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Petition Format: GoPetition recommends that you view the following petition formats to get ideas for your campaign. These examples are taken from active petitions that are well written, very popular and have passed a baseline quality test. Some formats are in multiple languages and styles. The list here is not exhaustive but offers some excellent petition ideas. These examples can be used as templates and are offered as samples.

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1. Ealing Says 'No' to Wheelie Bins
2. Do not deprive our children with special needs of their full time nursery education
3. Support Lidl in Muller Road, Horfield, Bristol
4. Call for Sabah Sarawak Rights
5. Stop The Great Lakes Nuclear Dump
6. Sickle Cell Disease Is Not A Joke
7. Induct Vern Gosdin Into The Country Music Hall Of Fame
8. Declaration of Reformation
9. Revoir Les Lois Existantes Sur La Maltraitance Des Animaux En Algerie
10. Induct Keith Whitley into The Country Music Hall of Fame
11. The Recording Academy Posthumous Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award for Tito Rodriguez
12. Ιστορία Τέχνης και Αισθητική Παιδεία στο Νέο Λύκειο - 2
13. Stop The Proposed "Front Number Plate" Laws For Motorcyclists
15. No R4 Zoning for Moorebank
17. Stop the Killing of Dolphins in Taiji, Japan
18. Stop a dolphinarium being built in Aqaba
19. End Rite of Passage Atrocities in Faro
20. Stop Durham-Orange Light Rail Train
21. Norfolk City Council: Build a new park on the Meadowbrook School site
22. Stop Denmark's Blood Shame !
23. Get a 6th season for Teen Titans
24. Rename Elkhardt-Thompson as James C. Vaughan Sr. Middle School
25. Add Adrenoleukodystrophy (ALD) to Louisiana's New Born Screening Panel
26. Save the Taiji Dolphins
27. Creating a Lasting Tribute to Oscar Hammerstein
28. New Fruits Basket Season 2
29. Save ALL the Kangaroos
30. Save East Runton Funfair
31. Bring Back
32. Induct Dan Fogelberg Into The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame
33. Darker than Black Season 3
34. Addysg Gymraeg yn Wrecsam / Welsh-medium education in Wrexham
35. Moratorium urgently needed: Kangaroos heading for Extinction
36. Ιστορία Τέχνης και Αισθητική Παιδεία στο Νέο Λύκειο
37. Justice for David Bryant and baby Daviere
38. Nominate Edhi for Nobel Peace Prize
39. Safeguard our Sea-Life
40. Taiji fishermen must include baby dolphins dumped at sea in their records
41. We want HOA Season 4
42. Petition against the release of Alison Botha's attackers!
43. Stop LFA Sonar
44. Ban gay marriage in the United States
45. Free Tilikum, and Other Captive Marine Mammals
46. Europeans Against Whaling
47. We Support Justice for Unborn Babies
48. We Support TMT
49. Child abuser Eunice Spry release - Location ban
50. Save Japan's Dolphins

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