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Petition published by James Lloyd-Schultz on Aug 09, 2012
With all due respect, please tell the Calvert County Commissioners to wake up and build a multiplex cinema in Calvert... more
Petition published by Cannabis Reform Act on Aug 05, 2012
We the citizens request a criminal investigation into Harry J. Anslinger actions as head of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics for the prohibition and criminalization of cannabis. This investigation is justified as the means Mr. Anslinger used to prohibit and... more
Petition published by Jayde parkin on Jul 30, 2012
As Facebook users, we find the group 'dead baby jokes' absolutely appalling, we want the group to be taken down, and the creators of the group to be punished by not allowing to have an account on... more
Petition published by Alyssa Vasiljeva on Jul 28, 2012
1) Immediate and unconditional release of Fatima Khaled Saad.

2) Urgent request for medical care to confirm that Fatima Khaled Saad has not been... more
Petition published by Adventist Youth on Jul 25, 2012
WE the undersigned believe that the BSSI Federation and Brooklyn North Federation should... more
Petition published by concerned parent on Jul 23, 2012
We, the undersigned, wish to join in on the fight against media violence.

Save your family and your dear children from future occurrences.... more
Petition published by Glendon Lloyd on Jul 23, 2012
We, the undersigned, call on the UK Border Agency to issue Glendon Llewellyn Lloyd with an extension to his Discretionary Leave to Remain visa in sufficient time for him to travel with his family to Spain on 10th August 2012.... more
Petition published by Paul Cruz on Jul 22, 2012
Mr. Christian Bale, the actor who portrayed Batman in the highly successful "Dark Knight Trilogy", as an active humanitarian and a brave soul, we request that you would don the cape and cowl in efforts to uplift the spirits of those children and families of the... more
Petition published by ciaran on Jul 22, 2012
Lee kirkby is moving away from the beverley minster youth so, I want to tell lee kirkby youth minister at beverly minster that no one member of the youth says a bad thing about him that he has made a massive difference to how young lifes have planed out.... more
Petition published by bat raveh on Jul 22, 2012
As scouts members around the world, we demand a stop to the discrimination.

We should educate our society to treat people equally, regardless of... more