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Petition published by GabrielKnight on Nov 22, 2015
SARS please let the experienced people file taxes, those that have a qualification in tax studies and tax diplomas or degrees. The layman self file is not a good way to obtain information and it will simplify the tax so much that no tax would be payable or will... more
Petition published by GabrielKnight on Nov 22, 2015
Please remove illegal businesses and unethical businesses from society by setting up a paper based business plan which does not include dancing naked to music for money as it is not a productive business and is seen as money laundering in public disguised.... more
Petition published by Geoff Smailes on Nov 19, 2015

Towns in the UMDONI MUNICIPAL AREA, in general, and the economically key town of SCOTTBURGH, in particular, have fallen into an advanced... more
Petition published by Sithembiso Mkhize on Nov 18, 2015
We, the undersigned, call for the City Of Joburg to close the inner city informal settlement of Bekezela, which has become a crime nest.. This crime is now affecting major Joburg tourist destinations like the Scibono science discovery center, The Market Theatre, M... more
Petition published by Bring back Paul on Nov 17, 2015
Please sign the petition.

We want Paul back or we will stop listening to... more
Petition published by Team Siphelele Ngcobo on Nov 09, 2015
We know that Siphelele Ngcobo was robbed and we as Team Siphelele as we spent estimated R400 000-00 cash on data, and airtime voting to ensure that he remains on top and always lead with votes.... more
Petition published by Miljoen Stemme vir Steve on Oct 31, 2015
We, the undersigned, petition the Nobel Peace Prize committee to require FW de Klerk to return his Nobel Peace Prize and revoke its benefits, based on the violent nature of society in South Africa, based on his fraudulent referendum, which has caused the violent... more
Petition published by Olabode olajide on Oct 24, 2015
I request the Nigerian government, parliament and non governmental organizations investigate this wicked act on Aduragbemi Jones and other... more
Petition published by NJRiley on Oct 23, 2015
Please support Luis by nominating him for the 94.7 Xmas wish this year, or in any other way you can if possible, whether it be spreading the word so as many people as possible know his story, financial support to assist in reaching his goal of being more... more
Petition published by KLAWER GEMEENSKAP on Oct 13, 2015
More than 35 families will be without income because the municipality wants 35 parking spaces. Which is more important?...35 families earning a living and a community with an supermarket or 35 parking spaces?... more