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Petition published by Seymour Green on Jun 02, 2011
I strongly agree that Johns Island roads put all residents and the larger community at risk.... more
Petition published by Daniel Farr on Jun 02, 2011
So hence why I am starting this petition to get as many commuters as possible who are fed up with First Bus lack of a decent service to sign it and hopefully make the council act to give the people of... more
Petition published by Julie Smee on Jun 02, 2011
We urge the government to allow current footpaths to be changed to allow access for horses and their riders where accessible to do... more
Petition published by Anonymous on Jun 01, 2011
We, the undersigned, call on Marrickville Council's Traffic Committee not to include the amendments to the St Peters-Tempe Local Area Traffic Management Scheme.... more
Petition published by Don COok on Jun 01, 2011
We, the undersigned, ask that the law be amended for the state of Illinois to require workers to be present for work zone violation tickets to be issued.... more
Petition published by FB_VegetarianPage on Jun 01, 2011
Every time you eat a meal free of animal products, you save 2.5 lbs. of greenhouse gas emissions, 24 square feet of land, and 133 gallons of water. If you eat three meals a day, that totals 2,737.5 lbs. of... more
Petition published by Smith on May 31, 2011
We the undersigned, call upon State and Federal Governments along with their bureaucratic instrumentalities to initiate without delay the clarification of Road Rule 141 to specifically define the... more
Petition published by Melissa Harrison on May 31, 2011
We petition the State Government to improve the public transport system including buses and trains especially between the hours of 12 am and 4am on Fridays and Saturdays.... more
Petition published by Jessica Foster on May 31, 2011
We, the undersigned citizens of Australia, petition to completely ban the live export of cattle to Indonesia.... more
Petition published by margaret pavy on May 30, 2011
We, the undersigned, call on the Wellington Council and Minister of Transport to provide a regular community transport service to Dubbo and returning to Wellington,... more