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Support Open Primaries in Florida for Independent/No-Party-Affiliation (NPA)

Petition published by FIVOrg on May 06, 2010
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Target: Florida State Legislators and Governor Rick Scott

Petition Background (Preamble):

We, Florida Independent Voting.Org of Florida, call for the enactment of Nonpartisan Open Primaries, commonly called Top Two. It’s time to put the power in the hands of the voters, not the political parties.

Under Top Two Open Primaries, all candidates for an office appear on one Primary ballot, and voters can choose the best candidate for each office, without regard to party affiliation or lack of affiliation. The TOP TWO vote getters go on to the General Election.

Florida voters will no longer be labeled as party members simply because they voted in a Primary Election, nor be forced to sign a loyalty oath if they want to change the Party Primary in which they vote.

Our political environment has been over determined by partisanship. It’s time to address the second-class status of the millions of Americans identifying as Independents. It’s time to break out of the partisan gridlock that has rendered our elected officials unable to govern effectively.

We support Top Two Open Primaries as an important step towards transforming our political process and moving forward as a State and as a Nation.


Please sign this Petition in support of opening up our Primaries in Florida:

•In Florida and 18 other States, Independents cannot vote in the Primaries.

•Close to 2.1 million Floridians are registered as Independent/No-Party Affiliation.

•Polls show Independents making up 40% of the Electorate nationwide.

•Floridians are being shut out of local and national Primary Elections; Closed Primaries disenfranchise Floridians.

I support Open Primaries in Florida for Independent/No-Party Affiliation (NPA) Voters.

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