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Support U.S. Control of Haiti

Petition published by Anonymous on Jan 15, 2010
5 Signatures 
Target: U.S. Government
Region: Haiti

Petition Background (Preamble):

Haiti is in a state of distress, poverty, loneliness, and heartache. How does a once flourishing island get back on its feet? The United States have taken over many islands. For example, Puerto Rico, a beautiful island, is U.S. territory. Haiti cannot recuperate alone.

The people need help, and the United States has the power, the money, and the ability to take over the island of Haiti, and make it a great nation once again. In the past, funds that were sent to Haiti have been misappropriated by the Haitian Government and corrupt officials. So now, the U.S. must initiate action, and do what's right.

In efforts to helping Haiti, please sign this petition if you believe that the United States should take control of this island. Only positive things can result from this.


We, the undersigned, call on the United States Government to form a treaty with the island of Haiti in efforts to take control of the nation.

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