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We Want a Vegan Food Range in the Supermarket

Petition published by Denny Robert Cartwright on Jul 30, 2009
41 Signatures 
Target: Tesco

Petition Background (Preamble):

There are now literally hundreds of thousands of vegans in the UK. What we want more than anything when it comes to our food is to be able to walk into the supermarket and pick our food off the shelf just like everyone else. Tesco provide a full and varied range of vegetarian alternatives including burgers, sausages, vege bacon and pies, yet ALL of these products contain milk and/or eggs, meaning the entire range in unsuitable for vegans.

If it costs an extra 20p per pack to make them vegan, we would pay it. If it costs an extra 50p per packet to have egg substitute rather than egg in the burgers, we would pay it.

I want to get as many signatures as possible to send to Tescos (I chose Tesco as they are the largest and most recogniseable supermarket chain in the UK) to show them there is great support for them to convert their vegetarian range to vegan and we will simply queue up at the frozen section to buy their vegan range if only they gave us the chance to do so.


We, the undersigned, call on Tesco PLC to create a vegan frozen food range and/or convert their vegetarian food range to suit a vegan diet. We as vegans want to be able to go to your store and eat the same food as everyone else and by signing this petition we hope you take notice of us and let us spend our money in your shops. Thank you.

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