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Petition published by colin cole on Jun 17, 2012
We The Undersigned Ask ITV To Get Rid Of Adrian Chiles Fronm His Post As Football Link... more
Petition published by Daniel on Jun 15, 2012
Dear Dion Russell (Chairman of Selectors),

We wish to voice our objection to Athletics Australia's rigid adherence to the stated selection criteria. We note that you have... more
Petition published by kim on Jun 15, 2012
We, the undersigned, petition the City of Toronto to reverse its decision to terminate the lease of land to Beach Fairway Golf Range, as this would effectively shut down a facility that is much needed and greatly valued by residents of this... more
Petition published by Michelle Chin on Jun 14, 2012
We agree with the appeal that Parkside Works are making on our behalf to reverse the decision of the HWDSB Trustees to close Parkside High School and transfer all of the students to a new or renovated building on the Highland Site in Dundas.... more
Petition published by Beeb Bertils on Jun 14, 2012
USADA was handed evidence of the largest doping scandal in sports history, and we are signing this petition to affirm our desire for the USADA to pursue all leads, interview all witnesses and penalize the the full extent of their charter all who are found to have... more
Petition published by mary eggers on Jun 13, 2012
We feel that the US Antidoping Agency has unfairly brought up doping charges against Mr. Armstrong, which were dismissed by the Federal Govermnent 2 MONTHS ago. Subsequently he has been banned from triathlon competition.... more
Petition published by Byron G Nelson on Jun 13, 2012
Being patients and colleagues of Dr. William J. Cole, Jr ("Dr. Cole"), we the undersigned hereby attest to the sound medical practices, ethics and morals of Dr. Cole.... more
Petition published by Sharon Bradford on Jun 12, 2012
We, the undersigned, urge SPL Chairmen to vote NO to allowing a newco Rangers into the Scottish Premier League next season to protect what little integrity the Scottish game has... more
Petition published by Joseph Stanislau on Jun 11, 2012
We, the undersigned, call out the NHL and the NHLPA to get Gary Bettman fired on behalf of the NHL... more
Petition published by Gean AGuilar on Jun 10, 2012
We, the undersigned, call for the Nevada Athletic Commission an investigation on the controversial decision on the Manny Pacquiao and TImothy Bradley fight. IN so doing, this will save the boxing world.... more