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Dai Le 1000 Nam Thang Long 1000 Years Ha Noi Festival

Petition published by OANH TRUONG on Sep 12, 2010
3 Signatures 
Region: Vietnam

Petition Background (Preamble):

Government of Viet Nam has spent 4.5 billions US DOLLARS for 1000 years Hanoi Festival. It is a big waste of money.


Please sign petition due protest the human rights in VN. Money is needed for education, health care, welfare for all Vietnamese.

Please stop human trafficking, sex slavery... Spend money for children's education, build more hospitals... Call on the UN to stop supporting government with millions dollars...The money does not go to people who need it. Only a group of communists party are wealthy on the suffering of millions kids, women...

The Dai Le 1000 Nam Thang Long 1000 Years Ha Noi Festival petition to HUMAN RIGHTS IN VIET NAM was written by OANH TRUONG and is in the category Human Rights at GoPetition. Contact author here.

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