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Guatemala 900 Mother's Day Plea

This petition was published by Guatemala900 on May 03, 2010

On this Mother’s Day, May 9, 2010, we the undersigned respectfully call on the First Ladies of Guatemala and the United States, as mothers and leaders, to pioneer an immediate effort to ensure the rights of hundreds of children and families caught in this political nightmare.

In the last two years, our outcry for Due Process has gone unanswered, and so many still wait for someone to help us unite our families. We plea for your intervention to ensure fair adoptions under the previous notarial laws as guaranteed by Article 56 of the Ortega Law. We urge you to uphold the cornerstone of the Hague Adoption Convention by working together to determine an immediate and expeditious path to process and finalize our adoptions.

We reach out to you as parents knowing you will sympathize with the sheer pain we live with not knowing the fate of the adoptions we initiated in good faith. After more than two years of longing to behold the children whom we recognize as our own beloved sons and daughters, our futures as families are still uncertain. As the days, months, and years have come to pass, our children grow hopeless wondering where we are and why we have not fulfilled our promise to bring them home and love them forever. We are their mothers and fathers, and yet we are powerless to kiss away their tears and instill faith and worth into their weary hearts and minds. Living outside the love of a permanent family, the limits of institutionalization are killing them softly, little by little everyday. You need only look to their innocent faces to see the light is fading, their window is closing, they are running out of time. As parents in desperation, our finances and faith waning, we look to you with the hope we have remaining…Please end this needless suffering before it is too late.

As stated by President Colom at his inauguration, "You can't run a country if there is no justice. " We agree strongly and pray that you will intervene on behalf of the families and children who desperately deserve justice and need your support.

Please let justice prevail for the children and families:

• Advocate and ensure political and legal transparency for “grandfathered” cases under the agreed upon protections and practices of Article 56 of the Ortega Law.

• End the cycle of fear and retribution. Do not allow hundreds of “in process” adoptions to stagnate as a reaction to the abuse by corrupt individuals in specific cases.

• End the years of victimization of innocent children and families by expediting (as urged by Article 35 of the Hague Convention) “in-process” adoption cases

• Work together to build the necessary infrastructure to ensure a future adoption system to find loving and permanent homes for the thousands of orphaned and abandoned Guatemalan children whose futures reside in your hands.

Please make our dreams come true and make this the last Mother’s Day we are separated from the children we love. Show the children that you believe in their future and their right to the loving families who longingly await them.

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