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Petition published by Bastard Sheep on Jan 14, 2010
We, the undersigned, oversigned, middlesigned, starsigned and non, do hereby declare we want to hear Jack Scanlan interviewed on the SGU... more
Petition published by Jason D. on Jan 08, 2010
Sign this petition to let Sprint and HTC know you are not satisfied with the HTC Hero and the peeling... more
Petition published by Susan on Jan 07, 2010
Cannabidiol: The Wonder Drug of the 21st Century? This Petition will be delivered to 10 Downing Street, London, upon its completion.... more
Petition published by Anonymous on Dec 15, 2009
The users of the Sony Ericssson Satio U1i mobile phone have been having basic problems with their mobile phone since an update to try and fix other problems. Some people can not use their phone at all and others can not use basic functions fully. A small list of these... more
Petition published by TERESA WOO on Nov 25, 2009

New research conducted by Dr Zamboni in Italy has shed new light on this nightmare disease, for decades it has been believed that MS is... more
Petition published by John McCauley on Nov 22, 2009
We petition here to gain attention and financial support to start up a museum in the state of New Jersey dedicated to the preservation and education of trace fossils found in the state of New... more
Petition published by John McCauley on Nov 22, 2009
The goal of this petition is to save a section of the former UBC quarry in West Paterson, NJ next to Rifle Camp Park and to have the park extended another 200 feet to preserve the last remaining section of the quarry that yields dinosaur tracks and other trace... more
Petition published by Tom Green on Nov 22, 2009
Rain. We love it, loathe it, measure it, and take great pleasure in talking about it. But when we talk about ‘since records began’, most people don’t know what ‘records’ and when exactly they began.... more
Petition published by Aristarchus on Oct 19, 2009
Να δωθει Τελος Στην κρατικη Αδιαφορια , Να βρεθουν τα κονδυλια και να γινει Θεσμοθετηση Ωστε το τηλεσκοπιο να μην αντιμετωπίσει τετοια προβληματα... more
Petition published by Matthew Tulk on Jul 29, 2009
Please sign this petition so I can present this case to the telecommunications Ombudsman and ensure these issues will be resolved and customers can have a reliable service from this... more