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Petition published by eryn elliott on Aug 09, 2009
We as the community of West Hollywood request a stop sign on Willoughby and Stanley and/or Willoughby and Spaulding.... more
Petition published by Ndidi Ariemugbovbe on Aug 08, 2009
We the undersigned call on Bristol City Council (Transport and Streets), its elected officials and the Local Bus Operator to extend bus route to Heath House Lane, Stapleton,... more
Petition published by Concerned_Citizen on Aug 08, 2009
Every time you eat a meal free of animal products, you save 2.5 lbs. of greenhouse gas emissions, 24 square feet of land, and 133 gallons of water. If you eat three meals a day, that totals 2,737.5 lbs. of... more
Petition published by Bernard Randall on Aug 06, 2009
We the undersigned petition National Express East Anglia to improve Whittlesea Railway station to accommodate the needs of a growing... more
Petition published by Steve Farrell on Aug 06, 2009
We the undersigned petition the DVLA to cut the corner off old driving licences and return them to licence holders when replacements are issued.... more
Petition published by Brighter Future on Aug 05, 2009
We the undersigned call on:

- The UK Houses of Parliament to give asylum seekers the right to... more
Petition published by ukyptelford on Aug 05, 2009
We want to bring back the local child day rider for buses within Telford & Wrekin, at a suggested price of £2.50.... more
Petition published by Donna Morreal on Aug 04, 2009
We, the residents of Huntley, Illinois, are asking IDOT and the Village of Huntley to work together to improve the traffic signals at IL-47 and Main Street.... more
Petition published by Wong Wing Lun on Aug 03, 2009
將屯門至南昌站月票定價修訂為380元,擴展使用範圍至葵青區.... more
Petition published by Andreea Alexandrescu on Aug 03, 2009
We the undersigned call on the Land Transport Authority to install a pedestrians crossing at the split point of Tanjong Rhu Road, near Water Place and Pebble Bay... more