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Petition published by Fred Kennedy on Sep 29, 2012
We, the undersigned, urge Apple to bring Google Maps... more
Petition published by Chris on Sep 26, 2012
Dear Noctua, we the loyal consumers (and other) request through this petition that you kindly add more consumer aesthetic choice to your CPU/device cooling fans.... more
Petition published by Vladislav Voytenko on Sep 20, 2012
We understand that at Monster you couldn't release products that did not match your desired outcome.

We also understand that you tried to perfect these T1 series, but... more
Petition published by Ivan Binički on Sep 12, 2012
As the name states, the law in ANY Country REQUIRES to use Orange Tips in ANY existing Airsoft Gun.

Therefore Airsoft guns SHOULD use the Orange Tips as an safety... more
Petition published by Ivan Binički on Aug 24, 2012
We the undersigned are asking Mark Zuckerberg to allow ANYONE to use messaging whether friend or not on Facebook!

This should be taken for safety reasons if someone doesn't want... more
Petition published by joseph John Meli on Aug 22, 2012
We, the undersigned, call on the United Nations and local Governments and Presidents to eliminate the stealing of Sea Turtle Eggs that Mother Sea Turtles have deposited into the sands of our countries,... more
Petition published by Ivan Binički on Aug 17, 2012
We the citizens of the Republic of Croatia are DEMANDING from the retailers to loosen up on the tech prices like the HD TV, Laptops, Tab PC´s, Videogames & Gaming Peripherals!... more
Petition published by Ricardo Ojeda Rojas on Aug 08, 2012
"Nosotros, los abajo firmantes, pedimos a las Naciones Unidas para que se publiquen abiertamente los inventos de energía libre a fin de terminar con los abusos por parte de las Compañías Petrolíficas y que la Energía sea Gratis para toda la... more
Petition published by AUST student on Jul 26, 2012
We,AUST students, the undersigned, call on the American University of Science and Technology to keep the credit rate the same for enrolled... more
Petition published by Chris on Jul 10, 2012
We call for the "God particle" to be changed to be called the "Love... more