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Free Weldon Angelos

This petition was published by Ben Valdez on Jul 13, 2009

To The Honorable Mr. Barak Obama
President of the United States of America

Dear Mr. President,

In 2004, in Utah, Mr. Weldon Angelos was sentenced to 55 years for selling marijuana to a confidential informant and having guns in his car, home and on his person. The sentencing Judge felt that the sentence was, excessive, cruel, unusual and unconstitutional (especially for a first time non-violent offender), but he had no choice because of federal mandatory minimum laws. Judge Cassell, along with 9 other judges, agree the sentence should be commuted to 6½ to 8 years. In addition, this will save the taxpayers over a million dollars in prison expenses.

We, the undersigned, respectfully request that you exercise your Constitutional authority and commute Mr. Angelos' sentence to 8 years or less, including time served, as Judge Cassell said he was asking of President Bush.

Thank you

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