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Petition published by sophie Riva on Feb 28, 2014
Stop deceiving, damaging and disgusting behavior against Thai elephants.

Help save the... more
Petition published by sophie Riva on Feb 28, 2014
We-the people with a sense of justice and humanity request that the elephants being tortured for the entertainment of humans to be banned. Anything less will not... more
Petition published by Arnond Sakworawich on Nov 29, 2013
We want to urge support for freedom of speech and a quest to stop the violation of human rights by the Thai government.

December 2, 2013... more
Petition published by John J. moore on Nov 04, 2013
We, the undersigned, ask the Bangkok Post to cease publishing CPS clothing ads depicting 10 year old girls as sexually appealing young... more
Petition published by gerda wijnvoord on Jan 08, 2013
It has to stop. The tourism numbers are so high, because everyone wants to have a picture of themselves with a tiger.

Stop Tiger Temple Animal... more
Petition published by Saifon on Dec 02, 2012
We the undersigned plead and seek the protection of the most Honourable Office of Attorney General, the Banking financial compliance financial services, the Judicial reform group, the Land Registry Office, Government Officers and Gentlemen elected to... more
Petition published by QuantumPi3.14 on Oct 04, 2012
We, the undersigned, call on the Department of Justice for Canada to impose harsher sentences for... more
Petition published by amerenglish on Jun 23, 2012
We, the undersigned, call on the Department of Rural Roads of Nakhon Phanom to completely repair or completely resurface this... more
Petition published by Isabel on Apr 30, 2012
We call the tobacco farmers to eliminate child labor in tobacco... more
Petition published by natalie potts on Apr 30, 2012
We, the undersigned, call on the Dare Championship & Finnish founder of Dare, Jussi Saloranta to consider all circumstances when considering a rematch for the 2012 BK vs Takasee Million Dollar Cage Fight for flood victims. As an avid MMA FAN, this fight was judged... more