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End Lib-Dem cooperation with the Coalition

This petition was published by Rory S. Croft on May 06, 2011

We, the undersigned, call on the Liberal Democrats to be true to the spirit of the people who voted them in, and sit in opposition to the Conservative Party and their battery of right-wing policies. Power is nothing without ethics, and the Tory Prime Minister demands too much of the Liberals whilst providing nothing in return but thinly-coated treachery and political scapegoatism.

The Liberal Democrats should withdraw immediately from the government, refraining from permanent coalition with either of the other two major parties, and only vote with the Prime Minister for such issues as already reflect the ideology of the Liberal Democrats as laid down in their manifesto. Negotiable issues should not include major policy points, and those that are conceded should be used to further the primary goals of the party.

Above all, the Liberal Democrats should retain their fidelity, and never again allow power to cloud their sense of right and wrong.

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