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Sanction Penn State

Petition published by M peterson on Jul 12, 2012
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Target: NCAA

Petition Background (Preamble):

To compel the NCAA to impose sanctions on the Penn State Football program.


Please sign our petition to compel the NCAA Ethics Committee to do the right thing and impose sanctions on the Penn State football program.

Where is the NCAA Ethics  board?

Several sec schools and others have been criticized and  penalized year after year for paying poor, mostly african american, kids to play football or basketball at these schools. How on earth is the NCAA staying quiet after the shock and awe released in the  freeh penn state report?

Just So I'm clear....if a university president, a board, an ad and a head coach knowingly chooses to withhold and cover-up information in order to protect their sacred school and football program while allowing a child predator to run untwarted through their halls....and the NCAA then chooses to do nothing to the program..... What the hell does that say about the NCAA? 

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