29-Year-Old Rights and Democracy Advocate Nguyen Viet Dung
7. Call for Sabah Sarawak Rights
8. Save camels from abuse in China and elsewehere
9. Stop Graphic Revisions to Ontario’s Sex Education Curriculum
10. Induct Vern Gosdin Into The Country Music Hall Of Fame
11. Accessible EpiPens
12. We Support Justice for Unborn Babies
13. Review UK Justice after Man cuts off his puppy's ear after fight with girlfriend
14. Stop The Great Lakes Nuclear Dump
15. Save ALL the Kangaroos
16. Creating a Lasting Tribute to Oscar Hammerstein
17. Nationwide law banning puppy mills
18. Keep the New Barn from being demolished
19. Induct Dan Fogelberg Into The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame
20. End English Language School Scams
21. Protect our Children
22. April's Law UK
23. Get a 6th season for Teen Titans
24. Induct David Cassidy into Rock & Roll Hall of Fame
25. Save Lives Through Presumed Organ Donation :: Sauver des vies grâce au consentement présumé de don d’organes
26. No to Double Car Tax by the D.V.L.A.
27. Rosario + Vampire Capu3
28. Gakuen Alice season 2
29. Save Watford Met Line Station!
30. Stop animal sacrifice Nepal
31. Darker than Black Season 3
32. Review of South Australian Motorcycle Laws
33. Stop Cruel Horse Slaughter
34. Don't Overdevelop Denver
35. Oda Nobuna No Yabou Season 2
36. Seikon no Qwaser season 3
37. Zero No Tsukaima season 5
38. Lobby for a public Swimming Pool for Lucan
39. SAVE OFFSPRING - We NEED a 6th Season!
40. The legal removal of the metal cage and proper burial of Brianna Mariah Lopez
41. Petition against the release of Alison Botha's attackers!
42. End Bear Bile Farming In Korea, Fewer Than 20 Left In The Wild ~ 대통령 이명박/환경부장관 이만의
43. President of Sri Lanka, Mahinda Rajapaksa: Please free the Elephant tied up in the Gangarama Temple
44. Ban Hydraulic Fracturing for natural gas in Ireland
45. Free Alireza Hashemi, Head of Iranian Teachers Organization, Sentenced To 5 Years
46. Stop the legal killing of wildlife. STOP TROPHY HUNTING.
47. Free Saudi Human Rights Lawyer Waleed Abu al-Khair
48. Moratorium urgently needed: Kangaroos heading for Extinction
49. Shugo Chara Fourth Season
50. Vampire Knight Season 3

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