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Don't Make Sonic the Hedgehog Multiplatform

Petition published by Gamerguy on Apr 28, 2003
107 Signatures
Target: SEGA of America & SEGA of Japan

Petition Background (Preamble):

SEGA has annouced plans to release a new Sonic game called "Sonic Heroes" for all three current gaming consoles. Let's be "heroes" for the franchise by stopping something that could easily ruin the series!!!


This petition is in response to the annoucement of "Sonic Heroes." This game is planned to be released on the Nintendo Gamecube, the Sony Playstation 2, and the Microsoft X-BOX. Putting Sonic the Hedgehog on multiple consoles could ruin the series. Everyone knows that games released on only one console are the best. Sonic should stay on the Nintendo Gamecube. Fans everywhere went where Sonic went, and now they want to put him on other consoles too! It's not fair to the fans. Sonic has always been on one console at a time, and it should stay that way. There is no GOOD reason to put Sonic on another console, the sales of Sonic Adventure 2: Battle were anything but disapointing. Please save Sonic! Don't let this happen! This petition is to SEGA of America and SEGA of Japan. We want you to know that this is NOT what the fans want. The franchise will collapse! Don't do this to the fans that have been dedicated to Sonic for so long! Make it a matter of fun, not money!

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