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Petition published by ANDRE TESTMAN on Apr 15, 2010
We, the undersigned, are people that agree with the author of this petition and support this petition because it is for the benefit of man, the people of the Philippines, and the country.... more
Petition published by Ave Maria Gonzalez on Apr 13, 2010
We the undersigned; are asking for the aid of our local politicians, law enforcement and clergy to assist us in making our community safe from gang violence, drugs and housing situations that perpetuate illegal activities.... more
Petition published by TCUSA-Elk Grove on Apr 13, 2010
As a non-profit institution that actively provides a safe environment for all teens, including the increasing niche of at-risk and in-risk youth in our community, we ask the City of Elk Grove Council and Staff to sustain current levels of grant funding and facility usage... more
Petition published by Armstrong O'Brian ONGERA, Jnr. on Apr 13, 2010
We, the AID Kenya Foundation, International Goodwill Ambassadors, Volunteers, Kenyan Diaspora, Friends of Kenya, and Collaborative Partners, call on the people of Kenya and the International Community to rise to the occasion to support AID Kenya Foundation in... more
Petition published by steven on Apr 12, 2010
We, the undersigned, are concerned citizens who oppose the idea of an "Islamic Ideological Detox" program, its political implications, and believe that the Toronto Star should act now to either…... more
Petition published by Tahlia Peters on Apr 10, 2010
We, the undersigned, call on the Waratah/Wynyard Council to build a skate park and/or other appropriate... more
Petition published by glen whyte on Apr 09, 2010
Petition published by Anonymous on Apr 09, 2010
To the Honourable Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Members of Parliament:

As Canadians, we are considered privileged individuals by countries... more
Petition published by Ezra on Apr 08, 2010
I want NZ citizens to help me petition for the government to construct a number of public facilities that include bars, a skate park and wave pools for 20 to 40 year olds with the opportunity to extend the facility features with an added snowboarding area. On second level... more
Petition published by Linus Jansson on Apr 08, 2010
Jag har försökt att bli en försäljare till Aftonbladet men jag har inte fått den möjligtheten för att jag bor på en för Aftonbladet avlägsen ort. Jag ber er att skriva på det här inte bara för min skull, utan för alla som är i samma situation! Det... more