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Petition published by Pamela Galloway on May 14, 2010
We, the undersigned, call on First Bus to Reverse its decision to cut the route of the 6 and 7 service serving Larkhall and Fairfield Park. The changes planned by First will mean that there will no... more
Petition published by Jasna Nicolson on May 13, 2010
We the undersigned urge Parramatta council to quarantine all parking revenue and to expend that revenue only on maintaining or improving public transport and parking facilities.... more
Petition published by serena macdougall on May 12, 2010
We the undersigned call on the Saskatchewan municipal board to eliminate the tax increase on Hiebert cres in... more
Petition published by Eric Leach on May 11, 2010
Budget Shortfall Recommendations

4.25 mil NCSD Employee Buyout - 50 positions... more
Petition published by Councillor Sean Parker-Perry on May 11, 2010
we, the undersigned, call upon AGMA and the individual Local Authorities who make up the Greater Manchester City Region to recognise the road safety benefits of allowing Motorcyclists to use... more
Petition published by fsjwestjet on May 10, 2010
Please take the time to forward this website to everyone you know that would benefit from having WestJet Airlines in Fort St... more
Petition published by Arash on May 10, 2010
We the people undersigned, call on the local council and the RTA to revoke the current 'Stop within 10 metres of an intersection without traffic lights' fine in residential areas and reassess the necessity... more
Petition published by DTH on May 08, 2010
Le Département des Travailleurs Handicapés de l´OGB-L (DTH/OGB-L) ainsi que tous les signataires de cette pétition, demandons une révision du règlement grand-ducal N° 1371/2007 et une abrogation... more
Petition published by Kate Young on May 08, 2010
We the undersigned would like to see road safety improvements to Brocton Crossroads in the form of preferably a traffic roundabout or alternatively traffic... more
Petition published by Mary on May 07, 2010
As a tax payer, I believe there should be a limit to where and what times the seniors should be allowed to drive without a younger person operating the vehicle for them. We are paying for Medicare,... more