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Petition published by nky on Nov 01, 2007
We should only have to pay a one time fee that lasts until we graduate.

Please sign so we don't need to pay any... more
Petition published by Kathy on Oct 30, 2007
In signing this petition you are agreeing that LOTE should not be compulsory for Students in year 7-9 at secondary Colleges and it should be offered as an elective... more
Petition published by brandon on Oct 27, 2007
I'm asking you to sign this petition so that nobody has to do homework ever... more
Petition published by alyssa on Oct 24, 2007
Brandon Sealey would probably still be alive if was wearing a helmet.

More skaters should be wearing helmets for safety, but some of them... more
Petition published by SikhiSidak on Oct 22, 2007
Cap is a symbol of slavery and Sikhs are not allowed to wear it as per Sikh Rehat Maryada (Code Conduct of Sikhism). For last 2-3 years new type of cap popularily known as Bandana (a pre-stiched) patka shaped cap is available in every gurdwara.... more
Petition published by jaylon_20 on Oct 20, 2007
Just recently Americans was shocked about leaked information concerning students welfare at various Texas Youth Commission Facilities.... more
Petition published by JULIETA on Oct 14, 2007
We, the undersigned, call on the communities within the Southern Tier(Chemung County and throughout) to support Julieta Wise's vision for the youth who are at-risk and those who are not.... more
Petition published by Karina on Oct 13, 2007
We, the KCK N1, urge that you sign this petition. Maybe with your help, Kathleen will return to myspace, maybe.

Bring back myspace kath! give it a second chance... more
Petition published by Bradley Eudy on Oct 11, 2007
We, the undersigned, call on the administration of North Stanly High School to change the color of the graduation apparel from black to light... more
Petition published by DK on Oct 07, 2007
We, the undersigned, call on the producers and "Kid Nation" and the CBS television network to consider creating a show with the same concept as "Kid Nation" but aimed at a higher age level, 16-20 years... more