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Petition published by Leanda Clark on Jul 23, 2014
PLEASE fix the bus times and reliability for those of us who rely on them to get to work and... more
Petition published by CANIG SOLUTIONS on Jul 23, 2014
We, the undersigned, request the appropriate ministry of the Federal Government of Nigeria and the relevant arm of the Lagos State Government to provide mobile toilets and functioning street lights... more
Petition published by Nigel Adams MP on Jul 22, 2014
We the undersigned request that Highways Agency, North Yorkshire County Council and the original contractors agree to repair the Selby Bypass surface as a matter of... more
Petition published by John Pavon on Jul 19, 2014
We the undersigned, call on the State of California, Caltrans, US Gov. Hwy Safety Commision to eliminate this man made traffic condition once and forever.... more
Petition published by Karen W. Harvey on Jul 17, 2014
Whereas: “2013 Wisconsin ACT 1” invites nuclear/hazardous waste disposal at mine sites—a mining “approval”/permit gives the company rights to contract for import & disposal & storage of “all... more
Petition published by Bus 303 on Jul 16, 2014
We, the undersigned, call on Public Transport Victoria to NOT cancel the 303 Bus service that operates between the City and Ringwood... more
Petition published by Franklin Zooloo on Jul 10, 2014
We, the undersigned, call on the Alexandria City Council to eliminate four parking spots on the east side of Walnut Street between Washington Street and Church Street... more
Petition published by TRP on Jul 08, 2014
Sign petition to tell our public servants to demand foreign countries take responsibility for their citizenry.... more
Petition published by LevenMouth Rail Campaign on Jul 03, 2014
"We the undersigned hereby support the reinstatement of the Thornton-Leven Rail... more
Petition published by JonathonMoseley on Jul 02, 2014
TO MEXICO'S AMBASSADOR TO THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA: We the undersigned will boycott Mexican tourism and Mexican products and trade until the Government of Mexico meets the following... more