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Petition published by Felix J. Tapia on Feb 15, 2011
Directivos de los CDCH a nivel nacional, representantes del sector científico venezolano, los vicerrectores académicos de las universidades Central de Venezuela y Universidad Metropolitana, la Vicerrectora de Investigación y Postgrado de la UPEL y... more
Petition published by MPetition on Feb 03, 2011
We the Pakistani people demand all TV channels in Pakistan to:

Please stop showing vulgarity and satanic ideas that incite people. Please stop injecting cheesy Indian movie songs in news clips as if... more
Petition published by NEEV on Jan 17, 2011
Target: People of India especially Nagpur population.
Sponsored by: NEEV'XI (

Our planet is something that we should all hold dear to us. There are... more
Petition published by Oliver on Jan 06, 2011
Please develop applied science to a greater extent than just the East London Tech... more
Petition published by Oliver on Jan 05, 2011
Look into setting up a Fraunhofer type Institute to develop Applied Science in the... more
Petition published by MikeNZ on Dec 14, 2010
We the undersigned are asking Uniden America to please consider releasing some Australian versions of your current Radio Scanners as well as future... more
Petition published by Judy Peterson on Dec 08, 2010
We, the undersigned, Citizens of Canada, draw the attention of the House to the following:

That the families of missing persons deserve to know the fate of... more
Petition published by Students of Navasota High School on Dec 08, 2010
We, the students of the Navasota High School science department, are requesting the administration take in to consideration that most of the students are busy writing senior papers, are enrolled in dual credit college classes, are participating in other fairs such as... more
Petition published by Erick Dubuque on Nov 23, 2010
We support comprehensive accreditation standards that include coursework in the philosophical, experimental, and applied domains of our science.... more
Petition published by Michael Rogers on Nov 05, 2010
We the undersigned implore the most Excellent Engineers at Apple Inc. to add a setting that will make it possible to hide the time, currently *always* visible in the status bar, on iOS... more