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Biosecurity and the threat to the Aquarium Industry

This petition was published by Clinton D. on Sep 14, 2010

We the undersigned are concerned citizens who urge our elected members of Parliament to act now to delay the introduction of recommendations laid out in the Biosecurity Report to allow:

1. An additional round of consultative process be undertaken, which is open to stakeholders across the full range of commercial and recreational interests, allowing comment on the incorporation of the scientific advice to the development of the proposed procedures.

2. A survey of a selection of wild native and feral ornamental fin fish populations and all commercial ornamental fin fish breeding facilities be undertaken Australia wide to determine the presence of Iridoviruses in existing fish stocks.

3. A detailed economic and social impact assessment for the implementation of the proposed batch testing procedures, and a consideration of the cost/benefit outcomes for the Ornamental Fish Industry and its constituent workers.

We also urge an immediate review to the Import Risk Analysis (IRA) handbook be undertaken, specifically the appeal process. The current handbook precludes appeals based on the scientific merits of the IRA, allowing flawed assumptions and conclusions to remain unchallenged. A fair appeal process would allow all aspects of an IRA, especially the science behind it, to be open to public scrutiny and appeal. This is not only of concern for this particular IRA but for all those completed in the future.

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