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Petition published by JEANETTE SMITH on Jan 09, 2013
Instead of conducting scientific tests on animals, we should be testing those convicted of rape, murder and... more
Petition published by Depeche Mode fanclub South Africa on Jan 05, 2013
The South African Depeche Mode devotees want them here for their world tour!

We are going down on our knees begging u... more
Petition published by Prenessa on Dec 03, 2012
We, the undersigned, have noticed a degradation of service provision by Vodacom over recent years and call for an investigation and restoration... more
Petition published by Milette le Roux on Nov 15, 2012
The lion population in Africa is being reduced fast. 50 years ago there were 450,000 lions. Today as little as 20,000 remain. Less than half of that number lives in South Africa. Lion Trophy hunting is at an all time high. The Lion Trophy Hunting industry, including... more
Petition published by vincent on Nov 12, 2012
Anyone who is agrees with me can sign this... more
Petition published by Women Against Rape and Abortion on Nov 07, 2012
Rape destroys our women's confidence, and less confidence in women is less power to our land.

Rape destroys our children's future, and children are our future... more
Petition published by Yolandi Enslin on Nov 06, 2012
We the undersigned request that it becomes law that every restaurant/lodge etc that has a play area or inflatables for children has a certificate of safety that has been issued by a Playground Auditor on an annual... more
Petition published by Rajiv Ishwar on Oct 26, 2012
We, the Citizens & Friends of South Africa demand a pro-active, transparent strategy to halt the rape and violation of women & children in South Africa.... more
Petition published by House of Hope: Addiction Recovery Institute on Oct 20, 2012
We, as Substance Abuse Prevention CBO's in North West Call on the DSDWCPD to look into inhumane across the board stipend brackets offered by Special Needs directorate for management members of these... more
Petition published by Divan on Oct 20, 2012
Sign this petition to Stop the people who are trying to stop her.

She is an great artist and many people are looking forward to her coming to South... more