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Petition published by Jennette Arnold on Jul 09, 2009
There are 49.1m passenger journeys at Finsbury Park station (17m of which are interchanging trips) making it one of the busiest stations outside central London. This number is expected to increase by... more
Petition published by Chuka Umunna on Jul 08, 2009
We, the undersigned, petition the Prime Minister and the Mayor of London, to support an extension of London Underground to Streatham.... more
Petition published by Chan Sau Yin on Jul 08, 2009

我們不單支持《市區重建策略》文件的檢討,更希望按下述原則全盤檢討市區重建的管治架構和機制:... more
Petition published by Dominique on Jul 07, 2009
From most kids houses there’s no where to ride. But, These Game wardens are posting everything and fining us. For what?! Riding? We aren’t hurting anything. And they wonder why people are calling... more
Petition published by femmes et hommes de gauche on Jul 07, 2009
Lettre au peuple de gauche

LE CONSTAT…... more
Petition published by victor pennecard on Jul 06, 2009
We, the undersigned, request that the sidewalk ramping structures on new sidewalks be revised into the original design that the rest of the city sidewalks... more
Petition published by Jacqueline Goodman on Jun 29, 2009
Allow local councils to look at letting people cycle on pavements, subject to taking a cyclist-funded test, for which a Pavement Licence could then be... more
Petition published by Evan Queitsch on Jun 28, 2009
Delaware's government is broken. Over the years we have lost our focus on our founding principles and values. We have tried to plead and work with our elected officials but it is no use. They ignore... more
Petition published by Crista on Jun 28, 2009
"We, the undersigned, call on the Pohatcong Township Road Department to repave Fox Farm... more
Petition published by Civilek Zuglóért Platform on Jun 25, 2009
Javasoljuk a reptér képviselőinek fontolják meg, hogy a teher-, a fapados- illetve a "kisrepülőgép" forgalmat elhelyezik Zugló felől más ipari övezetekbe, ahol a gépek hangos zaja nem zavarja... more