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Ammunition Manufacturer in Reno/Sparks

Petition published by Rex Crouch on Jul 04, 2013
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Target: Government of Washoe County, NV

Petition Background (Preamble):

Reno/Sparks has been largely dependent upon tourism and gaming. When the economy suffers, so does tourism and gaming; the cities of Reno/Sparks are uniquely situated with a major transportation hub by rail and highway with an industrial zone capable quickly converting empty complexes into an ammunition manufacturing plant.

Currently, most ammunition manufacturing plants are located east of the Mississippi and the nation is experiencing an ammunition shortage.

Reno/Sparks is ideally located for the expansion of an ammunition manufacturing facility which would create local jobs and answer a supply-demand issue in the nation.


To the Government of Washoe County, NV,

We request the government enter into negotiations with current ammunition manufactures and incentivize manufactures with tax-incentives and other considerations as necessary to expand and establish an ammunition manufacturing facility in Reno/Sparks to serve civilian and government ammunition needs.

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