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Sample Petitions

Below is a list of sample petitions that could be used as templates for your campaign. The list here is not exhaustive but offers some excellent sample petition formats. The samples below are provided to generate ideas on how to establish a well structured petition format. The petition samples also offer ideas and information necessary to generate a multi-language and/or multi-media petition campaign. For more information on how to begin your campaign, please contact us.

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List of sample petitions

1. Protect Gull Lake MB from Gravel pit development
2. Call for Sabah Sarawak Rights
3. WV Hunters for Better Buck Management
4. Save Watford Met Line Station!
5. Corporal Barry Beam Community Room
6. Ban Mechanical Doping
7. Agent Orange - Vietnam Wall Memorial
8. Stop The Great Lakes Nuclear Dump
9. Stop Trophy/Canned Hunting
10. Congress Must De-Fund Planned Parenthood Immediately
11. We Oppose Hillary Clinton!
12. Light The Empire State Building Purple in April for Sarcoidosis Awareness
13. Equal Treatment For Croatian Nurses Campaign
14. Make bullying a criminal offence
15. Alternate solution to intersection at West Watson and Gravois
16. Double Yellow lines on Norristhorpe Lane; safer parking
17. I Pledge to Vote for a Pro-Life Candidate for President
18. Vote Yes For The Marvin Gaye USPS Commemorative Stamp
19. Revoir Les Lois Existantes Sur La Maltraitance Des Animaux En Algerie
20. Save The Rainforests Globally
21. Stop Lion Trophy Hunting in South Africa
22. Get a 6th season for Teen Titans
23. New Fruits Basket Season 2
24. Congress Must Investigate Planned Parenthood for Selling Aborted Baby Parts
25. Russian version of The Elder Scrolls: Online
26. Abolish Parental Alienation In Australia
27. Induct Dan Fogelberg Into The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame
28. Animal Welfare Act for Nepal
29. Save Bulkington Post Office
30. Bring Back
31. Complete ban on trophy hunting in South Africa & full census carried out
32. Ban Brumby/Wild Horse Catch Events
33. Crosswalks save lives! Remembering Jamie Hayes.
35. Ban BEAR FARMS IN KOREA - Save Bears!
36. Act before someone dies on Ferriby Road
37. Sekirei season 3
38. Public bouldering for Geelong
39. Proposal to get Vermont Vert Ramp Re-surfaced and Add Play Equipment Area
40. Ouran High School Host club Season 3
41. Stop Graphic Revisions to Ontario’s Sex Education Curriculum
42. Appoint a Urologist to Temple Street
43. Global call upon the BBC to Start an Afaan Oromo Radio Program
44. Pandora Hearts Season 2 should come on sooner!
45. Shoppers & Consumers want ALL Ritually Slaughtered Meat LABELLED with a simple 'RS' no matter how stunned or what its source is
46. Gakuen Alice season 2
47. Please stop climbing Uluru
48. Abolish Columbus Day and its Celebration
49. Free Iranian Journalist Issa Saharkhiz
50. Stop Lighting Bulls on Fire

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