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Objection To Hydro-Fracturing On The Blood Reserve

This petition was published by Anonymous on Jan 17, 2011

We the undersigned members of Blood Tribe and/or concerned residents of the Oldman River Watershed are testifying that we hold in common the following two positions, which implicate the addressees in what we consider to be criminal activities:

1) We object to agreements established in 2010 between Blood Tribe and both Bowood Energy Inc. and Murphy Oil Corp. that would allow any of the aforementioned corporations and/or future sub-lessees to conduct hydro-fracturing for subsurface resources on the Blood Reserve. These agreements were arranged without the consent of the majority of Blood Tribe membership, and without community consultation with potentially affected parties both on- and off-reserve.

2) We demand freedom of free expression without concern of prosecution or threats by Blood Tribe Chief and Council or their agents.

3) We demand no further coercion come in the form of threatening the employment of anyone who works under Blood Tribe and speaks against the agreements.

4) We demand a moratorium on any planned oil and gas exploration until a referendum as taken place on the Blood Reserve.

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