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Petition published by Reza Ghaffari on Nov 20, 2009
As council tax payers and members of this community, we would like our council to spend more money and fix the roads that we drive on as the roads are in such a poor condition. They are spending the budget... more
Petition published by Roselia Zamora Pollard RN BSN on Nov 20, 2009
We, the undersigned, are individuals concerned about the funding that is required to assist the band at present time and in the... more
Petition published by H A on Nov 19, 2009
We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to reduce the UK driving age to... more
Petition published by Anonymous on Nov 19, 2009
We, the students, supporter and undersigned of Trinity Grammar School Summer Hill call it upon the school or any other committee to eliminate or move tutor period so that school hours can finish by at... more
Petition published by CRRA on Nov 18, 2009
Clitheroe Road Residents Association (C.R.R.A)

Petition opposing plans for a single sex, single faith school for... more
Petition published by Mick on Nov 16, 2009
We need to sign this petition to rid the roads of large truck... more
Petition published by laislafoundation on Nov 16, 2009
Estamos implementando un estudio bien detallado de pre inversión para preparar los planes estratégicos, presupuesto para el proyecto de agua potable y los programas de salud pública. Aun así, se... more
Petition published by ΣΥΝΤΟΝΙΣΤΙΚΗ ΕΠΙΤΡΟΠΗ on Nov 15, 2009
Κείμενο υπογραφών κατά των... more
Petition published by Carl Morris on Nov 14, 2009
Imposing these charges will hit very hard those families whose children attend their local Roman Catholic and Church of England schools; Thurrock Labour Party oppose them. We believe transport to... more
Petition published by Susan Blanchard on Nov 10, 2009
We petition the airline industry to better accommodate travelers who use wheelchairs.... more