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'Hands in the Back' rule is a disgrace

Petition published by AFLRuleStinks on May 26, 2007
24 Signatures 
Target: All AFL Supporters
Region: Australia

Petition Background (Preamble):

The new 'Hands in the Back' rule introduced by the AFL in 2007 is an absolute disgrace. It is damaging the game. It's a shocking rule to judge.

The thing is, the umpires, are the ones coping a lot, for a rule made by the rules committee. It's frustrating rule for AFL watchers to look at, and there are boos every time a rule is called.

It is making being a defender impossible these days, if the forward is playing up front. Also every time the fans see the ball go up in the air, they are scared that the rule will be called.


We, the AFL community, call on the AFL to get rid of the 'Hands in the Back' rule.

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