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Petition published by Sinead on Sep 16, 2009
sign your name to get rid of the... more
Petition published by ashteadrec on Sep 16, 2009
I agree with the aims of ARC and would like to support ARC in their bid to improve the play facilities within Ashtead play... more
Petition published by UNISON Scotland on Sep 08, 2009
We call on the City of Edinburgh Council to abandon cuts in Community Learning & Development, reinstate services already cut and invest in this important service for the people of... more
Petition published by sipiloutre on Sep 06, 2009
We,the members of Piczo,want piczo to bring us back there old version!

Nous ,les membre de Piczo,voulons que Piczo revienne à leur... more
Petition published by boboyip on Sep 05, 2009

我們認為驗毒計劃的成效一直存疑,根據澳洲Australian National Council on Drugs (ANCD)的研究報告中顯示,根本沒有數字能夠顯示驗毒措施與青年濫藥率有直接關係,而報告中更明確指出,驗毒計劃會為學校帶來一些潛在的傷害,例如是破壞師生之間的關係、迫使學生透過曠課去逃避驗毒、導致學校需要分散資源進行驗毒計劃、學生因無理侵犯私隱而感到不被尊重等,這些問題均會為學校這個原本是春風化雨的好地方,變成師生間互不信任、樹立敵我的戰場。... more
Petition published by Natasha Hart on Sep 04, 2009
We, the undersigned, call on the Queensland government to help open a community Roller Skating Rink on the Gold Coast to help the youth with a safe place to socialize and help the obesity epidemic with a new and fun place to... more
Petition published by Conrad Lott on Sep 02, 2009
As you are aware he closure of the skate park caused lots of children to be getting into trouble with police and parents as of trespassing or causing a disturbance.... more
Petition published by Cole Waldron on Sep 02, 2009
We, who have signed this petition, demand that all of the branches of the US government legalize the recreational use of marijuana for all those over the age of... more
Petition published by Adam on Aug 30, 2009
We, the undersigned, call on the Canadian Minister of education to make it a MANDATORY requirement that teens have their diploma before leaving high... more
Petition published by Anonymous on Aug 29, 2009
Fun House Should Be Showen Again So Kids Today Can... more