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United Nations Animal Rights Bill

Petition published by Alexandria4animalrights on Dec 03, 2008
Closed on Mar 04, 2009
207 Signatures 
Target: UN
Region: Australia
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Petition Background (Preamble):

Animals for centuries have been exploited and oppressed by the human race!

They are used for science, for food, sport, forms of entertainment and profit! Humans recognize that animals have the capacity to feel emotions, that they can distinguish between pleasure, pain, happiness and sadness this compels us to believe that moral limits must apply to non human as surely to human!

A Universal Animal Rights bill will stop brutal regimes (China Korea) from using the misery and murder of their cats and dogs towards the criminal and cruel, dog/cat meat/fur trade! China and Korea have built billion dollar industries by denying their cats and dogs laws and rights of protection!

Unfortunately the dogs and cats of China and Korea have their fate decided before they take their first breath!


Please sign for a United Nations Animal Rights bill and support those who have no choice but to endure the brutality of the human race!

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