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Petition published by Jody Guy on Jan 23, 2015
We, the undersigned, call on the Pascagoula School District to eliminate school dress codes under the circumstance that a guideline is put in its... more
Petition published by chaniece saunders on Jan 20, 2015
This petition is for Sir Sanford Fleming Frost campus to change the current shuttle bus schedule to accommodate classroom schedules for both Sir Sanford Fleming locations within the Kawartha... more
Petition published by Anonymous on Dec 29, 2014
NIIT Churchgate center, being one of the first and oldest centers, we have invested not just money but faith.

With news of it being merged with another Center we are really upset... more
Petition published by Alyssa Jones on Dec 11, 2014
We, the undersigned, call on Ms. Ciolek to allow any appropriate, non distracting Saint Joseph Academy club, Kairos, or athletic sweaters, excluding hooded sweatshirts, with the SJA name displayed to be worn as part of the regular, non formal... more
Petition published by boryana kaisheva on Dec 05, 2014
For the reasons stated above, I believe that cancelling those two JMC classes will result in lowering the quality of the JMC education at... more
Petition published by RU Fitness Center on Dec 03, 2014
Change the rules and regulations that are only enforced for the New Fitness Center. Student tuition aids faculty and administration salaries. Student tuition aids in funding for renovations and upkeep of the university. Hence the students should be consulted on dress... more
Petition published by Wheeler Avenue PTA on Dec 01, 2014
We, the families of Wheeler Avenue students, call on the Valley Stream District 13 Board of Education members to consider and implement budgeted tax dollars for the 2015-2016 school budget.... more
Petition published by Jashania Gatling-Garrette on Dec 01, 2014
We, the undersigned, call Virginia's General Assembly to make it mandatory that all School districts in the state of Virginia provide bus aides on elementary school... more
Petition published by Ward 4 Education Alliance on Nov 30, 2014
We ask that as Mayor in order to invite families to actively claim and participate in the planned modernized neighborhood schools in ward 4 you extend the rights to attend Deal and or Wilson to the families located in the geographic boundary that currently have that right... more
Petition published by Kriton Dionysiou on Nov 25, 2014
Η ΕΦΕΚ ΗΒ συμμεριζόμενη τις οικονομικές δυσκολίες που βιώνουν οι Κύπριοι φοιτητές του Ηνωμένου Βασιλείου συγκεκριμένα καλεί,... more