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Petition published by Shafqat on Apr 28, 2012
We, the undersigned - the users of Boxee Box - call on Intel to release the updated SDK for the Intel Atom CE4100 that Boxee requires to resolve the oustanding issues mentioned... more
Petition published by The Run Home on Apr 09, 2012
We, the undersigned, call on the telecommunications industry and the Communications Minister to evaluate the legitimacy of several smartphone applications which allow for fake text messages to be sent from one party to another from a secret third... more
Petition published by delisha on Mar 29, 2012
We, the undersigned, ask Fort Valley State University to improve your technology immediately. Or many of your students will transfer as a result of a lack of... more
Petition published by Quinton Marais on Mar 19, 2012
We the undersigned, call on the Australian Senate to recognise the need to encourage and develop Australians wanting to fly First Person Video Remote Pilot Operations using small un-manned model aircraft in a safe and responsible manner making use of rapidly... more
Petition published by Derick Payne on Mar 03, 2012
We, the undersigned call on Microsoft to give us a choice between the Start Menu and Start... more
Petition published by John S. Burke on Feb 24, 2012
We the undersigned demand that the US State Department IMMEDIATELY and FULLY disclose the contents of any testimony which US consular officials in Chengdu received from former Deputy Mayor and Chief of Police of Chongqing Wang Lijun regarding the Chinese regime's... more
Petition published by William E. Fields on Jan 04, 2012
We are representatives of a new and innovative corporation that utilizes genetic and molecular sciences as a means of converting words, concepts or ideas into search engine or business modeling technologies and new global markets.... more
Petition published by Pars Mutaf on Nov 04, 2011
The idea belongs to no one (inspired from arxiv, IETF, liquidpub, social networking, discussions on mailing lists, etc.). Sign it and it becomes yours. IMPORTANT: Share this petition with all your colleagues.... more
Petition published by Pars Mutaf on Oct 26, 2011
Please sign this petition if you support such a system. The result will be sent to universities and research institutes that are willing to implement and host it.... more
Petition published by Caspian Makan on Aug 09, 2011
The Campaign for Change and Completion of Global Human Rights Laws "End The Killing of Human by... more