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Petition published by A Cornerstone Company on Apr 25, 2015
I am starting this petition to eventually submit it to local, regional and national legislative offices in our governments and established organizations who control and treat our drinking water.... more
Petition published by Best Friends of Lowcountry Transit on Apr 24, 2015
We believe it is appropriate for the United States Government to continue to appropriate public funds to support and improve public transit systems in America.... more
Petition published by Allison Blase Crawford on Apr 22, 2015
We, the undersigned, request that Monroe's school system include Honey Tree Preschool and Child Care as a bus pick up and drop off location for children assigned to the Fawn Hollow school... more
Petition published by Tshiamo Morobosi on Apr 21, 2015
We the undersigned kindly ask for your support and request the Francistown leadership and government review the following concerns with regard to the Francistown residents and their city.... more
Petition published by Peter Nash on Apr 19, 2015
WE the undersigned request that the Victorian Government conduct an independent inquiry into Vic Roads in relation to Safety vs Speed Camera Location vs Revenue raising and unfair and unjust treatment... more
Petition published by Clay McDonald on Apr 14, 2015
We the undersigned citizens of the Brentsville Districts respectfully request that this honorable body of elected County Supervisors intervene on our behalf and halt any planned extension of the... more
Petition published by Marek on Apr 14, 2015
We, the undersigned, agree to change the law about driving age in the UK and make it 15+. Which means that everyone aged 15 and higher will be able to apply for a driving licence and be allowed to drive... more
Petition published by Trevor Vanderlan on Apr 11, 2015
Ban The Sale Of Tobacco In Utica... more
Petition published by Brittney on Apr 11, 2015
Our petition to KFC:
1 You will humanly kill them, Stun them first before you kill.
2 You will not kick or hit the birds in any way.... more
Petition published by Bruce A. Randall on Apr 08, 2015
We the undersigned, call on the Michigan City Board of Works and Public Safety to complete Lake Ave. North of Colfax Ave. to the furthest North Boundary. Also known as "Stop 2" To beautify the... more