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Stop The British National Party

Petition published by Chaz Shakespeare on May 06, 2005

Petition Background (Preamble):

The BNP want to get rid of all the people in Britain who aren't fully english. Irish, scottish and welsh will probably be ok, and may be allowed to stay, but anone with french, indian, jamaican, etc blood in them will have to leave the country. We can't let the BNP do this. Loved ones and close friends you have got may be asked to leave this country, and we can't have them doing that.

They have already been elected in some area of Britain, such as Harrogate, and what will happen if they move to places like Bradford, where there are many different colours of skin, and many religions. Most people don't care what kind of blood you have in you, but the BNP's are very racist, and we have to stop them. Please sign this!!!!


To stop the British National Party ruining the lives of British civilians who are not fully British!

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