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Sample Petitions

Below is a list of sample petitions that could be used as templates for your campaign. The list here is not exhaustive but offers some excellent sample petition formats. The samples below are provided to generate ideas on how to establish a well structured petition format. The petition samples also offer ideas and information necessary to generate a multi-language and/or multi-media petition campaign. For more information on how to begin your campaign, please contact us.

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List of sample petitions

1. Congress Must De-Fund Planned Parenthood Immediately
2. Congress Must Investigate Planned Parenthood for Selling Aborted Baby Parts
3. Call for Sabah Sarawak Rights
4. No Refugee Resettlement without Local OK
5. Daniel Boccia has done enough time!
6. Vote Yes For The Marvin Gaye USPS Commemorative Stamp
7. America Needs You ASAP! The Iranian Deal Must Be Checked By Article II, Section II, Clause II - Demand It! Deal To Be Reached By March 24 - By Janine Turner & Juliette Turner
8. Stop the mass slaughtering of street dogs in Egypt
9. Stop the stillbirth scandal - Join Grazia and Sands Campaign to improve screening for pregnant women
10. Stop Thailand Elephant Abuse
11. Newborn bloodspot screening in Scotland
12. All Australians with Type 1 Diabetes should receive a Health Care Card for LIFE
13. Animal Welfare Act for Nepal
14. Stop The Great Lakes Nuclear Dump
15. Stop additional water from entering the Qu'Appelle River chain
16. Save the Goats of Khokana
17. Stop Graphic Revisions to Ontario’s Sex Education Curriculum
18. Tell Cooperative Light & Power you want them to stop using synthetic chemical herbicides
19. Save Wrexham hospital maternity services / Cadwch gwasanaethau mamolaeth ysbyty Wrecsam
20. Against Equestrian Sport
21. Mastering the basics of Mathematics in BC Schools
22. Darker than Black Season 3
23. Abolish Parental Alienation In Australia
24. Induct Dan Fogelberg Into The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame
25. Botox for pelvic pain
26. Boycott Beef to Save America's Wolves and Wild Horses
27. Save ALL the Kangaroos
28. Stop Rhino Poaching
29. Lower Australian Indigenous People's Retirement Age to 55 years
30. New Pasadena Park named in remembrance of Jesse Hamilton
31. Per il ritorno di "GIOCHI SENZA FRONTIERE" JSF
32. Protect our Children
33. Stop SKINNING animals ALIVE
34. PRISM for Hall of Fame
35. Stop the mass killing of wolves in Slovenia
36. April's Law UK
37. Stop Wolf Hunting in Wisconsin
38. Stop Poaching Of Elephants
39. Moratorium urgently needed: Kangaroos heading for Extinction
40. Reserve Land for the Gray Wolves
41. Save MERP from Cease and Desist
42. We want HOA Season 4
43. Change the Integrated Grant Fund application & award process
44. Induct "The Voice", Vern Gosdin, Into The Country Music Hall Of Fame
45. Stop the British Columbia Wolf Hunt!
46. I'm an ELF
47. Rosario + Vampire Capu3
48. We Want Harsher Sentencing for Rapists in Fiji
49. Save Greece! Save the cradle of western civilization!
50. Make a Disney & Pixar sequel "A Bug's Life 2"

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