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Free Negar Mulkzadeh And Other Baha'is Arrested For The "Crime" Of A Crafts Fair

This petition was published by John S. Burke on Apr 03, 2012

Whereas the continued persecution suffered by peaceful practitioners of the Baha'i faith at the hands of the Islamic Republic of Iran is a crass violation of both international human rights covenants and the Iranian constitution itself;

And whereas using a handicraft exhibition which was a) held in a private residence and b) set up for the purpose of raising funds for the disadvantaged AS A PRETEXT FOR SUCH PERSECUTION is so utterly base and reprehensible as to make the criminal nature of the regime's actions here self-evident;

THEREFORE we the undersigned demand that the international community at all levels act now to bring all possible pressure to bear upon the henchmen of the Islamic Republic to release Negar Mulkzadeh, Houriyyeh Mohsani, Negin Ahmadiyan, Noghmeh Dhabiheyan and Shayan Tafazzoli as well as all other prisoners of conscience in Iran.

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