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Petition published by emmanuel on Jun 12, 2009

Petition published by Kyung Min Choi on Jun 11, 2009
We, the undersigned, condemn dog fighting, any other form of animal fighting orchestrated by people for enjoyment, entertainment, gambling, punishment, and any other... more
Petition published by Don't Extradite the Basques on Jun 09, 2009
* We, the undersigned, demand that the Spanish government respects the fundamental human, civil and political rights of the Basque people as laid out in the UN Declaration of Human Rights.... more
Petition published by emeraude on Jun 08, 2009
We, the youth of today, call on the United Nations to try and succeed in eliminating worldwide... more
Petition published by Charlene Parks on Jun 08, 2009
In hopes of changing this community and making this area(s) safer for our children, grandchildren, parents and neighborhood family, please help make a change by agreeing to sign below to add speed bumps to make this neighborhood safer and allow others to slow it... more
Petition published by Sivan Wolfe on Jun 06, 2009
We the undersigned wish to develop a computer system that would allow residents to vote on their stances on issues rather than being forced to choose between representatives [who have their own sets of beliefs] by asking people to help create a questionnaire on various... more
Petition published by nick hernandez on Jun 06, 2009
We the undersigned request our city councilmen to support the naming of South Odessa baseball fields at Mckinney Park to 'Raul Guerrero Base Ball... more
Petition published by christopher reitz on Jun 05, 2009
We need to reach out to all people~ patients, family, friends, anyone~ and ask for their support to help keep this great facility up and... more
Petition published by Savvy Brown on Jun 04, 2009
We would greatly honor and appreciate your supporting us by signing our Petition to meet our goal. Our services to the players are voluntary; there is a fee involved which we use to pay for the Officials, $40 per game and use of the gym $50 per hour. In which... more
Petition published by Robert Whittle on Jun 03, 2009
We, the undersigned, call upon Newcastle City Council to reconsider the plan to change the use of Newcastle City Pool's second pool.... more