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Open the Financial Records of Bishop Ford Central Catholic High School

Petition published by Anonymous on Dec 01, 2004
Closed on Aug 22, 2011
Target: Bishop Ford HS
Thanks to those that saw and/or signed this petition and see financial transparency as a serious issue like I do.

Now that the much larger issue is being dealt with this petition is no longer needed.

Petition Background (Preamble):

This petition is to fight the President of Bishop Ford Central Catholic High School. We want to know where did our tuition go? For new cars? Why is the tuition being raised each year while the quality of teachers decline each year?

We want to know why this happening. We don't want others falling into this system corporate fraud. People are not getting the education they paid for. We are talking about thousands of dollars, and unqualified teachers.

Please sign this petition if you support opening the financial records of Bishop Ford to see where our tuition went in the past. We want to know!


Write your name and email address, in support of this petition, and I will also contact you at a later date when action takes place.

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