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Petition published by Ivan on Jul 05, 2007
Da li se zalažete za to da se studentima čiji fakultet traje devet semestara dodjeli 500 bodova na... more
Petition published by Phil Angell on Jul 04, 2007
We, the undersigned, call upon Apple Computer to release the iPhone to the EU
market sooner than advertised and to enable the consumer to have a choice of... more
Petition published by Tim Carnivine on Jun 17, 2007
We, the Pokemaniacs of the universe, urge the R and D of the items mentioned in the history. As a signee of this petition, I swear a vow of secrecy and will inform only those trustworthy Pokemaniacs and absolutely no one outside the pokemaniac... more
Petition published by alistair hardwick on Jun 06, 2007
We, the undersigned, unconditionally demand that all world-wide environmental and human pressure groups be granted a one-delegate-table-with-normal-seating arrangments-per-world-wide-pressure-group at all future G8 and other... more
Petition published by Anonymous on Mar 31, 2007
We demand that Zango stop using illegal an unethical methods to install malware on user's computers, that Zango stop producing Spy-Ware and that the FTC prevent Zango from using illegal an unethical methods to install malware and stop Zango from producing... more
Petition published by impmon on Feb 08, 2007
Please quit tormenting Americans with crappy... more
Petition published by Thea V on Jan 18, 2007
We, the undersigned, support the advancement of embryonic stem cell research and believe in its postive impact on future medical procedures and other health related... more
Petition published by Tanya on Jan 12, 2007
We want animal cruelty at Huntingdon Lab to stop! Full... more
Petition published by Arun Shrivastava on Jan 02, 2007
To: Dr. Man Mohan Singh, Prime Minister of India

Dear Dr. Singh,... more
Petition published by Harley Davidson Borgais on Oct 10, 2006
We, the undersigned, petition the congress of the United States of America to create a federally and self-funded non-profit organization whose purpose is to serve the public by deploying existing and future PROVEN "Over-Unity" technologies to the public... more