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Petition published by University of Rwanda Students on Jan 13, 2015
We, the Undersigned, Urge the University of Rwanda to be fair and just to the finalists as regards this new grading system. Considering our 2nd year mark from a different system into a new system is victimizing.... more
Petition published by AKIMANA Joseph on Oct 22, 2014
We Rwandese professionals nationwide and Internationally, we have been deeply wounded by the publication of BBC 2 documentary ''Rwanda the untold story'' and the way this unprofessional media twisted the 1994 Tutsis Genocide, we cannot keep quite while you are using your... more
Petition published by Delphine on Mar 07, 2014
Request President of the USA to a commitment that July 4, 1994 is the date of remembrance day for genocide committed against Tutsis in... more
Petition published by Yvette Umurungi on Oct 14, 2013
Please sign this petition and click on "Like" if you support the ASOLATE absl,... more
Petition published by H.O.P.E AFRICA on Jun 06, 2013
Chers freres et soeurs africains epris d amour et de paix,

En date du 26 MAI 2013 , le tres courageux et visionnaire president Jakaya Kikwete , de la Tanzanie a dans son allocution a la tribune... more
Petition published by Mwasa on Apr 12, 2013
We, the undersigned, call on Rep Jeff Duncan to withdraw his comments and explain to his constituency, the American people and humanity.... more
Petition published by Stean A.N. Tshiband on Nov 28, 2012
Please ask Ambassador Rice to support efforts to tell the Rwandan regime to stop destabilizing Eastern DRC and help bring to justice those responsible of attacks against civilians, particularly those wanted by the... more
Petition published by Gina H. on Nov 21, 2012
Your undersigned petitioners call upon Parliament to apply massive diplomatic pressure to get Rwanda to withdraw all support for this offensive.... more
Petition published by marnick on Dec 19, 2009
nous en tant que
burundaise et internationales des droits humains soussignées, exhortons le gouvernement burundais à rejeter l'article 567 du nouveau Code pénal, qui criminalise les relations consenties entre... more
Petition published by WTRR on Nov 13, 2009

To the attention of:... more