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Petition published by Andrew Dickmeyer on Oct 20, 2009
We, the undersigned, ask George Mason University to offer a bus service for students into Washington DC on the weekends. We ask that there be a minimum of 3 departure times (morning, daytime,... more
Petition published by Julia Straker on Oct 18, 2009
In order to relieve some of the traffic congestion in the D.C. area, we, the undersigned, ask that the Department of Transportation should do the following:... more
Petition published by penny bailey on Oct 17, 2009
We feel the island would be better served by more competition within the transport system.... more
Petition published by Chuka Umunna on Oct 16, 2009
We, the undersigned, call on Tesco, owner of the Streatham Ice Rink, to ensure the continuity of Streatham’s ice rink provision pending the development of the Streatham Hub... more
Petition published by Paul Scott on Oct 16, 2009
I am asking the members of Winthrop to sign this petition asking the NYC DOT to remove or relocate the street sign which is in front of 287 Winthrop Street. Thank... more
Petition published by Steve Gurr on Oct 16, 2009
We, the undersigned, oppose the proposal to close the bridge to traffic making Street Hill/Church Road and Ashurst Drive/Church Road into No Through Roads.... more
Petition published by ecotube on Oct 16, 2009
We, the undersigned, ask that Tower Hamlets council rectify the problem of vehicles driving along Brick Lane on Sundays when the market is attended by thousands of people. This is a matter of... more
Petition published by Lewis Punter on Oct 14, 2009
We the undersigned, believe that public transport in Cambridgeshire should be reduced/made free to all young people under the age of 18.... more
Petition published by forumdacritica on Oct 14, 2009
Não nos cabe, aqui, pregar a “volta ao 35mm” nem defender determinada resolução mínima para a projeção digital. Sabemos que, se respeitados determinados critérios técnicos – ou seja,... more
Petition published by Zineb on Oct 13, 2009
Monsieur le Ministre de l’Equipement et des Transports

Objet: Lettre de doléances... more