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Petition published by Clare distney on Jun 24, 2007
I am quitting neopets, so i decided to share my generator with everyone who's interested.

Sign, and I'll send u the... more
Petition published by Tim Carnivine on Jun 23, 2007
We, the school students, wish of our school district a change in the way we are permitted to dress. Enough with the vulgar "skull-biker dude" junk! I wish that all religious holidays, whether Wiccan, Christian, or any religion in between considered worth of a day off.... more
Petition published by Jack Waters on Jun 23, 2007
We, the undersigned, request that Richard Challoner School remove the new dress
code and reinstate the old one.... more
Petition published by Dallas Point on Jun 21, 2007
Please sign this petition for a bigger library? The reasons are:

1. Our librarian is about to lose anything and everything to her desk.... more
Petition published by Apple User on Jun 19, 2007
We, the undersigned, call on all radio stations and networks in Barbados in addition to the National Cultural Foundation (if applicable) to reconsider their position on Blood's new song "Wuk You" and other local productions which may have been banned for... more
Petition published by Elizabeth-Ann Lee on Jun 17, 2007
For a home to be built where pregnant couples can go if they have no home for their arriving... more
Petition published by Boni Robertson on Jun 17, 2007
We the undersigned call on the Prime Minister and all levels of Government to:

1. Follow the lead of the Western Australian Government to legislate... more
Petition published by Tim Carnivine on Jun 16, 2007
We, the Pokemaniacs of the universe, Want a new start in the Diamond/Pearl Franchise. In Opal, your character lives in a mansion in Hearthome City. Your starter is a rebellious Carnivine, who follows you (compare to pikachu in Yellow Version).... more
Petition published by Josip Turalija on Jun 11, 2007
God and croatians are fighters for... more
Petition published by Seetha Thampi on Jun 09, 2007