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Amwaj Speed Limit Enforcement

This petition was published by Grace LUbbers on Jan 30, 2012

We are asking that measures be taking to enforce speed laws on Amwaj. We would like the speed limits to be posted with a consistent speed limit; right now the speed limit signs on major roads is marked 50k but Amwaj gate sign says 40k.

We would like more speed bumps to be added on all roads; side roads with speed limits of 30k have very few speed bumps and drives fly past children biking, baby strollers, and children at free play; and there need to be more speed bumps on major roads between straightaways where some drives get up to speeds of 100k+.

We would like to see a greater police presence on Amwaj and speeding tickets to be issued to drivers violating speed laws.

We desperately want to be able to enjoy safe streets and feel comfortable taking our families out to enjoy Amwaj's beauty.

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